Smooth Sale-ing

A self-study course for business owners who sell their skills, talents and expertise as 1-1 services, courses, memberships and programmes

Quickly and effortlessly* write a sales page that effectively communicates your offer and makes it easy for the right people to buy

* ‘less painfully’ just didn’t sound as attractive.

Ah the sales page.

A conduit for cash.

And yet so often a big, bamboozling block between you and the people who would love to buy your thing if only they knew it existed.

You put it off for as long as you possibly can, getting absolutely everything else about your offer totally 100% perfect in the hope that, while you’re busy creating epic graphics or planning your email marketing, somehow that pesky but essential sales page is going to write itself.

And then when you finally do force yourself to write it, no matter how much you try, your sales page just doesn’t do justice to the brilliant offer it’s supposed to be pitching.

When you sit down to write a sales page are you:

Trying to do all the things at the same time?

Your brain can’t find the perfect hook, remember what’s included in the offer and find the right words at the same time. I can break that down into a manageable process for you.

Judging and berating yourself with every sentence you type?

This totally destroys creativity and will make it impossible for you to find your flow. My 60-minute Sales Page Process will help break that habit.

Asking the sales page to do too much?

If you’re trying to write a page that turns totally cold strangers to paying customers, you’re setting the bar a bit high. I’ll show you who your sales page is for, and what you should ask them to do at the end of it (hint: it’s not always ‘buy now’)

Yep, you sound like the hundreds of online business owners I’ve worked with over the last 7 years.

Hi, I’m Laura, and I’ve taught classes on copywriting inside my own programmes, and for Membership Academy, Andrew & Pete’s Atomic Growth Club, Female Entrepreneur Association and Enterprise Nation.

But this is the first time I’ve sold my own training exclusively about sales pages - how has it taken me so long?!?!

I’d love to promise you a magical formula that shows you how to find the right words, and put them in the right order to unlock an avalanche of cash…but alas, that’s not how sales pages work.

Instead, I’m going to help you write a sales page that successfully communicates the story your prospects need to hear before they’re ready to buy from you.

What you can expect from Smooth Sale-ing

The Role Of Your Sales Page

Seems obvious, but it’s not. Once you understand this, writing your page becomes much more manageable.

The Sales Page Story

Writing sales copy becomes intuitive when you know the story every sales page needs to communicate to encourage a successful conversion.

Worditude’s 60-minute Sales Page Process

The questions and steps you need so you quickly create a sales page from the information, knowledge, and wisdom that’s currently trapped inside you.

Hook Hunting

Discover how to generate an Opening Hook that gets the attention of the people who are Ripe & Ready to buy from you.

Polish Then Publish

The final checks and edits so you’re sales page is ready to be released into the world.

Sales Brochures (when to use them and what to include)

For higher-ticket or custom-priced offers, a lead generation page plus brochure may be more effective at guiding prospects through their purchase. In this module, I’ll walk you through how to design your friction-free sales process, and what to include in your lead generation page, brochure and delivery email.

Bonus: Personal Review Of Your Sales Page

I do love getting my eyeballs on a sales page - especially one written with the help of my training. You can request a review of one sales page (using the feedback request form inside the course platform), and I’ll send you back a Loom video with my thoughts on what’s working and ideas for improvement.

Bonus: Your Questions Answered

Your questions help me make this training better, and generate valuable material that helps other students.

There is a help form so you can send me your questions while you’re watching the training, or afterward.

Smooth Sale-ing

Quickly create a sales page that effectively communicates your offer and makes it easy for the right people to buy.

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What kind of sales pages will this help me write?
1-1 services, packages, programmes, masterminds, courses, memberships - if you have created an offer that sells your expertise online, then this course can help you create a sales page that pitches it to your people.
Do you sell plug-and-play templates?
No. This course will help you understand the story of what’s going on when someone buys from you, and the flow of the conversation you are having with them via your sales page, so that you can provide the right material at the right time to support that conversion. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to write any sales page, which is more powerful and flexible than being tied to plug-and-play templates.
How long will it take me to write a sales page?
After you’ve watched the training, you want to allow 2-3 hours for each sales page you want to write (although you will get faster with practice). When I write sales pages for myself I typically take 60 minutes on the initial fact-finding and draft-writing (that’s covered in the 60-minute Sales Page Process) and then another 60-90 minutes to find the Hook, decide and write the Call-To-Action and polish up the page. The longer you can spend on the page the more refined you can make it. But it can’t make you any money until you press ‘publish’ so you need to decide for yourself when it’s good enough to go public.
What if I buy it and I’m not happy with the course?
You have 30-days from the date you get access to the course to dive in and test it out. If after completing the training you don’t feel you have gained £97-worth of sales-generating knowledge that you can apply to your business, let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

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