Explain Yourself

Be ready to communicate the value of your business any time the opportunity arises

Way more comfortable than the awkward (and slightly wanky) Elevator Pitch thing

Ah the mythical Single Sentence

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could craft a single sentence that was so impactful that the moment you uttered it, all who heard, would instantly have a full understanding of you, your business, and your offers?

No - that wouldn’t be amazing.

That would be a miracle.

Because effective communication requires adaptation.

You need to adapt to your audience.

You need to change what you say depending on their existing level of understanding.

You need to tailor your message so that it achieves what YOU want it to - which will change depending on the audience, the situation, and the opportunity.


If you have to come up with a new explanation every time you have to introduce yourself - that’s going to get pretty awkward and mentally draining too.

Explain Yourself is the beautiful middle ground between:

a) The unreasonable expectation that a single Elevator Pitch will be all you ever need


b) Gawping like a goldfish while you try to make something up from scratch.

Explain Yourself is a short, focussed, interactive course (almost a workshop really) that will help you:

  • Anticipate when you will need to Explain Yourself
  • Plan possible phrase combos
  • Know how to combine those combos into a sentence that gets the best possible outcome for you, in the Explain Yourself situation you find yourself in.

Never mumble about your business again!

What’s included:

4 short videos - one per step of the Explain Yourself process

Fillable and printable PDF workbook (always ink-friendly, nobody like using up all the printer ink on workbook graphics)

Lifetime access to the course so you can revisit as your business evolves


Laura’s Pledge

I’m offering a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee. If you complete the course and don’t feel like the insights you’ve gained are worth what you’ve paid, email me at laura@worditude.co.uk and I’ll give you a full refund (and revoke access to the course).