The Comfy Business Playbook

An autobiographical instruction journal* for people who want (or already have) a business that fits around their life challenges, priorities and adventures.

(*yes I did just invent a book genre)

Do you want (or already have) a business that earns the money you need while doing work you love, and having it flexibly fit around whatever you’ve got going on in your life?

That’s a totally valid, reasonable, and worthwhile ambition.

Even if sometimes it feels like being a ‘real business owner’ means endlessly striving for more and more and more growth.


Going all in.

Doing whatever it takes.


I don’t do those things.

And you don’t have to either.

Hi, I’m Laura.

I’ve been self-employed for more than a decade, and I have an unapologetically comfy business that leaves me plenty of time, energy, and headspace for all my other Life Stuff.

I started out freelancing for less than £2 per hour (yep, really), and over the last 13 years I created my own business that pays me the money I need while allowing me to:

  • Take The Sons out of school and educate them at home (not everyone’s idea of a good time, but we loved it)
  • Adapt my services and the way I work around two chronic pain conditions
  • Pick and choose my working hours so I can go to the beach, rescue seals, hang out with The Sons, and watch films in completely empty cinemas while everyone else is at school/work.

And if a business that comfortably squishes around your other priorities sounds heavenly, then I wrote this book for you.

“I was feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks I set myself for my business, tired from trying so hard without really getting anywhere, and alone with my troubles because nobody else understands what I’m going through. Laura makes everything feel simple and straightforward, it’s like she can read my mind and give me exactly what I need right now.”

Verity Jayne

Inside The Comfy Business Playbook

Each chapter is a combination of text and journal prompts that take around 10-15 minutes to complete.


C****y is not a rude word

Part A: A guided tour of the three core elements that define a Comfy Business

It IS About The Money

Suit Yourself

This Is Your Life

Part B: Five strategies to support your commitment to having a Comfy Business

Should Busting

Decision Liberation

Plan-Free Productivity

Chafe Hunting

Tiny Triumphs

Part C: Comfy Business Journal Practice

A series of prompts and questions you can use every day/week to help you make your business (and life) more comfortable

Comfy Business Playbook Ingredients

13 years of personal business-building experience

10 years working with other business owners

3 years of accumulating the ideas and strategies for this book

150ish pages

15,000+ words

You Might Love The Playbook If…

You have (or want) your own business that makes the money you need, doing work you love, flexing around whatever other life challenges, priorities or adventures you’ve got going on, and…

You worry this means you’re unambitious, underachieving or not good enough


You sometimes feel tempted to grow or scale your business even though it’s not what you really want


You sometimes find regular business advice (like creating project plans, making 5-year visions, and time-blocking) unappealing, difficult to relate to, and/or ineffective.

The Comfy Business Playbook won’t show you how to create and sell offers, how to build an audience, or how to create marketing content. I’ve got a bunch of courses for those things.

The Comfy Business Playbook


Stories, ideas, and journal prompts to help you decide what a comfortable business looks like for you, then equip you with the courage, resilience and self-belief to go get it.

150ish page colour PDF


Can I print this at home?

You could… it is big, and has a liberal use of colour, so it will gobble up your printer ink. You are welcome to print it at home if you want to. There is a paperback version coming very soon.

Is the PDF fillable online?

Not yet. But it will be soon.

Is there any support included?

You’re very welcome to join The Worditude Alliance Facebook group to ask questions or discuss ideas from the book.