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Humble-Mumbling Is Hurting Your Business:

Here’s how to fix that

First, a definition - and as I made-up the term, I get to decide what the definition is.

Humble-Mumbling: Selling your thing in such a quiet, muffled, understated way, that it’s almost impossible for people to buy it.

Examples include:

  • Never telling anyone that your offer even exists
  • Failing to mention your fabulous level of knowledge, skill or experience
  • Reading glowing feedback about yourself, then rapidly getting on with the rest of your life without saving that nugget of goodness, or ever sharing it somewhere other humans might possible see it.
  • Massively understating what’s included in your offer and the impact and value it will deliver
  • Hedging your own pitch - ‘you might want this maybe, but it’s totally fine if you don’t want it, I just thought maybe you might be interested possible, maybe, but no worries at all if not, actually probably you shouldn’t trouble even bother looking at the sales page’.
  • Spending dozens of hours creating a freebie then NOT directing the user towards paid ways to work with you, or gently muttering ‘if you want to dive deeper, here’s a sales page’ while giving them absolutely no reason at all to go do that.

If this is sounding painfully familiar, stick with me because I’ve got a cure.

But first, we’ve got to get introspective and examine where this sales-sabotaging practice comes from.

Here’s why I think you humble-mumble

Actually these are the reasons I think I humble-mumble™️, and then I’m just gonna go right ahead and project that all over you. I’m basing this on the many, many conversations I’ve had with humble-mumbling™️ clients, so this projection isn’t totally unfounded…but I wanted to level with you about it not being backed by a significant body of scientific evidence. It’s literally my experience + what clients have shared with me.

So here’s why I, and many of my clients, and quite possible you humble-mumble™️:

#1 Saying nice things about yourself, or what you do, or a thing you’ve created is really freaking HARD!!!!!!

Not sure about you, but I’ve had a lifetime of conditioning telling me to hush up, be modest, don’t boast, nobody likes a big-head, don’t make other people feel inadequate. And yes, I am working on that with my fabulous mindset coach (Nicole Hewitt Donaldson if you’re interested). But my signature move is still to find the nearest, largest, darkest bushel and conceal my light firmly beneath it, lest anyone be blinded by its bright shine.

#2 Letting go of potential is also really freaking HARD!!!

You’ve lovingly created this thing. But what if nobody buys it. Or what if they buy it and then promptly ask for a refund by emailing you a diatribe of ‘constructive feedback’. Oh how much safer it is to keep it all to yourself and never tell anyone that this thing exists. Then you can allow it to remain pregnant with the possibility of its awesomeness. You just KNOW it’s fabulous, and will eventually make you rich one day…..oh what a lovely feeling that expectancy is.

It’s like that last wrapped gift on Christmas Day. You’ve left it until last because it’s just the right size and shape to be the dream present you begged Santa for. And while it’s still safely ensconced in snowman print paper there’s still every chance it’s a Mr Frostie (and not a stack of educational reference books). The only way to find out if it’s really the thing you so desperately want is to tear off the paper, and risk the disappointment.

If we want to make sales we have to trade the offer’s potential with its reality. We have to let go of what we think this offer is capable of, give it our best shot at selling it, and confront the reality of what other people (who are not our partners, business-besties, or pets) actually think of it.

(And no, I never got a Mr Frostie, and yes, I’m still bitter about it).

#3 Being Salesy feels Sleazy

If you’ve ever been trapped by an ick-inducing sales-pitch, you’ve probably vowed to never become that much of a pushy dickhead person. But you can be honest about your awesomeness without being overbearing, manipulative or obnoxious. Imagine salesy-ness (totally a word) is a spectrum. To avoid being that pushy dickhead person you don’t need to forego salesmanship completely, you can just dial it back a little bit and avoid the gross tactics that don’t align with the way you like to live your life and run your business.

Now the cure

(For humble-mumbling, not the band The Cure)

Hopefully a tour of the top 3 causes of humble-mumbling™️ has already helped lessen its power over you.

Lets loosen its grip further with some powerful questions for you to journal on.

#1 Who is out there right now, needing your help, and not getting it because you are humble-mumbling™️ about what you do, so they don’t realise you exist, or that you’re equipped to help them? How would their lives be different if you stopped humble-mumbling™️?

#2 What would be possible for you, your business, your family, the people you care about, if you gave up humble-mumbling™️, and went all in for claiming your value, status and celebrating what it is that you offer?

#3 Who is watching you right now, noticing how you do things, and using that as a guide for how they should act? Your business friends? People in your niche with less experience? Your friends? Your family? Your kids? What would it mean for them if they say you quit humble-mumbling™️ and start proudly promoting your wares?

To summarise:

Yes you might avoid pissing some people off if you Humble-Mumble™️, but you’ll also miss out on sales and help fewer people.

If you’re Proudly Promotional instead, maybe a very small number of people will feel uncomfortable for a small amount of time, but your business will make more money, you’ll help more people, and you’ll feel great about yourself.

Is that a trade-off worth making?

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