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18th - 29th Jan 2021

Do you sell your expertise - as 1-1 services, a course, programme, membership, digital product or any combination of those things?

Would you like a website that turns visitors into hot leads, and paying customers?

Would you like to upgrade the copy, so it sounds like you, but converts like a pro wrote it?

And upgrade your copywriting skills so creating conversion-focussed content becomes second-nature to you?

Write Your Website intensive group programme focussed on doing, not learning.

Through a combination of write-along with Laura videos, drop-in support video calls, and hands-on copy-editing, together, we’re going to re-write your website.

This is a live programme, with live support, and pre-recorded materials.

To help you fit the programme into your busy life I have:

a) Pre-recorded all the materials so they can be available to you from Day One. If you want to blitz through in just a few days, you help yourself. If you work at a steadier pace, that’s fine too.

b) Freed up my diary so that supporting this programme is the ONLY thing I am doing for two weeks

c) Hired another copywriter to support me, so you’ll never be waiting long for an answer and you’ll have the benefit of two pairs of eyes on your copy (more feedback = better results)

d) Support will be available through drop-in office hours calls, email and a Facebook group.

This means you can work entirely to your own timetable. You’ll need 2-3 hours for about 5 days across the two-week period. But there are no fixed times when you need to show up for anything - this works entirely around your schedule, but still has live support, and built-in accountability.

Write Your Website Curriculum

Module 1: Your Irresistible Offers - Pre-work available before the  programme starts

There’s more to selling than a super-hot sales page.

In this module, I’ll help you package your offers in a way that’s easy for your customer to understand and say ‘yes’ to.

And we’ll map out the individual pieces of sales copy that make up your friction-free high-converting sales process (your calendar booking page, your proposal/quote documents, emails, thank you pages….all of it). 

This module is currently being updated with the help of branding specialist Amy Caiger, and is due for release 16th December 2020.

Module 2: Sales Pages

A simple, repeatable, Q&A-based process that you can use to write all your sales pages.

Module 3: Your Business In A Single Sentence

This exercise helps you write the opening lines for your Home and About pages, social media profiles, and any time you need to introduce your business.

Module 4: About Page:

Give your site a soul, and find your own writing style.

Module 5: Lead Magnets and List-Builders

This gets the attention of people who are likely to buy from you, showcases your expertise and helps them fall in love. I’ll help you plan and create the content for the lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, and follow-up email sequence.

Module 6: Your Offers Overview 

Also known as your Work With Me or Shop, this page gives your customer a birds-eye view of what you offer, helping them decide which sales page will be most relevant for them, so they can shuffle closer towards that purchase decision.

Module 7: Home Page

We’ll help all the right people know straight away that you have something that they need and help them explore your services, free content, and drive them to your email list.

Module 8: Pricing Guide/Brochure (optional)

A great alternative to displaying pricing on your site, especially if you need to pull together a custom quote. Prospects hand over an email address to get examples of your pricing, and now you’re able to follow-up with them to arrange a sales call.

Bonus Training:

⚡ What Makes Humans Click - Persuade your prospects to click (and buy) by appealing to one or more of these seven desires.

 ⚠ Headlines, Subject Lines and Hooks - Dozens of examples to help you construct attention-getting one-liners.

✂ How To Edit Anything - 5 simple steps to tighten up your copy.

Write Your Website Live Support

Monday 18th January - Friday 22nd January
AND Monday 25th January - Friday 29th January

There will be two drop-in office hour sessions EVERY DAY.

10am - 12noon AND 2pm-4pm (GMT aka London time)

Drop into my Zoom room during these sessions and you’ll find either myself, or my colleague (and fellow professional copywriter) Rachel, waiting, ready to answer your questions, help with your copy, or tackle any challenge related to writing your website content.

Write Your Website Copy Feedback

Send your copy (Word, Google doc, pages, or a URL) to homework@worditude.co.uk and get detailed feedback and suggestions for changes the next working day. THIS is where the magic happens. After getting feedback on two or three pieces of copy, you’ll start to anticipate the changes we’ll suggest and naturally upgrade your copywriting skills.

