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When Erin Wong from Making Mumpreneurs invited to me to take over her Facebook page for a Live video, I jumped straight into the thorniest copywriting issue of them all - sales pages!

These are the three most common struggles I see business-builders having when it comes to the sales page.

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#1 The Hate Selling Themselves

There’s no getting around it - if you want a successful business you need to get good at selling yourself. Make your self a Brag Sheet listing all the qualifications, experience, results, testimonials, anything you’ve got that confirms you’ve got what it takes.

Need help with that? Download the Proof Of Awesomeness template at the end of this post.

#2 You’re Tired

Whatever you’re selling, you’ve no doubt put a lot of time, energy and effort into creating it. So it’s not surprising that you don’t have anything left in the tank when it comes to writing the sales page copy. Just take a break already. Give it a day and come back tomorrow.

#3 You Don’t Want To Publish A Sales Page

What I tried (and kinda failed) to explain in the video, is there’s a very good chance the reason you’re finding the sales page a tough task to complete - is because you are self-sabotaging. If you can normally write your own online content with a little more ease, and a lot less angst than you’re experiencing with your sales page, that’s a sure sign that the problem is inside your head. Are you not in love with the thing you are selling? Or maybe you’re scared about what other people will think about it? Take a break, do some soul-searching, and have a word with yourself to find out what’s really going on.

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