VIP Day with Laura

6-hours of remote marketing collaboration via Voxer and shared documents (no face-to-face calls needed) 

For talented humans who sell their genius as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, and memberships.

A full day of support, suggestions and feedback from an experienced copywriter and marketing strategist (me).

Ways you can use a VIP Day with me:

Completing a specific project you want to nail in a day - like updating your website or creating launch materials.

Batch create a few weeks (or even months) worth of online content optimised to be purposeful, persuasive and personality-packed.

You need to create a little pocket of focus, accountability and support to write something you’ve been putting off for a while.

Thrashing out ideas for a new offer (or multiple), planning the sales and delivery process, and creating supporting content (no actual physical thrashing involved…totally violence free).

Nailing down your messaging - what to say when to whom - and making changes to your website, social profiles and marketing content to reflect that.

How it works:

1) You book a 6-hour time window in my calendar and let me know what you’d like to work on (you can change your mind later)

2) The day before our date I’ll connect with you to check you’ve signed up to Voxer, and I have all the information I need to make the most of the day (any website copy you want me to look at, emails etc)

3) We’ll kick off the day with a chat via Voxer so I can understand what you want to work on during our session and we can make a plan for the day.

4) The rest of the day tends to be made up of:

  • Short bursts of conversation over Voxer, usually when you’ve got a decision to make (like choosing a price, or deciding what to include in a package, or designing a sales process)
  • Writing done by you - I’ll set you on your way with some instructions via Voxer, and some document files with prompts and suggestions in
  • Reviews done by me - It might be a Loom video of what you’ve already got, or edits made on a Google doc - we can even collaborate on a document at the same time.
Voxer - what it is, why I’m using it, and an invitation to chat (click the + sign to open this section)

Voxer is a free-to-use voice-messaging app. It’s like using the voice message feature on Facebook Messenger, but without the one-minute limit.

In my experience, providing support via Voxer:

  • Improves the quality of support as we both have time for reflection, thought and inspiration before replying to messages
  • Is less energetically draining because we aren’t talking over each other, looking at a screen, trapped in our chairs. I definitely think better when I pace, or when stroking a cat, so I’m likely to be touring the house while chatting with you.
  • It’s easier for you to take action while we talk. You can take notes, listen to messages over again, ask me to clarify things. The pace is slower but the insight is deeper.

Not sure getting support via Voxer is going to work for you?

Want to try chatting with me via Voxer before committing to your Virtual Day with Laura?

Then let’s talk.

You can download the Voxer app to your phone, or set up an account at

My username is worditude - and my profile shows a photo of me.

Come on over and say hello.

What’s working with Laura via Voxer like?

Allison explains it beautifully in this voice message she left me at the end of her VIP Day with me. Working via Voxer enabled her to concentrate more fully on her questions, my answers, and writing the copy she needed. During chunks of the day we had very little interaction while Allison focussed on writing - supported by the knowledge that I was on hand to answer any questions and give feedback when needed. Sometimes I suggested changing a sentence or two. Sometimes we needed longer conversations to reach bigger decisions.

Examples of how my VIP Days have unfolded so far

Your day (and goals) will likely be different - but these at least give you an idea of how the day flows.

#1 Membership and Evergreen Sales Funnel

I started by reviewing the existing sales page, inside the membership and customer feedback (around 60 minutes).

Then we chatted via Voxer to get the positioning of the membership right (the hook, the main reason people will buy, the main outcome they’ll get from it, and the problems they are experiencing that means they know they need help).

I gave the client a video outlining what needed to change on the current sales page.

The client worked on the sales page.

I gave feedback on the sales page.

We closed the day out with a chat to plan what the lead magnet would be, what would go in the email sequence and how to market the membership evergreen.

“I spent a day with Laura to look at the messaging on my sales page and it was completely invaluable. Working with Voxer meant it was a fun day of targeted activity and I ended the day wanting more! Laura understood our business straight away and directed me to fix everything that was wrong.

Getting our main sales page right is going to be pivotal to our business and I can’t wait to see new members joining us now they know exactly what The Declutter Hub offers.”

- Lesly Spellman,

#2 Sales journey planning

I’ve worked with two separate businesses on this, and they both went something like….

Chat at the start of the day (approx 60 minutes) to understand how leads are currently generated, captured, and converted, what works, what doesn’t, and what the client wants instead.

I created a Loom video of the current site and explained what needed to change to bring it in line with the new sales process we had agreed.

I set up a Google doc for us to work on, with prompts on what content the client needed to write, and ideas for what to include and how to structure.

Client wrote the content, checking in with me to make sure they are on the right track.

I edit new content, giving feedback, making suggestions.

