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Julie Lowe’s Clickable Subject Line

In a sea of samey subject lines, this one stood out - here’s why.
Most of those subject lines are too broad, or announce news the sender wishes to tell me but I’m not really interested in (Vimeo, I’m looking at you).
But Julie’s subject line will definitely only appeal to a small subset of humans - people who manage a Facebook Ad Account. And I am one of those humans, so already this subject line has my attention.
And Julie’s offering to save me from losing access to it - Protection From Loss is one of the most persuasive promises we can make. But she does it in a non-spammy, not-at-all fearmongering way. She’s not claiming our Facebook Ad Accounts will be closed in the next 48 hours if we don’t do it. She’s not layering on emotion ‘you’ll regret it if you don’t read these 4 tips’. This subject line is the perfect balance of persuasiveness without being pushy or slimey.

So now Julie has my attention.

She has something I want. There’s a sense of urgency because of the threat of losing my Facebook Ad Account access so I want her information right now.
Julie already has credibility and authority, otherwise I wouldn’t have let her into my inbox. But also notice the way her name shows up there, with the start of her business name visible - that helps reassure me that she’s a social media expert.
Now I need to decide if what’s inside the email is worth my time and energy to click, open it up and skim read it.

Will the value I get outweigh the investment I make?

‘Tips’ sounds like it shouldn’t take up too much time or mental energy. Far less taxing than a ‘Complete Guide’ would be. And there are only 4 of them which helps me quantify the investment I’m being asked to make, and assess the value of what’s being promised.

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