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January 2021 Working Time And Income Report

This is the first blog post in my series about my quest to make a £100k revenue working just 20 hours per week.

After some pretty intense months last year (completing a building project and working all the hours to help pay for it), I’ve chosen to give myself a maximum time budget for my business.

I found the sweet spot for balancing my business with my family life is if I work around 20 hours per week.

I want to make more money, but I don’t want to miss out on time with my teens.

Setting myself this weekly time budget is my form of accountability, so I don’t lose sight of the balance.

This project is from a place of curiosity rather than striving.

Less: ‘I’m gonna make it to £100k and I’ll do whatever it takes’

More: ‘I wonder how much money it’s possible to make in just 20 hours per week’

I already have a comfortable, joy-filled life. Maintaining (or improving) that is my priority, then any extra income is a bonus.

You might find this interesting if you’re also working part-time hours and wondering what’s possible for you, especially if setting financial goals feels uncomfortable or stressful to you.

Before I jump into the stats for January, I need to level with you

I have resisted writing this blog post for so long because I am ashamed of where I am right now.

I have so much to be thankful for. I’ve replaced the income from my previous part-time middle management corporate job. And my business has given me the opportunity to take my boys out of school (3 years ago) and choose to home educate them.

I’ve achieved what I originally set out to do but at the same time, I feel a sense of shame that my business is not as successful as it could be. I’m not as successful as other people who started their businesses at the same time, or even after me. I’m not as successful as other people think I am.

So this very first blog post, where I share my earnings for the first time has been a challenging, yet cathartic experience.

Quick Look Back To 2020

The important number for me from 2020 was that I paid myself around £20,000 NET. I’ve consistently made around £5,000 in revenue each month, and I’ve been happy with that (more than happy). But recently I’ve had this niggling feeling that I could be paying myself more money, while working less.

Worditude Ltd Income For January 2021

Right now my income is from a mixture of:

  • 1-1 Copywriting work
  • Write Your Website intensive copywriting programme
  • The Worditude Club membership (available to graduates of the Write Your Website programme only)
  • Affiliate commission for promoting other people’s products
The affiliate commission only makes up £100-£300 a month. The rest of the revenue is fairly evenly split between the other three. I’d like to get a clearer breakdown for future reports, but didn’t want to let the absence of that stop me from getting this blog post live. I’d also like to get a cost breakdown - so we can see how much profit there is there.

Laura’s Working Hours In January 2021

Towards the end of last year I started using Toggl so I could get into the habit of logging every working hour and tracking how I am spending that time.

This has the added benefit of making me spend that time wisely. If the Toggl clock is ticking, I make sure I’m productive because I don’t want to blow my weekly time budget of 20 hours on aimless scrolling, or procrasta-learning.

In January 2021 I clocked up 112 hours and 39 minutes.

There was 4 weeks plus one day in January, so this works out as an average of 27 hours and 30 minutes each week - quite a way above my goal.

The last two weeks of the month I was delivering a live round of Write Your Website, offering drop-in calls every weekday morning and afternoon. I love the results my students are getting from the programme, but it’s too intense for me and them, so I’d like to turn this into an evergreen offer.

How Am I Going To Make More Money In Less Time?

A couple of things have been on my mind since Christmas:

1 - Maximum efficiency comes from doing the same thing over and over. I know the training materials for Write Your Website are effective because the delegates are creating clear, persuasive, high-quality web copy. And their feedback so far has been crazily positive. So it makes sense to focus here and see how I can make the sales and delivery of this programme a bigger part of my business. I am in the process of moving the materials from Notion to MemberVault to make them easier to use (so I spend less time on customer support).

2 - At the moment I work with any expertise-based small business. Most often that’s people who sell some sort of service to other business owners - social media managers, website designers, business coaches, ads managers. But about 20% of my clients work directly with members of the public - as nutritionists, craft instructors, relationship therapists, parenting coaches. A couple of weeks ago I felt a powerful message that I should focus on the businesses that sell to other businesses. It felt like someone had just poured the message into the top of my head. I wasn’t even meditating or journaling or lying in the bath (my usual sources of inspiration) - I was working at my desk. Since then I’ve completed Lizzy’s Facebook Groups For The Win course (affiliate link), and it’s got me thinking about creating a community of people who sell their expertise to other businesses.

Laura’s Dream Team

Clearly, I’m not tackling this all on my own. I’ll introduce them now as I’m sure they’ll show up in blog posts and emails in the future.

Here’s the Dream Team:

Amber Phillips handles my website and workbooks and anything that needs to look pretty.

Jonathan Stewart handles my systems - like the Notion workspace I manage my business on, and ThriveCart which is my payment platform.

Rachel Extance is a fellow copywriter who helps me run my membership and Write Your Website programme.

Faye Strange is reviving my Pinterest account for me because I’m hopeful this will be a good source of traffic for me.

Nicole Hewitt Donaldson is my mindset coach. She is qualified in a huge range of mindset mastery methods, and helps me stay focussed and aligned with what matters most to me.

Wanna see how this pans out?

Will I come up with new and innovative ways that enable me to make money with minimal time and effort?

Maybe I’ll finally overcome the crippling Imposter Syndrome that launches sneak attacks on me on a weekly basis.

Or perhaps I’ll bitterly regret starting this series, and stop sharing all my secrets on this blog and via email as I descend into a spiral of doubt and shame.


If people use the box below to sign-up for updates, then I’m going to keep writing these posts.

The blog posts will be monthly, but I’ll be sending deeply personal (bordering on oversharing) stories every now and then in between.

So if you’re wondering how big a business can get on part-time hours, leave your best email address below…..then go fetch the confirmation email and click on the link so the Email Gods know you really, really want me in your inbox.

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