Say What When

Weave messages into your online marketing that prime people to buy your stuff

A simple step-by-step self-study course about marketing messaging for people who sell their skills and talents online (as services, courses, programmes, memberships).

Consistent, effective messaging = More leads, clients and sales

Side note: When I say ‘Messages’, I mean the themes, concepts, topics, ideas you are communicating to your online audience… NOT PMs, DMs, texts, semaphore or morse code.

Messaging can have a huge impact on your business’ success.

Inconsistent messaging creates confusion and confusion is the saboteur of sales.

Confused people don’t buy.

They leave.

Maybe the brave ones stick around and ask questions.

But most will leave.

Consistent messaging, when you’re saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time…… that is a catalyst for conversion.

It creates a smooth flow through your free content to your sales pages, creating a momentum that carries your reader right to the buy button.

When Your Messaging Ducks Are All Lined Up You Will…

Enjoy a never-ending supply of content ideas - because you have a long list of things your potential clients need to hear from you and you’ll spot new ways to convey those messages every day (it’s like a tap you can’t turn off).

Be filled with an abundance of content creation motivation - because you can see how your efforts lead your potential clients towards buying your offers.

Quickly prime new people to buy - The consistency of messages communicated across your website, email and social platforms means your audience get to know, like and trust you more quickly, which means they’re ready to buy faster.

All roads lead to your sales pages - The content you publish more intentionally nudges the reader towards what you sell.

Look like you’ve got sh…ugar together - It just feels so awkward when you know there’s a mismatch between your social platforms, your website and your emails, and that can hold you back from putting yourself out there, getting attention and growing your audience. When you know that your entire online presence is consistently communicating who you help, how you help them and what they can buy, you can more confidently promote yourself and your business.

If you want your marketing content to deliver more leads, clients and sales, should you:

a) Magic up some more time so you can increase the frequency of your social media posts, blogs and emails.

b) Throw some money at Facebook and Instagram ads so your content gets seen by more people.

c) Improve the quality of your marketing content so it intentionally communicates messages that prime your audience to buy from you.

Start Here! Which is what this course will help you with

Well hello there fabulous human!

Hi, I’m Laura - a marketing mentor for humans who sell their expertise/talent/skills/knowledge to other humans (usually as online services, courses, programmes, memberships, and e-books).

I’ve created an approach to messaging, especially designed for you, using my 20+ years marketing experience and multitude of business, marketing and copywriting qualifications and gazillion of hours + ££££s of training (which I’ve squished, sieved and refined into a shortish, simple, actionable course).

A Less Complicated Approach To Marketing Messaging

Positioning statement, Brand promise, Unique value proposition

Just a few of things I will NOT be helping you with in this course because who has time for that theoretical brain-fudgery?!?

You have skills, knowledge, experience and talents that other people are willing to pay for. They want you to complete services for them, guide them, coach them or teach them in some way.

That is a beautifully simple and successful business model and it needs beautifully simple marketing.

The Worditude Messaging Framework

because everything is easier to understand when turned into a triangular-shaped framework

The Worditude ABC Messaging Framework

In this course I’ll introduce you to three types of messaging and for each type of messaging I’ll cover:

The function of that type of messaging (Why)

When in the sales journey these messages come into play

The content platforms you’ll tend to be communicating them on (Where)

Multiple Q&A style exercises to help you uncover the key messages you want to communicate, plus content ideas that will help help you do this (What)