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May 2021 Working Time And Income Report

For a little background on why I’m sharing my income and working hours publicly head over to Part 1 - Income & Hours Report for January 2021

The short version is…..I started muttering to myself ‘if I could work more hours, I could make more money’ and that mantra was unhelpful because I don’t want to work more hours, and I don’t have any more spare hours floating around that I could use for work anyway.

So instead I am asking myself ‘what’s possible with a working time budget of 20 hours per week’.

Worditude Ltd Income For May 2021

What that income was made up of:

  • £30.60 in affiliate commision
  • £2784 in 1-1 client work
  • £3298 course sales (all Write Your Website Summer 2021)

Laura’s Working Hours In May 2021

There were 4.2 weeks in May, which means I worked an average of 24 hours each week! Better than April….. even though I felt pretty rough in May…probably worse than I did in April.

My long-term quest is to discover how much money I can make while working part-time, I set myself three early milestones - and I’ve hit two out of three of them this month. I’m happy with that.


£5,000 or more income


At least half of that comes from course sales

Working 20 hours or less

May 2021 - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (just kidding, my knees and toes are fine)

I hadn’t intended to turn this into a blog about my various age/stress/tiredness-related ailments, but it’s pretty relevant to the quest and I’ve had messages via email and Instagram that this is a bit interesting because, it turns out, that I’m not the only person in the Universe managing a health issue while running a business (and realising this has helped me get a grip and keep going).

The first two weeks of May was a headachey blur. As soon as Covid restrictions allowed I headed to my local acupuncturist to have my sore face, and wobbly belly stuck with approximately a billion long needles. After week one the headaches were less intense. By week two the headaches were in my neck. By week three the headache lived in my shoulder. And now that’s where it’s decided to roost for now, but thankfully only flaring up occasionally. I am now in the capable hands of a lovely lady called Lucy who comes and beats me up gives me a lovely relaxing massage every six weeks. She’s been looking after me for years, but hasn’t been able to come because of the Covid, so my theory is that the migraines were a distress signal from my body because it missed her magical touch.

The Write Your Website Launch Recovered Kinda

When I wrote the last update I was about a week from starting the Summer round of Write Your Website and I had a whopping two people signed up.

I ended up with 12 people in total taking the course at £395, plus 8 people who are coming back for a repeat visit at £97.

It’s made for a cosy group that’s easy to manage and has brought in enough money to keep me ticking over.

But it’s been a reminder that I need to be doing more work to remind folks on the Internet that I exist and I can help them with their copy.

What Else Happened In May: The Highlights Reel

  • I’ve got a lovely regular gig as the resident copywriter in Karen Kissane’s Smart Woman’s Mastermind. I hold a Copy Clinic call for 30-minutes once a week and I’m really enjoying it - and the feedback from the ladies has been fab. It’s even become a spectator sport with Masterminders showing up to watch me giving feedback to other people
  • I came up with a new and improved version of my Swipe File series. 60 Second Swipe Files are fast-paced copywriting breakdowns delivered in under a minute. You can see the first one about an attention-getting subject line here. And, gold star to me, because I’ve already drafted another two. I am two weeks ahead. Ahead!?! I don’t think I’ve ever been ahead before.
  • I launched a new freebie - Conversion Crushers. I could describe my experiment with a social sharing platform in an effort to bring in new people without a big ad budget….or I can just point you at the sign-up page and you can go see for yourself.

I made an adult human

Alas no photos as he’s not OK with sharing himself online, but I am proud to announce that on the 30th May Son#1 turned 16. And I haven’t completely ruined him. In fact, he’s pretty bloody awesome. 👍 to Mr Worditude who deserves at least some of the credit too

What’s Next

I’ve still got plenty of 1-1 clients already agreed or in progress, so now I’m closing my books until at least September….possible January…maybe forever.

Now I need to concentrate on selling Irresistible Offers - a standalone course, which has a natural upsell to Write Your Website, and on Conversion Reviews - where I give personal feedback on website copy or a sales funnel - I think this will also offer the opportunity to upsell to Write Your Website.

See you in a month.

Wanna see how this pans out?

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