Hi, I’m Laura

Yes, this is a page all about me. But I’m gonna start with you, just to be sure you’re in the right place and the next few hundred words are worth directing your eyeballs towards.

So here goes.

You’ve got skills, knowledge, experience, talents and/or abilities that other people are willing to pay for.

That’s quite a long list to keep writing out so can we just call that ‘expertise’.

And you want to package, market, sell and deliver that expertise in a way that’s profitable and enjoyable.

Am I on the right track?

Want some help with that?

I can help you make more money with less time, effort and stress - but isn’t everyone making that promise? You’re probably kinda bored of being pitched that fairytale (although I promise it’s not make-believe - it is totally do-able).

So let me dig in a little further into the HOW I’m going to help you achieve that.

What if you put YOU at the centre of your business?

What if, instead of designing everything around an imaginary Ideal Client, you built it all around yourself? So that what you sell, how you deliver it, and how you market that was designed around what works for you?

What if…

Your marketing was so full of your beautiful, glittering, stellar personality, that all the right people were gagging to work with you?

You only sold services, courses, masterminds, programmes or memberships that you adored selling and delivering?

You only used sales, persuasion and conversion techniques that felt good, honest and comfortable to you?

Your goal wasn’t to make more, and more, and more money, but instead you were happy with a business that makes the money you need, while comfortably fitting in around whatever Life Stuff you’ve got going on.

If that sounds good to you, then the rest of this page is worth sticking around for.

Still here?


Hello there, I’m Laura.

I’m 42 and the backstory is pretty lengthy, so let’s just crack on with the highlights.

Exit Promising Corporate Career

The Sons (now aged 19 and 17) came along when I was in my early 20s, and circumstances dictated that I needed to leave my corporate career.

I’d love to depict this as a bold courageous life-changing decision, but really I shuffled out the door in a deluge of snot and tears, struggling to cope with two boys, 21 months apart in age, both one with additional needs.

I was the main earner in our family and we abso-freaking-lutely could not live on one salary so I needed to find a way of making money, without leaving the house, that was totally flexible around zero childcare, multiple hospital appointments, and two little ones who needed my undivided attention between 6am-8pm - so totally manageable.

Enter World Of Online Marketing

In 2010 I began my quest to ‘Make Money Online’ (I Googled that phrase so many times I’m surprised the words weren’t permanently seared onto my laptop screen).

I did crappy content writing gigs via freelancer-for-hire websites that earned me £2 per hour (the gigs were crappy, my work was not).

Then I set up some blogs and made money through affiliate marketing - which was intermittently lucrative, and fun (we got sent free toys and got to hang out at toy exhibitions).

When a search engine algorithm overhaul scuppered the traffic to my blogs, I switched to writing website copy and marketing content for digital marketing agencies.

Then after one too many gigs writing for faceless and agonizingly boring businesses, I decided I wanted more control over who my clients were. So I set up my own copywriting business, Worditude Ltd (I couldn’t just use my own name for the business because a) there are a LOT of Laura Robinsons out there b) and it makes people want to sing ‘Laura, can’t you give me some time?’ or ‘And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson’)

Morphing From Digital Copywriter To Online Marketing Mentor

For the first couple of years, I focussed on writing copy for people who were selling their skills as online services. And then I started selling a programme to teach people how to write their own website copy. And then for a few years, I had a membership helping business owners write their online marketing content (I closed this in 2021). And I developed a course to help them design an Irresistible Offer - because sales pages are a shed-ton more effective if you start with a package people actually want to buy. And then I added a course about persuasion….and then one about adding personality into your online content.

And now here I am - encouraging people who sell their expertise online to pump as much of their glorious personality into their offers, marketing and sales process as they dare.

I LOVE to work with people who are most like me - those who have a skill, ability, talent -whatever - that other people are willing to pay for, and instead of using that expertise to climb the corporate ladder, they’ve decided to go-it-alone and enjoy the freedom, fortunes and also abject-terror of being self-employed.

I absolutely love my life. I love the work I do. I love helping you sell more of your magic which means you get to help more people - I love that ripple-out impact. I love that I get to work from home, during hours of my choosing. I love that get to go to the beach, or sit on my garden swing, or stroke my cats whenever I want. I love that I never have to drink tasteless lukewarm liquids from plastic vending machine cups. Or make small-talk by the watercooler. Or commute to work…….it is a very good life.

Credentials And Horn Tooting

BSc Hons Business Management from King’s College, London (First Class - I know you didn’t ask, but I’m telling you anyway - first flipping class)

Level 4 Award in Direct and Digital Marketing from the Institute of Digital Marketing

Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting from College of Media and Publishing

Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting from the Institute of Digital Marketing (yes I do feel a little robbed that is called a ‘Certificate’ when it was so flipping hard and expensive to do)

Other things I’m rather proud of:

Giving a masterclass for Enterprise Nation

And Membership Academy

Delivering a training for Andrew & Pete’s Atomic members - helping them to write their Sales Page In A Day

Being the guest expert of the month for the Female Entrepreneur Association - something that I’d had on my vision board for 5 years…and my masterclass went live in March 2020 ….a month when everyone in the Universe was kinda distracted with other things.

Talking on an actual stage in front of real-life humans - twice! Once for Erin Wong’s annual Momentum Day, and again at Atomicon 21

More things for those keen enough to keep reading:

I took The Sons out of school when they were 10 and 12 to home-educate them. I’m very happy to answer questions, and if you’re interested in beginning your own home-ed adventure I have a home-ed info page here. But I won’t be nagging you to follow my path, because different families need different things.

I live with chronic migraine and a chronic venous condition which impacts my working patterns, and affects how responsive I am to messages and emails. If it’s been 3 days or more, feel free to chase me - otherwise, please wait it out as I’ve likely needed a day or two away from the screen. Here’s a blog post about how 3 things I’ve found helpful while balancing my business with my health.

I am pretty lax when it comes to spelling, punctuation, grammar and typos. Written language is a tool to help us communicate with one another. I do double-check what I write, but I’m also mindful that the time spent obsessing over eliminating all mistakes might be better spent doing/enjoying something else. If the odd typo in my copy is going to prevent you from absorbing the value I’m offering then you may wish to run away now. In my experience, the people who want (demand) perfection from me are usually also holding themselves to an impossibly high standard that zaps creativity, hinders progress and blunts joy.

I’m a volunteer marine mammal medic with BDMLR which means I occasionally have very cute pictures of seal pups to share, and I sometimes have to abandon my work to help with a rescue.

Some hours of me talking about myself…

Even though I find talking about myself really awkward, I seem to do quite a lot of it.

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