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Copywriting coach for people selling their expertise and services online

Transform your website from a sales-sabotaging, shame-inducing waste of pixels into a

lead-generating, money-making machine.


Next Live Round Starts 4th October 2021

Copywriting programme for people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, memberships and other digital products.

Do you sell your expertise - as 1-1 services, a course, programme, membership, digital product or any combination of those things?

Would you like a website that turns visitors into hot leads, and paying customers?

Would you like to upgrade the copy, so it sounds like you, but converts like a pro wrote it?

And upgrade your copywriting skills so creating conversion-focussed content becomes second-nature to you?

Your website can make selling so much simpler by:

  • Being so packed with personality, your prospects feel like they know you already before they’ve ever spoken to you - which makes them much more comfortable booking in a call, and far more likely to show up for it.
  • Setting your boundaries around what you want to sell, who to, and how much for - no need to keep second-guessing these things or waste time and energy explaining them to every new lead as it’s all laid out there on your website.
  • Laying out a slick, friction-free sales process that relies on materials you create once and use over and over - so you spend less time woo-ing each new client, and more time making money (or doing whatever you want).

Write Your Website Curriculum

Persuasion, Engagement and Website User Psychology

Let’s start with the website visitor in mind. Discover what everyone’s thinking when they arrive on your website, what they want and what makes humans click.

Your Friction-Free Sales Process

You’ll map out the sales process (and the materials you need to prepare) for each of the offers you want to sell, so you can decide what call-to-action goes on the website, and what other materials you need to create to support your sales process. Put the effort into creating these materials once, so they can work hard for your business over and over again.

Your Sales Pages

Step-by-step instructions, videos, examples and a workbook to help you craft sales pages that win over the hearts and minds of your prospects.

Your Price Guide/Brochure

Everything you need to help you decide if a brochure will be helpful in your sales process, then help you create it.

Your Offers Overview (aka Shop, Services, Work With Me) page

How to give your audience a bird’s eye view of everything you offer, and how that influences their buying decisions.

Your Business In A Single Sentence

How to sum up what you do in a snappy sentence (and why that’s not as important as you might think it is).

Your About Page

The three audiences you’re writing this page for, what’s the point, and how to construct it. Yes, I know, the only thing harder than writing salesy stuff is writing nice things about yourself. This framework, workbook and real-life examples will make it as painless as possible (you might even enjoy doing it).

Lead Magnets And List-Builders

This gets the attention of people who are likely to buy from you, showcases your expertise and helps them fall in love. I’ll help you plan and create the content for the lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, and follow-up email sequence.

Home Page

We’ll help all the right people know straight away that you have something that they need and help them explore your services, free content, and drive them to your email list.


Bonus: What Makes Humans Click

I’ve taken what I know about human motivation theories, psychology of persuasion, and effective copywriting, and smooshed it all together into an easy-to-remember, and simple-to- implement list of 5 Things Humans Want.

Bonus: How to edit anything

5 simple steps to tighten up your copy.

Bonus: 31 Formula for Headlines, Subject Lines and Hooks

Whether your audience goes on to consume your content or not, they will at least see this one line. It’s one line with a lot of exposure, a huge amount of potential, and a big responsibility – to keep the reader reading.

Bonus Course - Irresistible Offers - worth £97

Before you write a single word, check you’re selling an All-Star line-up of irresistible offers.

Bonus Course - Copywriting Power-ups - Worth £97

Take your first drafts and pump them full of personality and persuasiveness with this short, action-focussed course.

How this works

Video course

Unlock instant access to the tried, tested and trusted Write Your Website video course with step-by-step instructions on how to write each of the key pages for your website

Office Hours Tuesdays

Between 9-6 on Tuesdays, I’m available via Voxer, or if you prefer to get face-to-face you can jump into my Zoom room between 10-11am or 4-5pm (London time).

Copy Clinic Thursdays

Get your first, second or even third drafts into my inbox by 9am Thursday morning (London time) and Rachel (my copywriting co-pilot) and I will include it in our weekly Copy Clinic. We’ll review your copy, look for ways to improve it, and get back to you with a clear set of instructions on what you need to do next.

The Timetable

The Timetable It’s a six-week programme spread over seven weeks. In the UK, school half-term is w/c 25th October - so we’ll use this as catch-up week. You’ll still have access to me through the Facebook group or the support button in the course, but there’s no live calls. Consider it a bonus week.

Ready to get started?

The Write Your Website course is ready and waiting for you. As soon as you complete the checkout you’ll unlock access to all the materials so you can get started straight away.

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Unlock instant access to the complete Write Your Website programme so you can get started as soon as you want to

6 weeks live support with drop-in calls and feedback on your copy

Access to the course for the lifetime of my business (which I'm hoping will be a really long time)

£99 now and then £99 per month for the following three months (30 days time, 60 days time, 90 days time)

This is for you if:

  • Your website doesn’t reflect who you are, who you want to work with, and/or what you want to be selling.

  • You’ve been selling to customers through DMs, PMs and emails and you’re finding this frustratingly inefficient.

  • You’re time is taken up with less-than-ideal leads that you waste energy psyching yourself up to turn down, or (worse) you work with them anyway, even when you’d rather not.


How much time will I need for this?

At least half a day each week during the six weeks.

Ideally, set aside one morning or afternoon each week make this your website writing time and aim to get the first draft complete and sent in for feedback.

Can I just get Laura to write it all for me?

Laura isn’t taking copywriting clients at this time.

Can I get feedback on absolutely anything I write?

During the live weeks, you can send in any copy you write with the help of the Write Your Website lessons, even if it’s not going on your website. For example, if you write an email to be automatically sent when someone requests your sales brochure, then we can give feedback on that. But the course does not cover ongoing blogging, email marketing, social media, and other content marketing.

This came from an email from a January Write Your Website participant - Better than alcohol!
Testimonial from Michelle Lucherini - What's been so great about doing the Write Your Website program with Laura is that I'm not only nailing the words but a large part of the program has helped me to streamline what I'm selling and how.
Testimonial from Lol Lowe - Thanks a mil for helping me define my service offering, and helping me see I needed to charge more!
Testimonial from Katharine Miller - If you are someone that likes to see ROI from a course investment, there's my proof from Write Your Website, paid for itself 4 times over!

Ready to get started?

The Write Your Website course is ready and waiting for you. As soon as you complete the checkout you’ll unlock access to all the materials so you can get started straight away.

£99 now and then £99 per month for the following three months (30 days time, 60 days time, 90 days time)