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Conversion Crushers

The 5 most common sales-sabotaging mistakes I see small business owners make, and what to do about them (it’s free)

Wondering why your sales page isn’t converting?

Sales funnel getting disappointing results?

Website not bringing in leads?

Or maybe you just want to double-check you’re as conversion-optimised as you possibly can be.

Hi, I’m Laura

I’ve created this email course based on my trifecta of conversion-optimising wisdom:

1) An extreme volume of business, marketing and copywriting training consumed over the course of my adult life, including a Business Management degree, two diplomas in copywriting, an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, and eleventy billion pages of business books.

2) Ten years of self-employment, selling my own expertise (copywriting) to strangers over the Internet.

3) Six years experience from poking my nose into hundreds of online businesses, helping the owners figure out how they could convert more website/sales page visitors into paying clients.

Over the next 5 days, I’ll send you 5 emails to help you:

Get better results from your existing marketing efforts

Improve the return on your ad spend

Deliver a better buying experience for your customers

Turn your website into a 24/7 lead-machine

Make More Sales

“I now have a list of questions I can use to find real solutions for my business and for my clients. This course is like a diagnostics kit for funnels, and Laura gives you the prescription to get your sales back on track. This should be compulsory for anyone selling products or services online.”

Gemma Boak