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You’re in the right place if…

…you hate writing and can’t believe running your own business entails so flipping much of it…
…you’ve convinced yourself you’re totally rubbish at writing and worry you’ll have to outsource every single word to a much more skilled professional…(and who can even afford do that?!?!)…
…every time you try to write your website content, blog posts or marketing emails, all you end up with is a blank screen and a headache…

I can help you get over this in five simple steps.

Step 1: You’re not special - accept that

I know, I know, you can’t imagine that anyone else in the Universe experiences the same crippling self-doubt you do the moment you try to bash out a blog post, or craft a page of web copy. But they do.

I literally cannot tell you how many business-builders I’ve had this conversation with over the last 5 years or so, but we are well past 100.

Every time, they’ve had a very good reason (in their opinion) as to why their writing-woes are uniquely awful.

Maybe English is a second language. Or they are dyslexic. Or their high school English teacher hated them (that’s me). Or they always got bad grades in English (also me). Or their tall, blonde, slim best friend consistently, effortlessly outperformed her on every type of spelling, essay, or creative writing test (also me, not bitter, much).

So step 1, repeat after me…..
“Hundreds of business-builders before me have conquered their fear of the written word, and used writing to connect with their online audience.”


Now reward yourself with wine/cookies/whatever your unhealthy emotional crutch may be, because ready-or-not, here comes Step 2.

Here’s your homework:
Embrace Your Less Than Optimal Performance - Useful if you’re developing lots of skills as a business owner, and excelling at no one thing in particular.

It’s Not The Blogging Your Scared Of - Useful when you need to reset your focus and assess the risks of NOT conquering your fear of writing.

8 Free Pretty Printables - Inspirational quotes to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Step 2: Acknowledge this problem is in your head…and find out how it got there.

You weren’t born with the belief that you suck at writing…..because you didn’t even know what writing was then. You were born with the belief that you would effortlessly and clearly communicate your every want and need to your audience. Somewhere between then and now your self-image got screwed up, and now you’ve started telling yourself this story about how much you hate/fear/suck at writing.

These mindset-focussed blog posts will help you dig within, uncover whatever unhelpful soundtrack you’ve got playing there, and replace it with something a little more encouraging.

Give these a read:
Has It Been A Massive Waste Of Time - Useful if you’re reluctant to invest time and energy writing, because maybe, just maybe your business might not make it.

Who Are You To Be Writing This? - Useful if your brain keeps yelling ‘Who do you think you are’ whenever you try to write.

Mindset Resources For Entrepreneurs - Useful because being your own boss is a bit of a head-bender and you’re going to need a huge first aid kit of helpful resources to keep patching yourself up.

And download these motivational quotes for entrepreneurs to decorate your office space.

Step 3: Be clear about who your audience is and what you want to communicate to them.

How hard would it be to deliver a speech to an audience you can’t see, without any prior research or preparation - pretty terrifying?!?

You aren’t trying to connect with every member of the human race - just those that will benefit from, and be interested in, your expertise.

Pick a name, imagine a face, write a small backstory as to how this person has come to be interested in you and what they need help with.

Step 4: Create a mahoosive list of content ideas, so you’ll never run out of things to write about.

Whenever possible I separate thinking from creating.

Many people imagine writing a blog post (or email, or social media post) looks like this:

THINK about what you want to write — CREATE the material — Proofread and review (which is more THINKing)….all in one sitting.

My preferred way is to batch the thinking together. I’ll sit down come up with dozens of content ideas without caring too much if they’ll be blog posts, Facebook Lives, emails, social media updates.

At a separate sitting, I will write the content - at which point I’ll have a fair idea of how to use it across all my different platforms.

And after a break comes the proofreading - more on proofreading tips here.

Below is a list of resources to help you generate a bulging list of content ideas. And once you’ve considered how helpful this will be to your audience, you’ll have a new enthusiasm for writing.

My best offerings for content creation:
Why your blog post doesn’t need to unique - useful if you think it’s all been done before.

5 Alternatives To Words For Your Blog Post - Useful for coming up with ideas that won’t involve (much) writing.

25+ Ideas For Your Facebook Page - You may find writing Facebook updates easier than writing blog posts or web copy, so regularly updating your Facebook page is a great way to gain confidence in your writing ability, while developing a relationship with your audience.

Generate A Year’s Supply Of Blog Post Ideas - Free workbook to help you create a list 50+ content ideas to use on your blog, marketing emails, or social media.

3 Simple Questions To Unleash An Avalanche Of Blog Post Ideas - Discover the content your audience most wants to read.

Step 5: Do It

It gets easier, but only if you get started. Just crack on. Get your work out there. Yes, someone is going to hate it. They may even invest the time and energy to get in touch and tell you so. Accept that this is inevitable - because it is. But many, many, hundreds of more people will love and benefit from what you create. Don’t let the fear of one critic stop you growing your business and building your audience.

But don’t start with your About page (find out why that’s so hard here) or a Sales page (also painfully difficult).

Oh, and your first blog post will be crap.

Again, accept it, get over it and crack on.

Also read:
Why Writing Is Harder Than Speaking And What You Can Do About That - My theory of why some people find writing so difficult, and how I effortlessly bang out dozens of words per minute.

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