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Is your business based on selling your expertise (skills, knowledge, experience, talent, abilities)?

As 1-1 services, group programmes, memberships, masterminds, and/or courses?

Then these things can help make selling easier, quicker and even more joyful.

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Access to all my courses for £97/year

Can’t choose which one of my courses you want to buy next?

Buy a Worditude All Access Pass and borrow them ALL.

The Comfy Business Playbook, £7

An autobiographical instruction journal for people who want (or already have) a business that comfortably squishes in around their other life challenges, priorities and adventures.

Prepare for Launch Pep Talk, £7

Wondering how you’re going to release your new thing out into the world so people can buy it?

Or thinking of re-launching an existing offer?

This short-ish course pep-talk is for people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, group programmes, courses, memberships and masterminds.

It will help you plan out a launch period that works for you, your business and your audience.

Ultimate Website Content Planner, £7

Popular printable workbook to help you write the key pages on your website. Suitable for expertise-based businesses selling services, programmes, courses, memberships and masterminds.

Explain Yourself, £7

Short course to help you craft a less wanky alternative to the elevator pitch. Be ready to communicate the value of your business the next time the opportunity arises.

Sales Sleuth, £7

Borrow for free, or £7 to buy for keeps

9 investigations to help you figure out why your fabulous thing isn’t selling as well as you’d like.

Booked in Blocks, £7

Create a steady flow of 1-1 clients so you’re working when you want, with who you want, on what you want, for how much money you want.

First Date Offers, £27

Create bite-size 1-1 experiences that lead to lucrative long-term relationships. A self-study course for people who sell 1-1 services, group programs, and masterminds.

Irresistible Offers, £47

Self-study course to help you craft offers (the things that you sell) that are so compelling they almost sell themselves.

Marketing Gameplan,  £47 

A simplified approach to strategy and planning for people who don’t want to just totally wing it, but don’t want to be constrained by a meticulous plan either. Perfect if you often second-guess yourself, try things and stop quickly, feel a bit lost, and compare yourself to others.

Smooth Sale-ing, £97

Self-study course to help you quickly and confidently write sales pages to pitch your service, package, programme, course or membership.

Scribbles, £97

Self-study course to help you pack your beautiful personality into your online marketing content, website copy, emails and more.

Say What When, £247

Self-study course to help you weave consistent marketing messages into your online content to prime your audience to buy from you.

Persuasion Power-Ups, £247

A self-study course for people who sell their expertise as 1-1 services, packages, programmes, courses and memberships. Stop replicating the sales tactics you see other high profile entrepreneurs use and start developing your own unique, more effective, persuasion style instead.

3 Months Marketing Mentoring, £997

3 months of guidance and feedback from Laura plus lifetime access to all current courses to turn your plethora of ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm into clear, confident action-taking.

Ways To Work With Laura 1-1, Winter 2023

Here are the ways we can work together 1-1.

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