The Worditude All Access Pass

Get access to All The Things for £97/year (yes, really)

Get comfortable, confident and pretty blinking good at marketing, copywriting and selling (which is important because the success of your business depends on these skills).

You have expertise that other people are willing to pay to access, and you sell that expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, group programs, memberships, ebooks, and/or masterminds.

Your clients love you, you’re proud of your work… but the marketing… oh the marketing you could really use some help with that*.

*Even if your expertise is in marketing and/or business coaching… I get it, it’s so much harder when it comes to your own business.

Packaging up what you do/know into online offers people want to buy

Writing sales pages, or brochures

Writing persuasive sales and marketing copy without feeling slimy and manipulative

Getting in front of new people, warming them up, and then (oh the horror) selling to them

Creating consistent messaging that runs through your website and marketing content.


Those are the kinda things my courses and resources (included in the All Access Pass) will help you with.

Hi, I’m Laura an online marketing mentor and copywriter with a stack of certificates and qualifications, and a shed load of experience.

You might remember me from appearances at Atomicon 2021, Enterprise Nation, Female Entrepreneur Association, and the legendary Lizzy’s Christmas Party.

And if you don’t remember me from those places, well now I have unashamedly bragged a little bit, so that you’ll know those amazing businesses have trusted me to speak to their audiences.

I’ve been helping people sell their online services, packages, programs, courses, masterminds and memberships for more than 10 years.

I’ve helped them reinvigorate old offers, and create new ones, analyze flopped launches, execute successful launches (some of them made more than £10k in a few days), re-write websites, and adapt their businesses to significant life changes, scale, grow, simplify, slow down - whatever they wanted.

I am really good at helping business owners:

  • Design offers that people want to buy
  • Create marketing content that attracts and nurtures the people who would want to buy those offers
  • Write compelling sales copy that converts that audience into paying customers.

Over the last few years, I’ve created a whole lot of courses for business owners, to pass on what I know, in a way that’s easy to understand and implement (because you didn’t set up your own business so you could spend a whole lotta time learning marketing theory).

This collection of expertise is based on 20+ years of experience in marketing & communications, and £30,000+ invested in training, courses, and qualifications.

And now you can get access to them ALL for £97/year
or £27/quarter

Marketing and Selling doesn’t have to feel slimey, manipulative or pushy

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of some pretty grim sales pitches, from people over-promising, using shame as a sales-technique, or pressuring you into a quick decision.

And, understandably, you do not want to be THAT salesperson.

If I tell you to do too many things, or a whole bunch of things that makes you cringe, you’re either going to avoid doing those things, or you’ll push through and do them, until you’re more frazzled than a crispy piece of thrice-toasted bread.

So let’s not do it that way, eh?

Marketing is more effective and sustainable when it’s comfortable

Let’s work towards your goals, by working with your strengths, and fitting in with your life - that’s my Comfy Marketing approach

Sound good to you?

Let’s look at how you might use the Worditude All Access Pass.

Are you Learning-Led, Task-Oriented, or a blend of both?

Because the Pass gives you a buffet of courses and resources to choose from, and there’s no set curriculum, you can take either of these approaches.


Decide what course/resource appeals to you right now


Watch/listen to the course


Be inspired to notice opportunities to change things in your business


Implement changes in your business


Have a goal, decision or activity in mind


Find the courses and resources that will best assist you in completing this


Watch/listen to the content


Use what you learn to help you do what you’ve got to do

What’s included in the Worditude All Access Pass?

The clue’s in the name 😉

But here’s a list so you can see how impressive, generous and fantastically helpful this offer is:

(brace yourself…I’m about to add a whole bunch of links to other sales pages which is absolutely not what you should do on a sales page)

Persuasion Power-Ups

Buy to keep for £247 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Stop replicating the sales tactics you see other high-profile entrepreneurs use and start developing your own unique, more effective, persuasion style instead.

Find out more about this course.

Say What When

Buy to keep for £247 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Weave consistent marketing messages into your online content to prime your audience to buy from you.

Find out more about this course.

Smooth Sale-ing

Buy to keep for £97 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Quickly and effortlessly write a sales page that effectively communicates your offer and makes it easy for the right people to buy.

Find out more about this course.


Buy to keep for £97 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Self-study course to help you pack your beautiful personality into your online marketing content, website copy, emails and more.

Find out more about this course.

Irresistible Offers

Buy to keep for £47 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Craft offers (the things that you sell) that are so compelling they almost sell themselves.

Find out more about this course.