We used the last 20 minutes to wrap up any outstanding questions.

#3 Launch content for Doors Open window

I’ve done a day planning a re-launch for an existing programme, and another planning a re-launch for an existing membership.

At the start of the day we talked about what had and hadn’t worked so far looked at some stats, and then I reviewed the existing copy

I created a Loom video of the current copy with suggestions of what to change and why, and started a Google doc for us to collaborate in with an outline of what the client needed to write.

They wrote the copy, dropping into Voxer to ask questions here and there, and ask me to look at sections where they wanted my input.

I reviewed the copy and made changes and suggestions.

We used the last 20 minutes to wrap up any outstanding questions.

Now I’ve written out all three I can see there’s a pattern there and they’re all pretty similar but I’m not wasting all that effort typing, so I’m sharing all three with you anyway.

#4 Creating new offers and sales processes

Gemma wanted to relaunch her copywriting business with services that she loved to deliver and were a better match to her (very) full life.

“I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to decide what my offers should be. I knew they needed to be fun AND work around my busy life… but I couldn’t get them to work together. Well, today I laid in bed with an injury (and for a couple of hours a feverish toddler)… and I STILL had the most productive virtual day with Laura. The walk-talkie concept is genius and fitted perfectly around life’s surprises. I now have offers I adore - and the best thing is, 6 minutes after our Virtual Day ended I pitched an offer to a new lead- and she wants it!

P.S. I unpacked the food shop and had two short business meetings with my husband during the day”

- Gemma Boak -

(side note from Laura…that offer was £1,000+ - that’s a pretty rapid return on investment!)

Faye Strange, Strange Social

Why I love it:

You are the expert on your business and your audience which makes you the ideal person to write your website and marketing content…..which is made much easier when….

You have a very experienced copywriter & online marketer on hand to guide you on what you need to say, when and even how.

Because it’s Voxer and not Zoom it fits around our lives. Want to make yourself a cuppa - go ahead. Need to feed the cat, or answer the phone, or open the door for the delivery driver - go for it. Want to take an hour to decompress and process the mind-blowing insights I just delivered via a Loom video reviewing your existing funnel - it’s totally your time to do what you want (and yes, pretty much everyone needs a break 2 hours in to let their brain catch up).

A VIP Day with Laura creates a window of time for you to concentrate on a particular marketing project, keep the momentum going because I am on tap to answer any question you have and help if you get stuck, and you’ll get editing and feedback on your content on the same day.


What would you use a VIP Day with Laura to achieve?


Can I change my date?

No worries, life happens. Please try to give me as much notice as possible, and at least 24 hours. You can email me, or adjust the time/date via the confirmation email you get from Calendly (my calendar manager)

Will you write the copy for me?

This is very much a Done Together operation.

I will send you a document with the framework of the copy we’re working on, with as much filled out as I can based on the conversations we’ve had at the start of the day, and I’ll highlight where I need input from you.

Then you work on the document and send it back.

I can help with phrasing, and I’ll edit your drafts (if you want me to).

The copy created during our day together will be a collaborative effort.

I have to do the school run in the morning / I’ll have the kids at home in the afternoon

Firstly, I will not be at all bothered if halfway through a voice message you trail off because a kid is asking you for snacks. I have worked with home-based business owners for a very long time, and I am totally comfortable with home life interruptions (true story, someone once ducked out of a call with me because she could smell smoke….her kids had set something on fire in the kitchen).

Secondly, small breaks in the day will help create space in your brain for things to fall into place and new ideas to come in. So driving small people around, picking up some groceries, making lunch…..everyday life is your friend during the process.

What’s not ideal is if you’re going to have something dominating your focus for a couple of hours or more - best to schedule for another day because as much as possible, you’ll want this day to be about you, and your business, and dedicating your brain space to whatever project we are working on together.

Do you guarantee we’ll get the whole project done?

Nope. We’ll make a plan at the start of the day to be sure we’re focussing on your top priorities, but we will also go wherever you take us. You might start with one intention, get the answers they need, decide to work on that another day and switch focus for the day. Equally, you might choose to spend longer on one smaller topic because that feels like a good use of our time together - for example, exploring what you do and don’t want to include in an offer. At the time of writing this, I have completed Virtual Days with five different clients and they have all asked to work with me again - not because we didn’t finish what was planned - but because they were so blown away with what we achieved, and the insights they gained, that they wanted to work with me on other areas of their businesses.

You’re not available on any dates that would work for me

No worries, email me at and I’ll see if there’s any flexibility in my calendar (and by that I mean, I’ll ask my husband if he can do some of the pick-ups, drop-offs and home stuff, so I can free up a date for you).