One To Another Mentorship

3-months guidance and feedback from Laura + lifetime access to all current courses

You’re a human

You have skills, abilities, knowledge, talents, expertise that other people want to make use of, or learn for themselves

You’ve figured out how to monetize your genius and sell it as 1-1 services, programmes, courses, memberships, so that instead of the secure but rigid life of an employee, you can enjoy the freedom, excitement (and occasional abject terror) of being your own boss

Short pause to celebrate how fabulous that is, how far you’ve come, and how damn proud of yourself you’re feeling right now

You sell these offers (the ones based on your genius) to other humans (or maybe teeny tiny businesses, but not corporates…that is not my bag).

And I can help you do more of that - to market and sell with the same ease, joy and flow of one human casually chatting with another human…

…by helping you create online content that is:

Personality-Packed (it sounds like you on a really good day)

Purposeful (not just writing stuff because you feel like you ought to, but actually leading the prospect through a sales journey)

Persuasive (in a way that feels comfortable to you, not brain-washy or sleazy)

What The One To Another 3-month Mentorship Looks Like

(I’m just not feeling the word ‘programme’ because there’s no schedule to follow, we’re doing it all around your goals and your pace)

1 x 20-minute onboarding planning chat via Voxer

You tell me your goals for our 3 months together, and we’ll figure out a plan to get you there, including which courses to dive into, the content you need to create, and how to make best use of the support you can get from me.

Copy Feedback from Me - Access for 3 months

If you wrote it (for your own business), I’ll give feedback on it. Submit your documents or live URLs through my online request form and I’ll get back to you with a Loom video walking you through feedback, new ideas and suggested improvements. The feedback not only makes this particular piece of content more effective, but overtime hones your own copywriting skills so you just keep getting better and better. Turnaround time will be around 3 working days.

2 x Days of Voxer Office Hours per month, for 3 months (7am-7pm London time, dates available soon)

Imagine I have an office door, and it is open, and you can just stroll inside and ask me your questions, or get my input. But instead of having to haul yourself over to my house to actually be in my office, all you need to do is pick up your phone, open the Voxer app and press that cute little walkie-talkie button to leave me a message. 

1 x SOS opportunity per month, for 3 months

Sometimes a question isn’t going to wait for office hours. Send me an email or leave a Voxer message and I’ll get back to you before the end of the next working day (that gives a little wriggle room for time zones and naps).

Big Huge Bonus... Lifetime access to all my current courses:

So many of your questions will be best answered by a course I’ve already created, so I though it made sense to give you access to them all.

  • Explain Yourself (£25) - a less wanky alternative to the Elevator Pitch
  • Ultimate Website Content Planner (£25) - a printable workbook to help you write your website copy - but you will also have a whole in-depth course on this
  • Scribbles (£97) - Write online content that sounds like you, but on a really good day
  • Irresistible Offers (£197) - Create new offers (or makeover existing ones) so they’re so compelling they almost sell themselves.
  • Copywriting Power-ups (£197) - Apply persuasion techniques to improve the impact and effectiveness of your marketing content and sales copy, without feeling pushy or sleazy
  • Write Your Website (£395) - Step-by-step course to walk you through how to write the key pages of your website so that it becomes a lead-generating, money-making machine (instead of an embarrassing waste of pixels)

plus coming early May 2022

  • Say What When - not your average messaging course - £27 at launch, increasing to £97

Not going to have time to complete all those in 3 months?

No problem.

I will pinpoint the most important courses/modules to help you achieve your goals for the 3 months AND every bit of wisdom in those courses is already inside me (because that’s where they came from) so when I answer your questions or give feedback on your copy I am passing that wisdom on. You’d learn plenty even if you didn’t open a single course during our time together.

And you’ve got access to them for the lifetime of my business, so you can dive back in whenever you need/want to.

How You Might Use Your Time With Me

This is NOT the way you’re supposed to sell a thing. There should be one clear promise, not this Choose Your Own Adventure selection of options…..buuuuuuut I really love the idea of you setting your own goal for the three months, so I’m going with it.

Here are some examples to inspire you

Consistent AND effective content marketing

Start with the Say What When (Messaging) course as that’ll give you so many ideas, and then we can come up with a list of content ideas for the next 3 months that appeal to the right audience, help them get to know you better and (crucially) link into the sales funnels/pages of your offers.

