Sales Sleuth

An investigation into why your rather fabulous offer isn’t getting the sales it deserves

With an option to buy for keeps, or borrow for free

So you’ve got this 1-1 service, group program, a course, a membership…you’ve got this thing.

And you KNOW if people would just give it a try they will love it, and it will make their lives/business so much better.

But for reasons you’re not yet aware of, people just aren’t buying.

And because you don’t know why they won’t buy, you can’t do anything to fix it.

As an online copywriter, over the last 10 years, I’ve helped so many business owners who find themselves in this position.

Total newbies, and seasoned veterans.

Some were part-way through big budget launches, when ££££ had been poured into Facebook ads, and nothing was coming out the other end.

Others were fed-up with tinkering with evergreen funnels that failed to flow.

This list of questions reflects how I would go about investigating a troublesome non-seller.


Complete 40-minute training video with captions

Access for 5-days only



12 video lessons approx 2-4 minutes each with captions

Text summaries to support each lesson

Private podcast feed

Lifetime access inside the Worditude Course Vault
(with opportunity to download materials if I retire the course)