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July 2021 Working Time And Income Report

For a little background on why I’m sharing my income and working hours publicly head over to Part 1 - Income & Hours Report for January 2021.

The short version is…..I started muttering to myself ‘if I could work more hours, I could make more money’ and that mantra was unhelpful because I don’t want to work more hours, and I don’t have any more spare hours floating around that I could use for work anyway.

So instead I am asking myself ‘what’s possible with a working time budget of 20 hours per week’.

Worditude Ltd Income For July 2021

What that income was made up of:

  • £3820 from 1-1 work - that’s a couple of retainer clients, a sales page, and some Conversion Boost Consults
  • £1231 from courses - I had two people sign-up for Write Your Website (which gets started this Autumn) and the rest was for my Irresistible Offers course
  • £100.81 from affiliate commission - with a few hundred more due next month

Laura’s Working Hours In July 2021

There were 4.4 working weeks in July which means I averaged 20.7 hours a week!

I hit my working hours target AND my monthly income target!

Going away for a few days definitely made it easier to restrict my working hours…. we celebrated my 40th by heading across the country to take The Sons to a Tank Festival!

What I did in July

Back in June’s blog post, I was musing on whether I should do a live round of Irresistible Offers.

I decided it was a ‘yes’ for three very good reasons….


#1 That was always the plan

At the start of this year I had intended to run a live round of Irresistible Offers every four months, so it coincided with the run-up to selling Write Your Website.

In December 2020 I ran a live version of the course and it brought in around 15-20 people onto the January round of Write Your Website.

But as Spring approached and the Easter bunny made his deposits, Irresistible Offers wasn’t ready for a live round. Due to tech and communication difficulties, the course hadn’t yet made it over to my new platform. I was in a flap and running out of time.

I decided to skip the live round of Irresistible Offers and hustle my little slippers off to sell as many places of Write Your Website as I could.

And then for months, I just bumbled along, creating marketing content, delivering the Summer round of Write Your Website, getting over-booked with 1-1 clients (no matter how often I promised myself that I wouldn’t)…and I just forgot about this original plan.

But the original idea to do a live round of Irresistible Offers the month before running Write Your Website had been a good plan. And I want to try it out. Not for just one launch, but consistently for a year, so I can gather data, learn and improve.


#2 A really amazing course was going to waste

I flipping love my Irresistible Offers course - seriously, I am so proud. My clients always tell me I do so much more than copywriting, because a big chunk of the work we do together is checking we’ve made the offer as good as it can be, and that it makes sense for their audience - that it is an easy ‘yes’ - because that makes the sales page a whole lot more effective. I poured all that experience into this course, and 8 months after creating it, I really do love it.

But after the initial launch, hardly anyone has bought it AND more distressing, I can see from the course stats that hardly any of the people who have bought it have revisited it since we moved course platforms. They own this flipping amazing resource, and they don’t use it.

So even if the live round only re-engages the existing course owners this time around (because I’ve done naff all audience-building this year, and I’m running out of people to sell to) - I will be happy with that.


#3 This course is scaleable

One of the exercises in the Irresistible Offers course asks you to look at the mixture of things you sell and decide which combo will give you the working life and income you want… exercise I hadn’t done for ages. And when I did, I realised that a live round of Irresistible Offers isn’t very much effort for me at all, and there is no limit to the number of people I could work with in this way….making this offer much more scaleable than Write Your Website.

So right now, at this very moment, I am running the Irresistible Offers Festival, helping 70 people (most of whom already owned the course) create an all-star line-up of offers they love to sell and their clients can’t wait to buy. (include one of the graphics you made up for the festival)

Right, that’s enough of the inner workings of my mind.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with the August update.

Wanna see how this pans out?

If you’re wondering how big a business can get on part-time hours, leave your best email address below…..then go fetch the confirmation email and click on the link so the Email Gods know you really, really want me in your inbox.

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