Conversion Crushers

Fix these 5 common mistakes so you can effortlessly sell more of your 1-1 services, programmes and courses
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Website not bringing in leads?

Wondering why your sales page isn’t converting?

Or maybe you just want to double-check you’re as conversion-optimised as you possibly can be.

Hi, I’m Laura

I’ve created this video course based on my trifecta of conversion-optimising wisdom:

1) An extreme volume of business, marketing and copywriting training consumed over the course of my adult life, including a Business Management degree, two diplomas in copywriting, an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, and eleventy billion pages of business books.

2) Ten years of self-employment, selling my own expertise (copywriting) to strangers over the Internet.

3) Six years experience from poking my nose into hundreds of online expertise-based businesses, helping the owners figure out how they could convert more website/sales page visitors into paying clients.

The Conversion Crushers video course will help you:

Get better results from your existing marketing efforts

Improve the return on your ad spend

Deliver a better buying experience for your customers

Turn your website into a 24/7 lead-machine

Effortlessly attract and convert more of the clients you LOVE to work with

Fix these 5 common mistakes so you can sell more of your 1-1 services, programmes and courses
(get it while it’s free)

At the end of the course you’ll start receiving my semi-regularish value + entertainment packed email newsletter. If you don’t love it (but you will) you can unsubscribe at any time.

“I now have a list of questions I can use to find real solutions for my business and for my clients. This course is like a diagnostics kit for funnels, and Laura gives you the prescription to get your sales back on track. This should be compulsory for anyone selling products or services online.”

Gemma Boak