Marketing Gameplan

Buy to keep for £47 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

A simplified approach to strategy and planning for people who don’t want to just totally wing it, but don’t want to be constrained by a meticulous plan either. Perfect if you often second-guess yourself, try things and stop quickly, feel a bit lost, and compare yourself to others.

Find out more about this course.

First Date Offers

Buy to keep for £27 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

How to generate lucrative leads with low cost, high impact, 1-1 experiences.

Explain Yourself

Buy to keep for £7 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Short course to help you craft a less wanky alternative to the elevator pitch. Be ready to communicate the value of your business the next time the opportunity arises.

Find out more about this course.

Ultimate Website Content Planner

Buy to keep for £7 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Popular printable workbook to help you write the key pages on your website. Suitable for expertise-based businesses selling services, programs, courses, memberships and masterminds.

Find out more about this course.

Prepare For Launch

Buy to keep for £7 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

This short-ish course pep-talk is for people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, group programs, courses, memberships and masterminds.

It will help you plan out a launch period that works for you, your business and your audience.

Find out more about this course.

Booked In Blocks

Buy to keep for £7 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

Create a steady flow of 1-1 clients so you’re working when you want, with who you want, on what you want, for how much money you want.

Find out more about this course.

Sales Sleuth

Buy to keep for £7 - or borrow with the Worditude All Access Pass

9 investigations to help you figure out why your fabulous thing isn’t selling as well as you’d like.

Find out more about this course.

The Black Friday Squeeze

Exclusively for Worditude All Access Pass Holders

Four ways your business can benefit from the Black Friday weekend, and how to squeeze juice out of each of these opportunities

Get Opened

Exclusively for Worditude All Access Pass Holders

A collection of short lessons to help with your email marketing:

  • How to write personality-packed emails
  • How to write subject lines
  • What I put in my welcome sequence for new subscribers
  • What I send cold subscribers before unsubscriing them.

Lizzy’s Christmas Party 2023 Debrief

Exclusively for Worditude All Access Pass Holders

In this 40-minute video I talk through why I paid to be a sponsor, the numbers (money and subscribers), and whether or not I’d do it again.


or £27/quarter

for access to all those courses 👆👆👆

Ask Laura Podcast

Exclusive for All Access Passholders

A growing collection of sub-10-minute episodes answering your questions (which you’re welcome to send me via the Ask Laura Request Form).

Episodes live so far:

What should I put in a Welcome email sequence?

How do I make progress when I’m struggling to juggle all the things?

How do I get people to download my freebie when I have a small (or no) existing audience?

Should I take this opportunity for quick/steady cash - which might hold me back from working on my business?

How do you choose which Summits and Bundles to contribute to?

What kind of customer research do you recommend? (answer - I don’t)

How do you sell to email subscribers (after the Welcome sequence)?

Micro-Mentoring Hub

Exclusively available to mentoring clients, and Worditude Access Pass holders

Includes 20+ micro-lessons (usually videos that are 3-7 minutes long) related to running an online business, creating, marketing and selling your online offers, copywriting, persuasion, and anything else I have thoughts on (that I think will be helpful to other people).

These are usually inspired by questions clients ask me, or ideas I’m trying out in my own business.

List of lessons included so far:

Making The Most of Exposure Opportunities (getting in front of other people’s audiences)

Launch Planning vs Responding - how to maximise sales during your launch

Don’t Ask Your Sales Page To Work Too Hard - just get it good enough, and then you do the graft

Beware Offering Affordable Lite Versions Of Your Offer

Pricing Decisions - Starting with what YOU want

When You Don’t Want To Sell A Thing Anymore (aka the digital gubbins drawer video)

Reshaping a done-for-you service to work for you - my experience

Borrowing Audiences

Full Price Flop - When something sells well at launch, then flops later

When you sell something in an industry where clients often expect things to be free (often health/well-being/family/relationships)

What would Good Enough look like? How to manage your expectations when you’re doing something way out of your comfort zone

Selling Hidden Offers (stuff not listed on your website)

Should I do this, or this? Choosing between two options

Free vs Low Commitment Offers

Teaching Other People’s Audiences Without Giving Away All My Course Material

How To Set Your Prices

Launching With A Little List

Thoughts on Tripwires

What to put in place if you offer a trial membership

Why selling a membership is harder than you expect and why a free trial helps

How do you decide how to price things and whether they should be free or paid?

How do I avoid spending hours making a course that then doesn’t make any money?

Niching - 3 questions to help you do it - my experience - why bother

People need way more nudges to buy than you think they do


or £27/quarter

Making The Most Of Your All Access Pass

Step 1 - Buy the Pass

Use the button below to access the checkout page. I’ts £97 per year or £27 per quarter, which automatically renews (reduces our admin load, so we can keep the price low). You can cancel at any time, and the subscription payments will stop.

