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Profitable Playground Review

12 months inside Elizabeth Goddard’s Group Coaching Programme

November 2022 marks 12 months since I joined Lizzy’s Profitable Playground, so now seems like a good time to write a review on my experience so far in case it’s helpful to other people who are thinking about joining in.

The Profitable Playground Explained

The Profitable Playground is an ongoing group coaching for people who want to sell multiple digital products and services.
Joining gave me:
  • Access to all of Lizzy’s courses - I already owned most of these as I’d been a fan for a while
  • Voxer office hours once per month
  • Kinda weekly Q&A calls
  • Facebook group
I paid $6,000 for the first 6 months, and then the alumni rate of $2,750 for the next 6 months.

Everybody else’s ideas on how to grow my business looked super sucky to me

Toward the end of 2021, I was ready to make a change in my business.

I was making the money I needed each month, but it was taking too much out of me, and my way of working wasn’t as flexible as I wanted.

I live with chronic migraine, so my energy levels and productivity are unpredictable. I wanted the freedom to work when I felt vibrant and inspired and rest when I needed to.

I also home-educate Son#2 (aged 15 now…so 14 then and who is autistic) and as the Covid-restrictions eased, I wanted the freedom to take him out during weekdays to either meet with other home-educated kids, or to enjoy places like the zoo or the cinema that we don’t access during weekends and school holidays because they’re too busy for him (I hate busy spaces too).

My main sources of income at that time were:

1 - Writing sales pages and launch copy for clients - which involved a kick-off Zoom call for 1-2 hours, then working to a deadline.

2 - A retainer client that involved at least one 1-2 hour call each month….and then working to a deadline.

3 - A group programme called Write Your Website, which I ran for 8 weeks at a time, and involved two Zoom calls per week.

You can see the mismatch there.

So I wanted to shift my way of working, but I also wanted to increase my income (because it turns out kids get MORE expensive to maintain as they get older).

Besides Write Your Website I was also selling:
Previous business advice from coaches I’d hired and people pitching me their services include:
  • Ditch the digital products and focus on selling copywriting services to corporate clients - it was hard to imagine something less compatible with my personality and lifestyle.
  • Keep up the copywriting projects, focussing on sales pages and launch copy, and just keep putting up the prices - I knew I’d get bored, and the deadlines were fuelling my migraines because I’d worry that I’d get ill during a project and so of course, I was ill.
  • Build an agency-type business by taking on more and more copywriting projects and sub them out to other copywriters so my role shifted from actually doing the writing (the bit I enjoyed) to winning clients and managing people (not something I love or am good at).
  • Make Write Your Website a signature offer with two or three big launches every year - do you know what big launches trigger….migraines, they trigger migraines and stress and fear and migraines.
  • You need to write a book and do a load of speaking gigs - hmmmm traveling AND speaking in public, sounds amazing.
  • Work more hours because you can’t succeed on 15-20 hours per week. Mostly they suggested outsourcing my life - getting a cleaner, meal delivery, hiring a taxi to drive my kids around - but I LOVE my life. I love cooking. I love folding up their clean clothes. I love the chats we have as I’m driving them to wherever they need to be. Plus I need that space in my life for my brain to do its thing.

None of those suggestions appealed to me.

It is totally fine if they appeal to you. But they didn’t appeal to me, and I didn’t want ‘success’ if I had to do one, or any combination of those things, to get it.

And, yes, of course, my resistance was presented back to me as a mindset issue, I was playing small, holding myself back blah blah blah.

I love helping people understand how something works and applying it to their own business

I love hearing that content I have created has helped uplift, entertain, support or encourage someone.

I love helping people like me whose teeny tiny businesses are squished in around the many other commitments they have in their technicolor lives.

And I needed someone who would say ‘yep, that’s your life, your boundaries, your restrictions, and these are the things you care about. Let’s be real about that, and shape a business around it.’

I already owned a few of Lizzy’s courses, and I knew she was running her business around a young family and a chronic health condition, so I booked a Day of Voxer coaching with Lizzy, to bounce some ideas around.

And after that, I knew I wanted to work with her long-term.

Outcomes from my time in The Profitable Playground so far

New offers, money, change in my way of working, and more confidence in myself - that’s what I’ve got out of the last 12 months.

New Offers:

A 3-month marketing mentoring programme called One To Another

Scribbles - a self-study course to help you pack more personality into your online content

Say What When - a self-study course teaching a simpler approach to marketing messaging for expertise-based businesses

Smooth Sale-ing - a self-study course that will change the way you view selling, and make writing sales pages so much simpler.

Money, money, money:

I joined in November 2021.

Jan - Oct 2021 I made £44,097.29 total revenue

Jan - Oct 2022 I made £55,482.92 total revenue

So the Playground has paid for itself plus some and that money has come from….

A different way of working:

I almost never use Zoom. I hardly ever have to be available to someone at a particular time. My diary is wide open and I can plan my work around the rest of my life and respond to what my body (or mind) needs on any given day.

Not all the time. There are still some commitments. But there’s so much more freedom and ease than there as before.

And I have so much more confidence in myself…

Because for 12 months I’ve had someone telling me it’s OK to want what I want, to do things the way I want to do them, rather than telling me I need to change to fit into their ‘3-step process to success’.

Is The Profitable Playground right for you right now?

I can’t answer that question, but here’s what I’d say to a friend if they were thinking about joining.

This is probably not for you if:

  • You want to sell to corporates
  • You want an agency-model business
  • You want to sell one signature programme

You’d still learn a lot from The Profitable Playground, but it wasn’t designed with those business models in mind.

Also, you need to not be worrying about money on a month-to-month basis.

If you are booked up with 1-1 work and you need to sustain that level to make the money you need each month, it’s going to be hard to find the time, energy and brain space to experiment to make the most of the Playground experience

If you NEED something to work out - you’re going to find it stressful.

Sometimes you’ll create a thing and it’ll be a hit, sometimes a flop.

If you’re OK with that, then you’ll have fun in the Playground.

Are you happy to be experimental?
Does the idea of selling multiple products appeal to you?
Do you have some cash in your business bank account so you can ease back a little on trading time for money?
Are you OK with knowing some stuff will work and some will flop?

You can find out more about The Profitable Playground here.

I joined when Lizzy was running a promo, and as part of that campaign, she shared some snippets from Q&A calls. I don’t think these are currently publicly available, but I’m sure if you asked Lizzy would dig out the links for you if you ask - they were the decider for me.

If you do decide to join - tell Lizzy I sent you.

She’ll thank me with a commission, and I’ll thank you by offering £200 Worditude Moolah - credit to use on any of my courses/services.



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