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Day of Voxer Coaching and Voxer Office Hours Explained

A guide for anyone considering buying or selling Voxer-based offers

This blog post is for you if:

  • You’re considering adding Voxer Coaching to your own business, or
  • You’ve seen people selling a Day of Voxer Coaching and you’re wondering what the experience is like as a client, or
  • You’re considering buying a programme that includes Voxer Office Hours and you’re wondering what the heck that even means



Voxer Explained

Voxer is a voice-messaging app that’s free to use, and works a bit like a walkie-talkie that also automatically records the messages.

You hold a button while talking into the phone, and the recipient can either listen to it in real-time as you are recording, or listen back at any time.

And then they can respond.

It’s like a conversation, except you get the chance to replay messages if you didn’t quite hear or understand what was said, and you can’t talk over each other.

You can also use it to send text-based messages, and I’ll often switch between voice and text in the same conversation, depending on what feels easiest to communicate and what I want to get across.

Want to come and say 'hi' to me on Voxer?

These instructions will walk you through the process of setting up an account, and then you need to search for ‘worditude’ so you can connect with me. Then come and say ‘hi’.

Is Voxer Different To WhatsApp?

They are very similar.

I prefer Voxer because:

1 - It’s a walkie-talkie NOT just a message sender. When I am leaving a voice note, the other person can listen real-time, or ignore it and listen back later. It is possible to have a back and forth conversation at the same speed as a telephone call, because you can listen as I talk, and I can talk as you listen. AND if something disrupts my concentration while I’m talking, you don’t know, and you don’t get interupted, and I don’t miss anything because I can restart your message from the beginning to make sure I’ve fully heard and understood what you were saying.
2 - You don’t have to give a telephone number
3 - There is no call functionality which I love. Nobody in my work world has an actual telephone number for me (which is similar to #1 I guess).
4 - It’s totally separate from my personal life.
I have friends and family (and my seal rescue hotline) on my WhatsApp.
I have different notification sounds for the different apps so I know if this is a work or family thing. So if WhatsApp bleeps I will give it immediate attention, but I can postpone everything else until it’s more convenient.
I can also uninstall Voxer if I want to give myself a total work break, and leave Whatsapp running…..and I guess if I really needed to concentrate on work, I could disable Whatsapp (but I won’t because…seals).
5 - You can download voice and text messages and save them to your phone or computer (not sure if Whatsapp does this because I never voice message on there) - I’ve mostly used this to save spontaneous feedback and use it as testimonials - with permission - like on this sales page -
You can totally use WhatsApp if you prefer, and there may be a lower barrier to selling WhatsApp-based coaching because people will be more familiar with it.
I think now they’ve lifted the 60-second voice limit on Messenger, you could use that too.

My Experience As A Voxer Coaching Client

Mid-2021, I booked a Day of Voxer coaching with Elizabeth Goddard (who I believe is the origin of the Day of Voxer idea). I had some ideas for how I wanted my business to change, and I wanted her insight as she was running a hugely successful business while living with a chronic illness and managing the demands of a young family.

It was my first time using Voxer and I LOVED it.

It worked so much better for me than a Zoom chat.

I could pace around while I talked.

I wasn’t constantly distracted by the cat crying for food, or a knock at the door - I could just deal with these little interruptions without disrupting the flow of the conversation.

I felt much less pressure because I didn’t have to worry about my facial expression and whether it looked like I was listening.

I didn’t have to read the other person’s facial expression to guess if they were hearing and understanding me.

It allowed me to totally focus on what was being said, write notes on what I wanted to respond with, process what was said, formulate a response, then reply.

That sounds really slow and clunky but it’s not. It flows like a conversation. A slower, more considered, more meaningful conversation.

And because the Voxer coaching was spread across a whole day, it allowed space for inspiration and reflection.

How I Use Voxer Coaching In My Business

I live with chronic migraine, which makes it hard for me to commit to too many appointments, and I find long Zoom calls uncomfortable. Adding this tool to my business has made such a hugely positive impact on the way I work.

Since then I’ve incorporated Voxer coaching into my own business in these three ways:

VIP Day with Laura
This is a 6-hour window of coaching, collaboration and feedback. We tend to start the day with a kick-off chat (via Voxer).

Virtual Consult
One hour opportunity to ask me anything.

Voxer Office Hours
A run a 3-month marketing mentoring programme, and have two days per month when my mentees are welcome to send me Voxer messages. I use these sessions to check in with anyone who has been a bit quiet, get updates from everyone, answer questions, set goals and make action plans.

Using this tool has helped me generate around £25k from these services in about 12 months (on top of course sales and retainer client work I already had going on).

5 Things I’ve Done To Introduce My Audience to Voxer

#1 Added Voxer office hours as additional support when I’ve run a live round of my courses
This gave me multiple opportunities in the pop-up Facebook group to explain Voxer, how it works, and why I love it. And then during the Voxer office hours day, I encouraged people who spoke to me via Voxer to post in the group about their experience, to make it less daunting for others to get involved.

#2 Selling one-off 1-1 sessions on Voxer for a very low cost
My Unjumble sessions bring me and my clients multiple benefits, including the opportunity for them to try out Voxer and see if they enjoy that style of communication. My soon-to-be-released course, First Date Offers gives more background on how and why I created a high-touch, high-impact, low-cost 1-1 experience.

#3 Offering free a free discovery call via Voxer
As Voxer is the main form of communication during my mentoring program, it makes sense to offer potential clients a get-to-know-each-other chat via Voxer (instead of Zoom).

#4 Sharing feedback about Voxer, not just about me or my offers
Whenever I get feedback from someone about their experience of using Voxer I (try to remember) to share that in my Facebook group, or social media, or in the Comfy Business Newsletter.

Things like: “I was really skeptical about how this would work but it’s better than I could ever imagine it to be” .

These are usually spontaneous Voxer messages sent at the end of a chat/VIP day - and when I share them, I’m doing it not to promote that particular offer, but to help ease people’s very natural apprehension that Voxer is going to work for them

#5 Writing this blog post
And now you’ve read it….and you’re a little bit more comfortable with the idea of chatting to me via Voxer.

How To Get Started Using Voxer Coaching In Your Business

Start with this free training, the Magcial High Value, Low Effort, 1:1 Offer (affiliate link)- from Lizzy Goddard.

It’s a free training to pitch her Day of Voxer course, but it is a really helpful starting point and I know plenty of people watch the free training and create (and sell) their Voxer-based offers just from that.

And then if you do go on to buy her Day of Voxer course, there’s plenty of material to help you set up one or even multiple offers.

And if you’d like to adjust an existing offer to include Voxer access or you’d like to create a new offer, download my free Adore Your Offer workbook. It’ll guide you through the decisions you need to make to ensure you’re offering something you’re delighted to sell, and your audience is eager to buy.

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