After you’ve paid, whizzy automation magic things will get you all set up with my course library, and you’ll get an email with access details within a few minutes.

Step 2 - Gaze at the bounty of marketing and copywriting education you know have access to

It looks like this:

And before you think ‘oh my goodness this is overwhelming’… I encourage you to pick one thing to get started.

Step 3 - Getting started with just one thing

Here are four ways you can choose one thing to get started with

1. Personalised action plan - Fill out a form and I’ll get back to you with a suggestion of how to get started and some ideas on what to do next. You can do this when you get started, or any time you feel lacking in marketing mojo.

2. Start with an Ask Laura episode that focuses on a question you need answering - the podcasts often refer to other resources and courses for you to go deeper, so you can start with one episode, and you’ll be inspired to explore another resource.

3. Action Plans - these are the most common problems I get asked to help with, so I created an action plan for each, walking you through which of my courses/resources will be most helpful. So far the list includes:

Social Media Obligation Buster - When you feel like you should be posting but you just don’t wanna

Not Enough Escape Route - When your 1-1 service isn’t selling enough

Super Speedy Marketing Review - Quick alternative to an end-of-year audit

Content Marketing Kickstart - Finding motivation and purpose when you’ve got a small audience

Hands-Free Income - When you’re wondering if you should launch a course, membership or group program

Sustainable Services - When your 1-1 offers are profitable but not enjoyable/sustainable for you

4. Browse the course buffet - Sometimes you’re not hungry until you browse the buffet, and then it’s obvious what you want. The Course Collection Table tells you what each of my courses is about, the formats it’s available in, and how long it’s going to take you to complete it - I guessed those were the most important things to help you decide which one was most appealing for you.

Step 4 - Keeping Going
  • If you get stuck, have a question, or need a momentum boost you can post in The Worditude Alliance Facebook group, or use the chat icon inside the course platform to send me a message
  • When you’ve created something with the help of one of my course, come and show us in The Worditude Alliance Facebook group - this kind of self-celebration is encouraged and sometimes I pick up links here to share in my newsletter.
  • I’ve made it really easy to remember you own the Pass, and access the materials, request help, update payment details or cancel your subscription (because forgetting I’m paying for something, and then not using it does not make me happy).
    • I’ll send you update emails, kinda monthly, about anything newly created or update, and at the bottom of the email I include a collection of links you’ll need.
    • You’ll get an automated email after each payment, with an invoice. It’s not pretty, but it also gives you all the access, help, payment-update, and cancel links.
    • There’s a section called Essential Links and Info in the Worditude All Access Pass inside the course platform.

Infrequently Asked Questions

(because the frequently asked ones should already be covered on the sales page)

But will I use it?

I’m guessing that over the next few months, you’ll be doing some marketing things for your business. Making some decisions. Creating content. Launching new offers. Improving existing sales funnels. Yes? Then there’s a whole bounty or resources inside the Pass to help you do those things more confidently, comfortably and successfully. This is a learn-as-you-implement opportunity.

Is this a membership?

Nope. You’re borrowing access to all my courses. There isn’t a promise of new content, or group coaching calls.

Is there support included?

Kind of. Here’s the balance. The success of my business depends on people buying, enjoying, using my courses, and telling other people about that. So yep, I want to answer your questions, give you encouragement, and generally make you feel really good about your investment in this Pass… good that you keep renewing, or maybe you’ll even upgrade to a 3-month mentoring package with me.

BUT, on the other hand, there are people who pay to work with me 1-1 through that 3-month mentoring package, and it wouldn’t be fair to them, or me, if I started dishing out the same level of support for just £97/year.

So yes, I’ll answer questions, and give you suggestions of which course to focus on (or even which specific lesson), but I will also let you know if what you’re requesting is out of the scope of the Pass. Sound fair?

Are future courses included?

I don’t have any new courses in the pipeline so no, probably not, maybe, I don’t really know, but please don’t buy this on the promise of future courses which I may or may not get around to creating.

What format is the training in?

The bigger courses are broken up into shorter lessons.

Most of the teaching is video-based.

All the videos have captions.

Almost all (probably all by now) also have either a text version of the lesson and/or a transcript.

The following courses are also available as a private podcast feed (so you can listen from you a podcast app on your phone): Booked in Blocks, Sales Sleuth, Smooth Sale-ing, Irresistible Offers, Marketing Gameplan, First Date Offer, Persuasion Power-Ups, Scribbles, The Black Friday Squeeze, Get Opened, and Ask Laura.

