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Copywriting coach for people selling their expertise and services online

All My Offers

All the offers that are available from Worditude right now
(and even some that aren’t ready yet)

Conversion Crushers

The 5 most common sales-sabotaging mistakes I see small business owners make, and what to do about them (it’s free)

Conversion Review

Page, Facebook Ad, or email sequence not behaving the way you’d like? Or maybe you’d just like my professional reassurance before you launch a new sales funnel. Conversion Reviews take place every Thursday.

Irresistible Offers

Create offers so compelling they almost sell themselves

Write Your Website

Step-by-step tutorials plus hands-on feedback so you can upgrade your website copy and your copywriting skills

Laura’s Done For Your Copywriting Services

Need help upgrading your website copy, or launching a new offer?
2 spaces available each month

Want Laura to help you help your clients with their website copy, sales funnels, or launches?

Find out about my subcontracting and masterclass creation here

£100,000 a year in 20 hour per week?

I wondered how much money I could make in just 20 hours per week, and now I’m blogging my Income and Hours reports each month