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Get Terrific Testimonials For Your Website

Getting valuable feedback helps you improve the way you communicate your offer, improve the delivery of your offer and increase your chances of making a sale by providing the social proof prospects crave.

But how flipping awkward is it to get that feedback.

And how do you encourage your clients to say something that sounds real, and not like a 1950s advertisement for you?

Here’s how you get those tasty testimonials for your website.


#1 Ask The Right Questions

It’s much easier to answer a question than it is to fill up a blank page. Instead of asking your client to write a testimonial, send them 2-5 questions that help you get the feedback you need.

Here are some example questions to get you started. Don’t use all of these or your client will faint with exhaustion before completing the form. Three is a good number to go with. Pick the ones you most want the answers to or are most relevant for the job.

* What hesitations/reservations/fears did you have about working with me?
* Name three benefits you enjoyed as a result of us working together/ you buying this product?
* What was your favourite bit about working with me?
* If you were recommending me to a friend, what would you say?
* Are there any changes you’d like to see/things I could do differently?
* Can I mention your name and business on my website and social media activity?

As soon as one job is done, my mind is quickly onto the next one. It’s easy to knock ‘ask for feedback’ further and further down the to-do list until it’s been so long I’m too embarrassed to ask.

A glowing testimonial from a real customer is worth a hundred inspirational Facebook quotes (I’m estimating that figure, no scientific evidence has been gathered to prove it). Use the time you spend on marketing wisely.

Make asking for feedback easy by creating some template emails or setting up a standard form (Typeform is good for this).


#2 Grab What You Can

If your clients truly love you, they’ll be saying kind words over email or on social media. Whenever you see a lovely piece of client feedback, or a perfect testimonial for your website, take a screenshot, save it, then contact the client and ask if you can use it.

Like this:


#3 Bribe Them - In A Totally Ethical Way

I use two bribes.

I’ve signed up with Review Forest. Every time a client leaves a review through my Review Forest link, the review appears in my Google reviews, a digital tree grows in my virtual forest - but way, way cooler - a real tree gets planted in Mexico. At the end of the month, I get sent a bill for the trees I’ve planted. It’s been soooooo much easier asking for reviews since I started using this.

The second bribe I use is an occasional Snacks or Flowers Giveaway. I send out a questionnaire. Anyone who fills it in gets entered into the giveaway. If they win, they choose Snacks or Flowers, and I send a gift to their house It’s fun.



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