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Even if you haven’t got started yet, there’s a good chance you’re already paralyzed by terror - I was.

I am only able to drag myself out from under the duvet thanks to relentless doses of positivity I infused myself with using my favourite books, podcasts, and Youtube channels.

So if you’re needing a little lift, a gentle boost, and soft elevation of your mood….see which of these treats tickles your fancy.

These are my top mindset resources for female entrepreneurs.

Lewis Howes’ Daily Greatness Podcasts

From his sister’s couch to multi-millionaire Internet guru, Lewis’ story alone is enough to give you hope. Add in the interviews he does on his podcast, and that’s a whole stack of FREE positivity. Get started here:

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Lucky Bitch Books And Blog

I am in love with anything this woman does and I was lucky enough to attend a talk in London earlier this year. She was the first person to make me aware of the fairly horrifying money-beliefs handed down to me by former generations, and she sparked a curiosity that’s led me to dig around and uncover as many unhelpful beliefs as I can find. Read her blog here:

Ken Robinson, The Element and Finding Your Element

I am just finishing The Element book now, but so wish I had found it when it was published in 2009. Robinson (alas, no relation) talks about the pressures we experience to conform to traditional educational and career routes, and how that leads us away from doing what we love. For practical guidance on discovering that thing that lights you up, you’ll need the accompanying book Finding Your Element.

Jen Sincero - She’s A Badass

This woman is just so freaking funny. Her book You Are A Badass gave me a much-needed butt-boot. Her follow-up book You Are A Badass At Making Money delivered the same thing, about making money. Find out more about Jen, and her coaching programs on her website:

Carrie Green, Founder Of Female Entrepreneur Association

I was already a member of Carrie’s Members Club when she released her book, She Means Business, but I bought the book anyway, as I’m a little bit in love with Carrie. It’s just so inspiring to read about a successful woman and how she got where she is now. Especially useful for women just starting out with their own business. Tap into Carrie’s positivity and encouragement by diving into her free resouces here:

Tara Mohr, Author Of Playing Big

Tara’s blog and book is a little like having a tough-love friend who gently slaps me around the face and tells me to stop behaving like such a delicate little flower. Her wisdom is useful whether you’re self-employed or wanting to make the most of your career. Basically she says we’re all terrified all the time, and to be able to make progress we need to just get the heck over it. Get started with her blog:

The School Of Life YouTube Channel

Established by the rather fabulous Alain de Botton, The School Of Life is an educational resource for anyone who has a life. So yes, that includes you and me. I love the little doses of wisdom delivered via the YouTube channel, which you can see here:

All About The Books?

Me too. Blogs are great for a quick coffee break, but I do love the feel of weighty paperback in my hands.
You can see a complete list of my favourite books (and their current prices) over on and

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Mindset Resources For Female Entrepreneurs



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