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February 2021 Working Time And Income Report

Welcome to the second installment in my quest to reach £100k revenue in a year, while working just 20 hours (if I’m lucky) each week.

For a little background on why I’m sharing my income and working hours publicly head over to Part 1 - Income & Hours Report for January 2021

Worst month financially ever (well not ever, but in quite a long time) - but I’m happy anyway

February was my lowest earning month for a long, long time, and yet I am so proud of myself.

My only income was from Worditude Club subscriptions and some payment plan installments leftover from January’s round of Write Your Website.

This was planned, deliberate, completely intentional.

In 2020 I had worked h.a.r.d. especially on client projects, and built up a little stack of money in my business bank account. I knew I wanted to make some changes to my offers, and that I’d need to take a break from client work to do that, so that little stash in the bank was saved to carry me through this lean time.

Shortly after publishing last month’s Income & Hours Report  I realised that when I wrote this second installment, I’d be sharing my seriously tiny income for February with everyone who had signed up for updates.


How can I write a blog about my £100k mission and make less money in the second month than I did in the first?

I launched into problem-solving mode, quickly reeling off ideas for fast cash.

And then I stopped myself and did the sensible thing - watched Interior Design Masters with a mug of tea and some Biscoff on toast.

After a little dose of reality TV heaven (I am loving this series), I was ready to ditch my short-term money-making ideas, and get back to writing the Irresistible Offers course material (part of my Strangers To Superfans Method programme, coming soon).

And that’s why I’m proud of myself. It took self-belief to re-focus my efforts on the longer-term plan.

Worditude Ltd Income For February 2021

There was no affiliate income, no client work, I currently have no retainer clients, and the income from my membership has been falling off (which is a typical pattern at this time of year).

My costs in February were more than £5,000 😮

That’s not the rolling monthly cost, thankfully, but it has put a sizeable dent in that handsome bank balance I’d been admiring.

Laura’s Working Hours In February 2021

Take a look at that Toggle report. I’m down to part-part-time!

The mathematically-minded among you will notice that this doesn’t quite add up to 20 hours per week.

In my quest to earn £100k in a year, while working 20 hours per week (or less) - I am at least smashing one metric.

If, like me, you’re shoe-horning your business around family-life, you’ll know how it only takes one small event to throw out your working schedule.

In February that small event was a seemingly inconsequential bump to Son#2s head…..which then escalated to an A&E trip, during a snowstorm, in the middle of a pandemic. I’ll cut right to the important bit - he’s totally fine, and was fully recovered from mild concussion within a few hours.


What didn’t recover was my to-do list.

The Husband had taken the day off work to take Son#2 to his Occupational Therapy appointment, meaning I gained an entire child-free working day. Hours, and hours stretched before me, and so I drafted a to-do list long enough to fill that day several times over.

I was just a couple of hours in when I got the ‘we have a problem’ phone call after the head bump.

We tried nursing Son#2 from the comfort of our own sofa, but as symptoms escalated we were advised to take him to A&E by 111 (semi-emergency health advice in the UK).

I’d convinced myself every door handle, seat and human within the hospital would be dripping with Covid germs, so I went upstairs for a little silent cry first.

After composing myself we began the long and perilous trek from our front door to the car. It was dark. There were 4-5 inches of snow on the ground. The ice had melted and refrozen several times over in the preceding 3 days. And Son#2 has ASD and dyspraxia so isn’t the most stable on his feet at the best of times. Add in the head injury and the short shuffle to the car was looking a lot like the training sessions from Dancing On Ice.

As we set off, the snow gods blessed us with more buckets of the white stuff.

40 minutes later we arrived at the drop-off zone at the hospital. Now there’s even more snow and ice on the ground. Son#2 is feeling considerably worse after the car journey. I need to get him safely into a waiting area for Covid symptom screening before we are allowed in…..while I’m wearing a mask, and he’s hanging onto me….oh and I’m 5ft 3 inches, and he’s only 13, but is already 5ft 10!

Son#2 desperately tried to convince the nurse this was ‘a lot of fuss for nothing’ before carefully describing textbook symptoms of concussion.

Happily the symptoms subsided, and we were allowed home that night.

Because we were home late from the hospital, and Son #2 needed extra supervision and TLC, the next day was pretty much work-free too.

It was a useful reminder that while I could make a tidy income by focussing on 1-1 copywriting projects, I am not choosing that because I don’t like the feeling of being booked up and having no wriggle room.

A&E Selfie - and yes I am laughing, Son#2 and I can have fun anywhere

I Have Got Quite A Lot Done Though

So if I haven’t been working with clients, what did I spend that 73 1/2 hours on?

1 - I’ve taken my Strangers To Superfans ebook and turned it into a course called The Strangers To Superfans Method. I think it’s amazing….but that could be the exhaustion talking, because I have spent a looooooong time writing, re-writing and re-re-writing this material.

2 – I’ve updated Write Your Website and moved it over to MemberVault (to be clear I did none of the moving. The lovely Rebecca and Jonathan have been helping with that).

3 – I decided to start offering retainers again.

4 – Thinking. Thinking about what I want my business to look like. What I want my working life to look like. What the next 5 years looks like for my family as The Sons get older and need my support (and finances) to facilitate their independence.

5 – I’ve deleted Facebook and Instagram off my phone. I just couldn’t break the habit of the scroll. And I’ve been feeling hesitant about how much I want to share online anyway. I’m falling in love with the idea of a customers-only Facebook group and will set that up towards the end of March, when the new courses are live.

Honestly, I look at that list and don’t know how it could’ve taken me so long.

I’ve got the first few testers going through The Strangers To Superfans Method now so I’ll know soon whether my time has been wisely invested.

Ok, that’s enough from me. It looks like the whole of February was taken up with one A&E trip - but energetically it pretty much was!

Wanna see how this pans out?

Will I be crying into my Easter Eggs as my business bank balance dwindles to nothing?

Will I heroically hit a 5 figure month within days of releasing my new courses?

If you’re wondering how big a business can get on part-time hours, leave your best email address below…..then go fetch the confirmation email and click on the link so the Email Gods know you really, really want me in your inbox.

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