Irresistible Offers

A do-it-yourself course (with support) for self-employed folks who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, packages, programmes, courses or memberships

What if everything you sold was already an easy ‘yes’ for your prospects?

If selling your stuff can sometimes feel like a hard slog…

If you sometimes worry that what you’re selling could be positioned in a more attractive way…

If your prospects don’t seem to appreciate the enormous value and wonderfulness of what you have available for them…

Stay with me.

Helping self-employed folks sell their stuff is what I love to do.

Terminology interlude:

It’s not ideal to be kicking off a sales page with an explanation in terminology, but I need us all to be familiar with what I mean when I say ‘offer’ otherwise the rest of this page won’t make a whole lotta sense.

Here, in my world of copywriting, ‘offer’ does not mean flash sale, short-term discount, buy-one-get-one-free.

Your ‘offer’ is the thing you are delivering to the client in exchange for something of value from them (usually their cold-hard cash).

You with me?

Good - onwards.

I’m Laura, and I’m an online copywriter

Over the last 7 years, I’ve written dozens of sales pages, many of which made £10k+ within the first couple of weeks (sometimes within a day 😲 ).

When I interview my copywriting clients, one of the first things I do is dig into the 7 elements I know are essential to making their offer an easy ‘yes’ for their prospects.

Then I work with the client to upgrade each of these elements until they’re as attractive as we can get them.

Until we have an irresistible offer.

From there, it is much easier to write a successful sales page.


Spend £££ on a copywriter or invest dozens of hours of your own time to create a sales page and marketing materials until you have got this vital foundational step sorted first.


Start by making your offer an easy ‘yes’ for your audience! Create an Irresistible Offer using these 7 essential elements, and selling will be so much easier (and even more enjoyable).

Inside Irresistible Offers

Want a sneak preview? Click here to borrow the first lesson

After introducing you to the 7 essential elements of your Irresistible Offer, there are 7 lessons, each one a combination of video and text walking you through:

  • Why that element is important
  • How to know when you’ve nailed it
  • Questions to help you make each element as compelling as possible for your offer.

It’ll take you around 90 minutes - 2 hours to walk through the process a transform one of your existing offers, or create a new one from scratch.

Then use the cheatsheet printable as a prompt to help you makeover (or create from scratch) more offers.

I sold my first new package based on ‘the system’. It was the product I created in about half an hour ….when I had a lightbulb moment to package up something we already offered. It makes the sales call so much easier too because of working through the ‘who’s it for’ ‘who’s it not for.’ £225 all paid and booked up. Thanks Laura.

Karen Lisa Laing


Instant access to:

7 lessons - including a 5-10 minute video, plus text, plus questions to help you craft your irresistible offer

Student support via a chat button on the course platform

Print and keep cheatsheet to help you quickly and easily implement the Irresistible Offers process whenever you have something new to sell (or to upgrade your existing offers).


BONUS: Access to my student-only Facebook group - The Worditude Alliance


BONUS: Your All-Star Offer Line-Up

5 short lessons to help you review and adjust the overall range of offers you have, to make sure that line-up works for you and your clients.

(payment plan available)

Prepare to look at your offers from a completely different perspective, your customer’s. Really helps get to what your customer wants and what the benefits are of what you offer. I love looking at it from a transformation perspective rather than what you actually do.


This is for you if:

You sell your expertise (your skills, knowledge and experience) as 1-1 services or online digital products (like courses, group programmes, and memberships)


Have you created a package, programme, course or membership that isn’t selling as well as you’d hoped?


Are you planning a website re-write, product launch or marketing push, but aren’t 100% certain that what you’re offering is compelling enough?

The anti-ideal customer avatar exercise - naming my Ripe & Readies has been hugely helpful in really precisely picturing who I am pitching at.

A social media manager

But what if…

I buy it and don’t use it

If that’s your preferred form of self-sabotage, then this course isn’t for you because I’m not going to be plopping into your inbox or hopping onto a call to nag you into completing the course. This course will help you turn something you want to sell into an easy ‘yes’ for your prospects. What else would you invest that 120 minutes in? And would it bring you better results?

I buy it and I get stuck

Then I would 100% want to hear from you and support you to help you make progress. Then you’d get the full benefit of the course, and I will learn from your questions and be able to make improvements to the course. If you get stuck, there’s a floating chat button in the bottom right corner of the course platform that you can use to send me a text, voice or video message. I’ll get back to you within two working days (usually less, but being conservative in my estimate in case of migraine/home-ed commitments).

I buy it and I can’t apply it to my business

This course is designed for people whose business/income is based on selling their expertise in some way - as 1-1 services, packages, programmes, courses, memberships. Like website designers, coaches, nutritionists, social media managers, VAs, OBMS, even other copywriters. If that sounds like you, jump in, and of course let me know if you get stuck. If that doesn’t sound like you, but you’d like to give it a go anyway, go for it - I have a generous refund policy.

I buy it and don’t love it

I have a generous refund policy. If you complete the core course material and don’t feel it has been worth your investment, I’ll give you a full refund. I’ve been teaching other business owners about marketing and copywriting for more than 5 years, and I’ve sold thousands of digital products, so I’m confident in my ability to create an engaging, value-packed course.


7 text + video combo lessons

Student support via a chat button on the course platform

Print and keep cheatsheet


BONUS: Access to my student-only Facebook group - The Worditude Alliance


BONUS: Your All-Star Offer Line-Up short course

(payment plan available)

Laura’s Pledge

The feedback from past students has made me so confident in the value of this course, I’m offering a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee. If you complete the course and don’t feel like the insights you’ve gained are worth the investment you made, email me at and I’ll give you a full refund (and revoke access to the course).