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Is This The Biggest Mistake You Can Make On Your About Page?

Hey, Laura. I’ve seen some business coaches advise that we should write our About pages in the third person.
What do you think?


That’s what I think.

But I’m guessing you’re hoping for a fuller answer than that.

Which I will give you, but first let’s have a little refresher one why you are writing an About page in the first place.

About Page - Why Does Anyone Read This?

When someone enjoys your social media post….
…..or sees you on a webinar….
…. or reads a guest blog post….
…. or finds your content in their search engine results…
…and they like you, they really like you - what do you think their next step is?

Buy something?

Read more free content?

Sign-up for your newsletter?

Nope, maybe, less likely.

They head to your About page in search of proof that you are worth one more moment of their time.

They want reassurance that you know your apples, you’re their cup of tea, they like the cut of your jib, you walk your talk, you have something to offer.

After 10 seconds eyeing up your About page, you want them to declare ‘this is my kinda place’.

The success of your About page depends on you developing an instant relationship with the reader.

And then once they know, like and trust you, the rest of your website and online content can work like magic to convert them into a paying customer.

But FIRST you must build that relationship with them.

OK. Got it?


Now let’s get around to that third person thingy.

Third person explained (and why I’m not a fan)

1st person = the writer is writing about themselves ==>> I went to the shops, and I blew all my week’s grocery money on donuts, because I have very poor self-control.

2nd person = the writer is writing about the reader => You know donuts don’t give you the nourishment you need, and yet you are powerless to resist.

3rd person = the writer is writing about a person who is neither the writer, nor the reader ==> Laura knew the apple was the better option, but when she saw that mirror-shine icing, and the rainbow-coloured sprinkles, she was lost to logic, and her tastebuds took over her decision-making.

Writing in the third person is like this expertly crafted hand-drawn graphic I have lovingly prepared for you:

Laura’s Working Hours In January 2021

I know - it is beyond belief that I went into copywriting and not graphic design - just look at those skills!

3 Reasons Using The 3rd Person On Your About Page Sucks

#1 It makes it harder to build a relationship with the reader
You know what really disrupts connection in a relationship? Introducing a third person into the relationship (just ask any of the spouses of the Stricly Come Dancing contestants). By writing in the 3rd person you have invented an imaginary person to come between you and your reader. This may work when trying to make a love interest so darn jealous they just have to ask you out…..but it’s not so great when wooing new customers.

#2 It gives the reader questions, not answers
They came to your page in search of the answer to one very important question: Are you worth my time. After reading an About page that gushes praise about you in the third person, they have new questions.
🤔 Who’s writing this?
🤔 Why are they saying these nice things?
🤔 Who told them to describe Laura as ‘breathtakingly charismatic’?
🤥 Can I trust them? Are they lying?

They’re now more distracted than a dog in a squirrel sanctuary.

#3 It is impossible to maintain
At some point on your About page, you’ll start talking about your feelings and thoughts, and it gets super-weird to do that using the 3rd-person.

If it feels uncomfortable to you, it’s going to feel much worse for your reader.

The One Place You Can Use Third Person Writing

Tucked away on the bottom of my About page is a bit where I awkwardly talk about myself in the third person.

This is so that when I collaborate with other business owners, or journalists, or PR people, and they need a professional bio for me, they can just lift it from the page.

It also helps skim readers who aren’t interested in the fluffy back-story and want to get straight to a juicy list of credentials.

How’s your About page looking?

In need of an upgrade?

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