Then you create one new piece of content every week (or more if you’re feeling frisky) applying the principles you’ll learn in Scribbles (to reflect your stunning personality) and Copywriting Power-ups (to encourage the reader to shuffle closer towards a purchase), then send to me for scrutineering constructive feedback.

Imagine the back catalogue of glorious blogs, social posts and marketing emails we could create together in 3 months!

Make it easier to sell your offers

We’ll start with your existing offers, and use the Irresistible Offers course to get them ship-shape.

Then with the help of the Sales-related modules in Write Your Website, you’ll review and refine the sales process, and make sure you’ve got the right call-to-action on each sales page, and makeover the sales pages so they are working HARD (so you don’t have to). You might even want to create a brochure (I can help with that too…well with the content, not design, you do NOT want my help with visual design).

If you want to really ramp you the impact of the three months, dive into Copywriting Power-ups to make sure that sales material is beautifully persuasive in a way that feels good to you.

It’ll definitely be helpful to do the Say What When (Messaging) course in there too as it’ll throw some much light on what you need to communicate on your sales page and what needs to be conveyed before they even clap eyes on the sales page…..which will help us plan out and create lead magnets or other free content to gently turn mildly interested persons into Ripe & Ready prospects eager to buy.

Launch a new thing

Start with Irresistible Offers to make your offer as smoking hot as possible (it’s much easier to sell a good offer than to rely on exceptional copywriting to flog something people don’t really want).

Then use the sales-related modules inside Write Your Website to design the sales journey and create the material you need to support that (lead generation page, brochure, or a straight up buy-it-from-the-page page).

The Say What When (Messaging) course will help us figure out what needs to go on the sales page, and what works well for the launch material/emails.

And, for extra refinement, you can use the principles in Scribbles and Copywriting Power-Ups to add personality and persuasiveness throughout.

Revamp your website content so you actually want to share your URL

When your website is full of your personality and up-to-date with current offers (that you actually want to sell) at the right prices - it makes selling so much easier.

Start with Irresistible Offers to be sure you’re ONLY using your website to showcase things you want to sell and your audience want to buy.

Then follow the step-by-step guidance in Write Your Website.

Pick your own path

You can use the 20-min Voxer chat to plan out your own path for the next 3 months. Tell me on the application form what you’ve got in mind and I’ll let you know if it’s compatible with the mentorship.

Hey I thought of some outcomes that are the same no matter which of those adventure routes you choose

After our three months together…

you’ll write more quickly

you’ll write more effectively

you’ll write more engagingly

you’ll feel eager and excited to connect and communicate with your online audience

you’ll be more comfortable with subtly selling to your audience, and weaving sales messages throughout your content


you’ll have more confidence in your own ability

you’ll have developed a strong writing voice

you’ll have stretched how comfortable you are with persuasive writing (I promise I won’t force you into hyperbolic promises, doom-mongering, or pushy tactics)

you’ll have developed the habit of checking every piece of content before you publish to be sure it:

  • Reflects your stellar Personality pulling the right people closer, while gently repelling those who were not going to enhance your work life
  • Is created with intention and fulfils it’s Purpose (to inspire an action in the reader)
  • Has been dialled up the level of Persuasiveness you are comfortable with.

One To Another

3-month Mentorship


or 3 x £333

3 months of:

Voxer office hours support x 2 per month
SOS help request option x 1 per month
Copy feedback


20-minute onboarding planning session via Voxer


Lifetime access to:

Ultimate Website Content Planner (£25)
Explain Yourself (£25)
Scribbles (£97)
Say What When (coming early May)
Irresistible Offers (£197)
Copywriting Power-Ups (£197)
Write Your Website (£395)

Got questions? Ready to jump right in?

Either way, your next step is the same.

Complete the short application form and I’ll be in touch.

Let’s take a breather in August

I don’t plan to work too much in the Summer, so I’ve decided to pause the mentorship for the whole of August.

So, for example, if you started your mentorship on 30th May - your mentorship would be active between:

30th May - 31st July


1st Sept - 30th Sept

So you’d still have three months in total.

Want to pause for July too? I’m open to that.

Fill out the application form so we can start a conversation and figure out a plan that works for you.