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Stuck for Instagram and Facebook page post ideas for your small business?

I can help.

Your Facebook page is a valuable space to showcase your expertise and credibility, and show that you are a lovely approachable human. But only if you use it. And use it well.

In the beginning, you can be trapped in a demotivating cycle.

Your business Facebook page is new, so nobody looks at, so you can’t be bothered to post any content to it… the page doesn’t attract any visitors….and so on and on.

The same cycle gets triggered when you’ve been away from your page for a while.

So let’s kickstart your content marketing with some actionable ideas for Facebook page posts.

25 Facebook Page and Instagram Post Ideas For Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Bonus - for many of these you can get extra engagement by asking people to post their own photos or answers in the comments.

#1 Show me your…… [blank]

Go behind the scenes and post a photo or video of you/your team at work, or your workspace, your work outfits, your supportive office pets, the view from your desk, the state of your desk, the first hot drink of the day.

#2 Explain your … [blank] in emojis only

Weekend, week so far, Monday, month, current mood, current workload, how you feel about [whatever the thing is you help people with].

#3 Create a time lapse (or slow motion) video of yourself at work

Sewing, cake decorating, painting, carpet fitting…… people are fascinated by your work and will happily watch you do your magic. Do something a bit more desk-based? How about a time-lapse video of course creation….or you at your desk all day doing client work…..or ticking off your to-do list.

#4 How to tutorial

Pre-record or do a live. Show, or talk through, a step-by-step process your audience would like to follow to be able to do something related to your business. If you offer Done For You services, you’ll need to be smart with this, because they might not want to be able to do the thing you do (they’re happy to pay you to do it for them). But maybe there’s some prep work that would be helpful for them to do before you take over. Or handover work they need to do to keep the momentum going after you’ve completed a job for them.

#5 When was the last time you …[blank]

Use the poll function or ask people to answer in the comments. It could be about an achievement, a guilty pleasure, a good-for-you activity. Help build connection by sharing your answer too.

#6 How do you feel about….. [blank]

It could be a news story relevant to your audience, the time of year, a common problem your audience face, an idea you’ve had. You can use a poll, ask people to answer in the comments using words, emojis or GIFs.

#7 & 8 Ask me anything post

And then a Facebook Live/video to answer those questions.

Ask your audience to submit questions to one thread. You can leave it wide open and allow them to ask you anything at all, or put boundaries in place. And then on another day, go live to answer their questions.

Bonus - you could then chop up that video into the individual questions and answers, and use each one as a Facebook post and/or a blog post / YouTube video later.

I use Descript* to edit and repurpose my videos.

(*that’s an affiliate link - you can read more about why and how I use affiliate marketing to add an income stream to my business here).

#9 Share snippets from your blog posts

For example, if you’ve got a post about 10 ways to (some outcome), you could create 10 separate Facebook posts, sharing one way at a time, with a link to the full blog post (you’d spread out the publishing dates of these posts). Or you can turn one blog post into a carousel of images, with each image explaining one point from your blog post, like this Facebook post about lack lustre course sales (tbh it definitely works better on Instagram).

#10 Share other people’s content that you think your audience will enjoy

Add extra value by explaining why you think it’s worthy of their attention.

#11 Your product in action

I LOVE seeing photos of people taking my courses in unusual places - on a plane, by the side of a public pool while their kid takes swimming lessons, in the passenger seat of a car. Encourage your customers to share photos of your product and tag you in. If they share it to their stories, ask them if they’re happy for you to share it publicly.

#12 Share customer feedback

A testimonial, case study, or photo of a thank you card. More on how to get terrific testimonials here.

#13 Set up events for anything and everything

Running an event online or in real-life? Launching a new product? Announcing a new thing? Celebrating a thing? Get it up as an event on Facebook.

#14 Shout out other related businesses

Worked with another business at an event, or worked for them, or created content for them, chatted with them - however you connected, make a post about it. This works really well if you work in an industry with lots of other business that aren’t your competition. For example, if you’re a wedding cake supplier, don’t just share your cakes - give shoutouts to venues, florists and dressmakers. They may return the favour and between you, you’ll grow your online network of related businesses and potential customers.

#15 Had an idea for a blog post, - do a Facebook Live, or Story, or pre-recorded video

My notebook is where good ideas go to die. If I write down an idea for a blog post, that post is never going to happen. If I do a Facebook Live of my thoughts and musings as they come to me, people get value from it right away (way more value than if I’d just written the points down in my notebook) and then I can repurpose the video into a blog post. Pre-record if Live doesn’t sound fun to you. Read more about speaking confidently on a Facebook Live here.

#16 Don’t like talking for long - do it as a Story and then share it to your page

Sometimes it’s not enough content for a video. Sometimes it’s just a passing musing. Don’t keep it to yourself. Record a Story and then share that as a post/Reel.

#17 Recycle old posts that have worked well in the past

Plenty of people won’t have seen it the first time around. You can make good posts even better by checking if there’s room for improvements before you re-publish.

#18 Share old posts in a different format

Look at your old posts and see if there are any videos you can transcribe into written posts, or written posts that would now work as videos, or photos, or image carousels.

#19 Ask the audience for input in your business

Need to name a new thing? Got an idea and want to check it’s a go-er? Your audience are the best people to ask (as they’re the ones paying for it), plus your question starts warming them up to whatever it is you’ll be selling them.

#20 Ask the audience for input in other people’s problems

Who doesn’t love hearing about other people’s problems! Allow people to submit their questions or help requests to your page, then post them anonymously, and ask the audience to help out in the comments.

#21 Inspirational/funny image quotes

So popular because they work. Don’t just pick at random, or go with the same old trite everyone else uses. Pick things that matter to you. Quotes from your favourite films, or songs, or books.

#22 Be inspired by a meme

My brain doesn’t work like this. I laugh when other people share memes, but I just can’t figure out what words to add to make one myself. But maybe your brain will be brimming with ideas as soon as you scroll through these popular meme templates.

#23 Celebrate good times (come one, we’re gonna have a celebration)

Give yourself a pat on the back. It could be your 1000th subscriber, 1 millionth page view, or 100th customer. A year in business. Your first customer. A great result for a client. Add a celebratory image with your celebration story. It’s not big-headed - it’s joy spreading. The more you celebrate, the more you encourage other people to do the same.

#24 Comment on latest relevant news

Not actual grown-up news if you can avoid it. But any other news that your audience might be interested in. Book launches. Live events. New movies. Celebratory stories that touch on the problem that you help people with.

#25 At the end of the day

Before you fall asleep, ask yourself if there was anything about your day that you’d like to share with your audience. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t share it in the moment - you’re not starring in a reality TV show. It’s totally fine to give it some consideration, and then decide what photo or video you want to record to share the story.

Wondering if all this social media malarkey is worth the effort?

I hear ya. I have the exact same wobble multiple times each year.

That’s why I created the Messaging Demystified training, so you can see for yourself how consistent content can add up to more sales.

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