Virtual Hour with Laura

60 minutes of remote marketing mentoring via Voxer and shared documents (no face-to-face calls needed)

For talented humans who sell their genius as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, and memberships.

A full hour of support, suggestions, questions, planning and feedback from an experienced copywriter and marketing mentor (me).

Examples of ways you can use a Virtual Hour with me:

Planning the strategy and marketing materials needed for an upcoming launch of a new thing, or re-launch of an existing thing.

90-day (or whatever time frame you like to work to) marketing strategy setting

Figuring out why something isn’t selling, and planning what to do about that

Thrashing out ideas for a new offer (or multiple), planning the sales and delivery process, and creating supporting content (no actual physical thrashing involved…totally violence free).

Reviewing or refining copy for your new website

How it works:

1) You book a 60-minute time window in my calendar and let me know what you’d like to work on.

2) You get taken to a checkout page to complete your purchase

3) During our session, I am able to review and collaborate on emails, Google docs, website pages. We can chat back and forth via Voxer, or sometimes I’ll record a Loom video walkthrough if that is a better way to communicate. 

Voxer - what it is, why I’m using it, and an invitation to chat (click the + sign to open this section)

Voxer is a free-to-use voice-messaging app. It’s like using the voice message feature on Facebook Messenger.

In my experience, providing support via Voxer:

  • Improves the quality of support as we both have time for reflection, thought and inspiration before replying to messages
  • Is less energetically draining because we aren’t talking over each other, looking at a screen, trapped in our chairs. I definitely think better when I pace, or when stroking a cat, so I’m likely to be touring the house while chatting with you.
  • It’s easier for you to take action while we talk. You can take notes, listen to messages over again, ask me to clarify things. The pace is slower but the insight is deeper.

Not sure getting support via Voxer is going to work for you?

Want to try chatting with me via Voxer before committing to your Virtual Day with Laura?

Then let’s talk.

You can download the Voxer app to your phone, or set up an account at

My username is worditude - and my profile shows a photo of me.

Come on over and say hello.

60-min 1-1 session with Laura



1) Pick a date for your Virtual Hour with Laura

2) You’ll be redirected to a checkout page to complete your purchase

3) Please make the payment within 24 hours to secure your date.



Can I change my date?

No worries, life happens. Please try to give me as much notice as possible, and at least 24 hours. You can email me, or adjust the time/date via the confirmation email you get from Calendly (my calendar manager)

Will you write the copy for me?

This is very much a Done Together operation.

I can help with phrasing, and outlines for marketing content and website pages, and I’ll edit your drafts (if you want me to).

The copy created during our hour together will be a collaborative effort.