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This week I have struggled.

I’ve struggled to parent + deal with school issues + blog + do the social media thing + not fall asleep by 7pm.

I’ve struggled, it hasn’t been easy, and I’ve mostly done OK.

But the sense of achievement I had was tainted with a feeling that I should have done better in each of my many roles.

Until I found this video.

If you’re feeling like you’re doing lots of different things, none of them especially well, you’ve most likely already been told to juggle fewer balls, more successfully.

I ♥ this video because it says exactly the opposite.

So from this day forth, I am fully committed to juggling as many balls as I want, as well (or even badly) as I’m able.

Are you ready to pledge your commitment to breadth & variety?

Or do you yearn to master a specialist subject?

There’s no right answer. But if you’re breadth & variety person, you’ve got to stop comparing your abilities in any one area to the accomplishments of someone of specialises in that skill.

So which are you: a good all-rounder, hungry to learn more, or a skillful specialist, dedicated to your art?


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