Write Your Website Pop-Up Facebook Group

This isn’t just for chat, banter and pet photos (although those are all very welcome). The special magic of this group is that you can:

a) Share your copy to get additional insight from your fellow business owners

b) Review what everyone else is doing to pinch ideas (I mean, ‘be inspired’)

Write Your Website Jan 2021, £350 

1 pre-work module (Creating Your Irresistible Offers) available from 15th November 2020

10 pre-recorded training sessions - available from 18th January 2021, and accessible for the lifetime of my business

Feedback and copy-editing from a professional copywriter throughout the 12-days

20 x 2-hour co-working sessions - join me/Rachel in my Zoom room to ask me questions, or to have me on hand while you write your pages

Unlimited email support throughout the 12-days

Pop-up Facebook group to share your copy, and read copy written by other participants - support, cross-learning, encouragement

How much time do I need to commit to this?

In the first round of Write Your Website, held in September 2020, the participants spent 1/2 to 1 day per web page they needed to write. Sales pages were nearer a full day. Most needed to complete 5-7 pages of copy all together.

You will likely need to clear some things from your usual schedule to make the most of the two weeks.

One very important change I’m making is to make Your Offers Made Irresistible available as pre-work before the programme gets started.


So if you’d like to work with a professional copywriter so your website sounds like you on a really, really good day AND is focussed on generating leads and sales, click the button.

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Worried you'll have loose ends at the end of the 12-days?

Not sure how to get visitors to your lovely new website, so you can convert them into paying customers

Feeling a bit wibbly-wobbly about what the next few weeks/months will look like?

Get 3-months membership to the Worditude Club when you join Write Your Website.

The membership includes a weekly opportunity to send copy to me for feedback, and the chance to attend monthly drop-in calls and get your questions answered.

This means that:

a) If you don’t manage to get everything done in the 12-days of Write Your Website, you’ll now have ongoing support until the end of the year.

b) We’ll have the chance to work on other online content that you can use to pull people into your new made-over website.

Membership is £35 per month, but you’ll be a member right through to the end of April 2021, at no extra charge - saving you £105!

I went into Write Your Website generally happy overall with my website for my newly launched membership community, but I knew that the sales page was the weakest (and most difficult) to write. Laura helped me to transform my messaging and level up to a website that is now both professional and polished. I have an exceptionally niche audience and she helped tailor four new sales pages to speak directly to the hearts and minds of each segment. In addition to the website she helped inspire and edit new blog posts. As I am only starting out I was concerned about where to focus my time and money. My website has been very effective in recruiting and I have made back my investment twofold in new members! Laura comes with my highest recommendation.

Lisa Leander

Founder & CEO, Women in Business Education, Washington, DC


Can I just hire Laura to write it for me?

Yes! In October and November 2020 I am available to hire by the day. There are three days available, and the rate is £850 per day. Depending on how many sales pages you need, it will probably take two days to get all your website copy written. Or you could hire me for one day, pick your priority pages for me to write, then do the rest yourself.

Why should I write my own copy? Because it's cheaper?

No! And to be fair, you could probably find someone on Fiverr who will write your website content for less than £350. But I’m guessing you don’t just want words for your website, you also want:

  • Website copy that sounds like you - you on a really, really good day.
  • Website content designed with the customer’s journey in mind to make it really easy for them to convert.
  • Training and personal feedback so you can develop your own copywriting skills - being able to write powerful, persuasive, engaging copy will give your business a huge advantage.
I'm pretty busy - how much time will this take?

My best guess is that you’ll need to sit down for five 2-3 hour sessions to get your website copy written. If right now you are spending time working for less-than-optimal clients, taking on too much low-paying work, or having to put in a lot of back and forth communication to convert every lead, investing time now to improve your website copy will result in time savings later.

What if I get ill? Or a loved one? Or the kids don't go back to school?

I know right! Believe me, I have worried about this stuff too. Well, not the kids, mine are already home-educated so they can’t be home any more than the 24/7 they are already! But seriously, I understand the hesitation completely. I want you all to end the programme with a conversion-focused website you can’t wait to show off. The only chance I’ve got of selling out future rounds of this programme is if this round is a success. So I want it to work just as much as you do. It is my intention to strike just the right balance between accountability and support. I won’t be cutting you out of my life on the 30th of January. I understand life is going to happen, which is why I’ve added 3-months membership to The Worditude Club as a bonus.

Got questions?

Not sure?

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