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April 2021 Working Time And Income Report

For a little background on why I’m sharing my income and working hours publicly head over to Part 1 - Income & Hours Report for January 2021

The short version is…..I started muttering to myself ‘if I could work more hours, I could make more money’ and that mantra was unhelpful because I don’t want to work more hours, and I don’t have any more spare hours floating around that I could use for work anyway.

So instead I am asking myself ‘what’s possible with a working time budget of 20 hours per week’.

Worditude Ltd Income For april 2021

What that income was made up of:

£7.40 in affiliate commision
£2375 in 1-1 client work
£763.70 course sales (mostly Write Your Website Summer 2021)

Laura’s Working Hours In april 2021

There were 4.4 weeks in April, which means I worked an average of 25 hours each week! This really surprises me because I felt like I’d be way under that because…..

April 2021 Was Not Fun Health-Wise

I am a long-term user of medication to prevent migraines, under the care of a neurologist.

(I say this with much love and appreciation, but this is not an invitation to help me. I’ve lived with this condition a long time. I do All The Things.)

At the start of the month we made an adjustment to my prescription that meant increasing one of the medications, while stopping another.

The side effects while my body adjusted to this were grim…..cold, shakes, headaches, constant nausea, upset stomach….and uncontrollable crying.

Son#2 was quick to reassure me ‘Don’t worry Mum, it’s just like in Street Cat Named Bob. You’ll get through the withdrawal.’

And it looks like I have, mostly. I’m still a bit up and down. And today I’m on the 5th consecutive day of migraine so it hasn’t really helped on that front yet.

During the month I had to let on to a couple of 1-1 clients how rotten I was feeling, and I was surprised to hear they also manage chronic conditions alongside running their business.

April 2021 Was Even Less Fun Business-Wise

Don’t the courses look pretty neatly lined up in MemberVault?

I had such great plans for the launch of the next phase of my business.

Step 1 – Launch a low cost offer course, The Strangers To Superfans Method, to build and warm up my audience so it’s ready to buy from me soon.

Step 2 – Move existing products ‘Irresistible Offers’ and ‘The Copywriting Toolkit’ over to new platform. Engage existing customers. Warm them up so they’ll be ready to buy again soon.

Step 3 – Launch the next round of Write Your Website with at least a month to promote it, and plenty of time to help my affiliates promote it.

Well, it just went totally tits-up.

I launched The Strangers To Superfans Method. I wasn’t in love with it. It felt a bit off. Like it was trying to do two things. I had one negative comment about it. Lots of positive ones, but still I wasn’t that keen on pushing it because it didn’t feel right……and then I got a solicitor’s letter about the trademark application I had made for the name. So turns out I won’t be using that name in the future. And this is a good opportunity to pull the course down, chop it up and make it even better.

Then due to a communication error between myself and the team helping me move my courses to MemberVault, this transfer just went on and on and on and on forever. And I didn’t feel like I could write to the 300+ customers and say ‘I’m moving your course soon, but in the meantime would you like to buy Write Your Website’. I really wanted to be able to say ‘Here’s the new home for your courses, and by the way, Write Your Website starts on 10th May’. I let this slide on for so long. I made the last course transfer myself this weekend. It only took a couple of hours, and relieved a whole lot of stress. My hoping and waiting days are behind me. I pinky promise myself I will not let a situation snowball again.

That communication error also meant a big delay in when I could start selling Write Your Website. The course needed to be uploaded to MemberVault, a product created on ThriveCart, all of that hooked up to each other and MailerLite. In the end it was sorted with 12 days left until the cart closes….so a bit tight.

With 7 days to go until the next round of Write Your Website and I’d sold a whopping two places. 

I have four affiliates with good sized Facebook groups who are going to help promote it this week, so I’m hopeful I can get to 10 delegates, but 30 (the maximum) looks unlikely.

I am promising myself this is the last quick and dirty launch ever.

I am writing this on the first May Bank Holiday - a day I have dedicated to batching content creation so that I can be consistently building and nurturing my audience for the first time in a long time.

OK - that’s it for April.

Plenty of 1-1 work in the pipeline for May.

See you in a month.

(Update - I sold 12 spots on Write Your Website for this round which I’m pretty pleased with - imagine what I could achieve with regular marketing and a sensible launch plan?!?)

Wanna see how this pans out?

If you’re wondering how big a business can get on part-time hours, leave your best email address below…..then go fetch the confirmation email and click on the link so the Email Gods know you really, really want me in your inbox.

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