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Tooting your own horn, ringing your own bell, broadcasting your own awesomeness - well it’s a bit awkward isn’t it?

This recurring nightmare for entrepreneurs was discussed with my Wordidudes this week, when a member told me she was struggling with her About page.

Her question was along the lines of:

“How do I make myself sound amazing on my About page without being a big-headed boastalicious freak? I don’t want to be boring, but I don’t want to sound crazy either.”

But here’s the thing.

If someone sends me an About page that is an over-the-top, in-my-face, brag-fest of nuttiness - I can tone that down into an exciting, engaging page of web copy.

If someone sends me a humble, grey, unassuming mass of boringness - there is nothing I can do to save that drivel. Nothing.

When you are attempting the delicate balancing act between bonkers and boring, err on the side of bonkers every time. Then edit, and edit and re-edit until you’ve got something you are happy with.

But I’ve got nothing to brag about!
Oh, shut the chuff up.

Firstly, you are attempting to make it as your own boss, so you are already a hero in my eyes because this business-building lark is h-a-r-d.

Secondly, you must have some evidence that you are good at what you do - otherwise what gave you the insane idea to build a business out of it in the first place.

Writing your About page (or a sales page, or any copy at all really) will be made oh-so much easier if you keep an A4 sheet displaying proof of your awesomeness.

So that your evidence can be presented on a pretty page, rather than scrawled in felt-pen on the nearest scrap of paper, I’ve created a pretty printable for you to download for free.

Now go tell yourself how wonderful you really are, so you can have the confidence to tell it to others.

Get your free Proof Of Awesomeness pretty printable here

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