Am I tied in?


You can cancel at any time using a very simple form - the link to that is inside the course area, on your invoice, and on the bottom of any Passholder Update emails I send out.

If you pay annually you will get a reminder email a couple of weeks before the payment renews, where you will be asked if you would like to continue, cancel, or switch to paying monthly. You will also be emailed an invoice when the payment is taken. You can cancel anytime before your next payment is due using the link inside the course platform, update emails or your invoice. You will continue to have access for a full year from the date of your last payment, and you will not be billed for your next payment.

Please remember that while I do have automation in place to help my business run smoothly, it’s just me, and my assistant and we are real people, who have no intention of taking money you don’t want to spend. My business model depends on happy customers.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, and currently the commission available is 35% across all my courses, and this Access Pass. This does not apply to my 1-1 services or mentoring, and I reserve the right to change the commission, or any aspect of the affiliate program in the future.

Should I also bundle together all my courses and sell it for £97/year? Is that the new hot thing?

No. That is not what I’m suggesting.

Eventually, I’ll write a blog post explaining this strategy in more detail.

Until then here are the key points:

  • Most of my income comes from selling my mentoring packages
  • Unless I am launching a new course at a heavy discount, or really heavily promoting a live round of a course, I rarely make money from my courses, and it seems kinda sad just having them sit there.
  • And doing launches, promos, flash sales and live rounds is not compatible with my life. These Peak Energy Episodes stress me out, cause friction at home, and are not at all part of my vision for a Comfy Business.
  • I thought that the main reason people would join my mentoring was so they could get access to all the courses…..and that’s why I didn’t create this offer sooner - I was worried it would cannabilise sales of the mentoring package. After selling the mentoring for 18 months I know the #1 reason people join, and renew, is because of the high level of access to me. So I’m fairly confident that offering this Access Pass will open up my courses to more people, which in turn will generate more leads for my mentoring package,

So yes, I’ve thought about it a lot, no I’m not just copying someone else, and no I don’t recommend you do the same, unless you’ve got the reasoning to back up the decision (which is definitely something we could discuss in an Unjumble session).

I’ve got a question that’s not answered here

Email me at - your questions make my business better.

What if I don't love it?

You have a 7-day window to request a full refund - no hard feelings.

If after buying the Pass, and having an explore of your course dashboard you don’t think it’s going to be right for you, email me at to (politely) request a refund, and I’ll give you your money back. The success of my business (and the quality of my sleep) depends on the happiness of my customers.

Smooth Sale-ing 🧡

Irresistible Offers 🧡
“Eek! I wanted to share a little win! I sold my first new package based on ‘the system’. It was the product I created in about half an hour after I had a lightbulb moment to package up something we already offered. It makes the sales call so much easier too because of working through the ‘who’s it for’ ‘who’s it not for.’ £225 all paid and booked up. Thanks Laura.” - Karen Lisa Laing
Say What When 🧡
“My messaging assumed everyone was ready to buy or almost ready to buy, I now have ideas of how I can create content for earlier in the sales journey. It was really easy to follow and very relatable.” - Erin Ek
Marketing Gameplan 🧡
Persuasion Power-ups 🧡
Scribbles 🧡

Laura’s Pledge: 7-day money-back guarantee

The feedback from past students has made me so confident in the value of this pass, I’m offering a 7-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

If you buy the Pass, take a tour of the dashboard, and don’t think the material is what you and your business need right now, email me at and I’ll give you a full refund (and revoke access to the courses).

The Worditude All Access Pass


or £27/quarter

For instant access to:

Persuasion Power-Ups

Say What When

Smooth Sale-ing


Irresistible Offers

Marketing Gameplan

Explain Yourself

Ultimate Website Content Planner

Prepare For Launch

Booked In Blocks

Sales Sleuth

First Date Offer

The Black Friday Squeeze

Get Opened

Lizzy’s Christmas Party 2023 Debrief

The Micro Mentoring Hub

Ask Laura Podcast

It’s given me access to information I didn’t even know I needed and plugged a lot of the gaps.

I’ve not had the chance to go through everything yet but knowing I can dive in, rummage around and find answers (without having to buy yet another ‘thing’) is very reassuring!


Having access to everything Laura has done means there are less decisions to make (‘should I /can I get that course too?’) and I just have one place to go when marketing/writing things need to be done.

Dr Gina Holmes

I love being able to access parts of your brain that you’ve poured into each course whenever I want/whenever I need to.

Ami Hook-Ireland