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Copywriting coach for people selling their expertise and services online

Do you sell your expertise as 1-1 services or online digital products (like courses, group programmes and memberships?

Do you worry that what you’re selling isn’t aligned with what your potential clients want?

Does selling feel like pushing a noodle up a hill?

Are you planning a website re-write, product launch or marketing push, but aren’t 100% certain that what you’re offering is compelling enough?

A successful website, launch or ad campaign starts with an irresistible offer - makes sense, right?

And by offer, I don’t mean a short-term discount, or Buy One Get One Free.

Your offers are any product, service or package you deliver in exchange for money.

Hi, I’m Laura

I’m a digital copywriter, and over the last 10 years I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses, helping them create websites, launches and sales funnels to sell their offers.

One of the first things I do when working with my 1-1 copywriting clients is check we’re backing a winner - that the offer being presented is something the audience is hungry for.

This isn’t a Yes/No or a Stop/Go decision. It’s a dance. Back and forth with each other until we’ve shaped the original offer into something so sizzling hot it almost sells itself.

I’ve turned that process into a short course, so that you can tweak, edit or even replace your offers, until you’ve got an All-Star line-up of deliciously irresistible offers, you’re eager to sell, and your audience can’t wait to buy.

This combination of short videos (3-5 minutes long) and text lessons (because you know I love to write) will walk you through:

The NINE elements you need to get right to make your offer irresistible.

And HOW to get them right - I won’t just say ‘you need to get the price right’….there’s an exercise for each of the nine elements to help you nail them.

FIVE things you need to have right to create an All-Star Line-Up of offers (so your whole range works for you, your business and your clients).

The anti-ideal customer avatar exercise - naming my Ripe & Readies has been hugely helpful in really precisely picturing who I am pitching at.

A social media manager

Inside the course:

The bulk of your work happens in Module 2 when I’ll walk you through a process to make each and every individual offer as irresistible as you can.

Then in Module 3 I’ll show you how to assess how well your offers work together as a complete line-up.

And that circle in the bottom right of the screenshot is my face - it’s a video SOS button for you to hit anytime you need help. You can send a written, audio or video message with your question or request.

Pricing - and how to set prices was a total mystery to me. I just followed the crowd. Now I’ll be looking at ways to package the stuff I offer so I can reach financial goals….I wish I’d had access to this 2 years ago as it could have saved me an awful lot of time, money, effort and struggle.

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Instant access - unlock the full course once checkout is complete

No time limit - come back and re-use the course as often as you want (for the lifetime of my business)

30-day money-back guarantee

Prepare to look at your offers from a completely different perspective, your customer’s. Really helps get to what your customer wants and what the benefits are of what you offer. I love looking at it from a transformation perspective rather than what you actually do.


Laura’s Pledge

The feedback from past students has made me so confident in the value of this course, I’m offering a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee. If you complete the course and don’t feel like the insights you’ve gained are worth £97, email me at and I’ll give you a full refund (and revoke access to the course).

This course will save you so much time and energy when creating or delivering your offers - it basically does in a week what it will take you 1-2 yrs of delivering to figure out on your own! Every business owner needs this!

Sarah Scudamore,


Instant access - unlock the full course once checkout is complete

No time limit - come back and re-use the course as often as you want (for the lifetime of my business)

30-day money-back guarantee