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March 2021 Working Time And Income Report

For a little background on why I’m sharing my income and working hours publicly head over to Part 1 - Income & Hours Report for January 2021

This month I’ve restarted working with 1-1 clients, toyed with multiple ideas for services I could sell, including ones I didn’t really want to sell (more on that later), and sort of launched my new Strangers To Superfans Method to the world….then quietly stuffed it back in its box.

Worditude Ltd Income For March 2021

What that income was made up of:

£90.44 refund from Facebook (no idea why)
£2175 1-1 client work
£817 in membership and course sales
£7.40 affiliate commission (be a while before I can retire on this passive income stream 😉 )

I shall endeavour to report on the split between 1-1, courses and affiliate commission like this because I’m aiming to shift it to be more 1/3 1-1 and 2/3 the more hands-off income streams. 

Laura’s Working Hours In March 2021

There are no pretty colours because I’ve given up tracking by project and have just been muddling through, happy enough that I’ve remembered to set the timer.

I need to dig into Toggl’s functions so I can set up the right categories of work, or projects, or titles or whatever it’s called - not just so the graphic looks a lot prettier, but because it’ll help me keep track of which activities are the most efficient, impactful and lucrative, and which areas have scope for improvement.

There were 4 1/2 weeks in March, so ideally I’d have worked around 90 hours. But 95 hours didn’t feel overwhelming because we’re still in Lockdown 7,012 in the UK and there’s naff all to do at the weekends anyway. I still made time for our weekly family Uno Flip tournament, and to watch every minute of coverage of the opening F1 Grand Prix of the season.

1-1 Services - In the words of the Longpigs, I’ve lost myself

Just for a little while there, I got a bit carried away with all the many, many, many different things I could do that people would pay me for.

1 – Can I hire you on retainer and every month we work on a different sales funnel, launch, or conversion problem? *

2 – Can you help/coach me through the creation and launch of a new offer? *

3 – Can you help/coach me through the delivery of a free challenge, cart open period and then turn this into an evergreen sales funnel? *

4 – Can you write my website copy for me? *

5 – Can you subcontract for me and write copy for my website design clients?

6 – Can you create a training course about copywriting for my membership? *

7 – Can you work with me on a website redesign for a Not-For-Profit that’s struggling with engagement? *

8 – Can you build a team of copywriters and work as an agency writing website copy for multiple types of businesses?

9 – Can you build a team of copywriters and work as an agency writing website copy for multiple types of businesses?

10 – Can I hire you on retainer to be the resident copywriting expert inside my membership? *

And the answer is ‘yes’ I can do each of these things, but clearly ‘no’ I can’t do them all at the same time. For a little while there I was like Helen Marsh - the Catherine Tate character that said ‘I can do that’ to everything.

Happily between my coaching sessions with Nicole Hewitt Donaldson, and my membership of the Online Business Collective (affiliate link), I’ve been able to weigh up my options, choose which ones I would most like to explore, and come up with pricing options that I feel great about.

The ones with a * are the ones I said ‘yes’ to and I’ve either completed, am working on right now or have put in a quote and I’m waiting for a go/no-go decision.

This whole process has reminded me of when I first started out as self-employed.

I needed to make £600 a month - which sounds easy now, but at the time I had two boys aged 4 and 6 years old, and the youngest one had additional medical needs which made life fairly unpredictable.

I spent hours researching on freelancer jobs sites and made a huge list of ‘I can….’ services - things I could do that I knew people would pay for. And that’s how I started writing marketing content and website copy - because I could see it was something people would pay for, I had experience through my corporate jobs and out of all the things on my ‘I can…’ list, that was what I wanted to try out most. 

It feels so empowering writing out a list of things I can do that people will pay for - it still has the same effect on me now.

I have pretty limited availability for 1-1 work. I’d like to spend around 30 hours per month on it, and make around £3,000 (it makes the maths nice and easy for pricing up quotes). And that’ll be a combination of one-off projects and retainer gigs.

Then I want to use the rest of the time to sell and support my new courses:

  • Irresistible Offers (coming April 2021)
  • Write Your Website (coming April 2021)
  • Client Looping (coming June 2021)
  • Personality-Packed Persuasive Copy (coming July 2021)

Which brings me to……

1-Many Courses… They’re Coming… They’re So Nearly Here

Last year I took the best bits out of my membership and turned it into a course called Write Your Website. It was a two-week intensive to help service-based business owners write their own website copy. I discovered it was much easier to sell a 2-week course for £350 than it was to sell membership for £35 per month.

Since then I’ve decided to close my membership, and focus on working with little businesses who sell their expertise and services to other small businesses, because that’s who the majority of my audience was anyway, I love working with them, and they’re the ones most in need of my new big message….which is……

Before you spend any of your very precious time creating marketing content:

1 – Make sure you are selling offers you want to deliver and your audience wants to buy

2 – You’re using your website copy to make the sales process as slick and quick as possible, with minimal work on your part.

3 – You’re making the most of the clients you already do have, in terms of repeat sales and their feedback for your marketing and offer development.

You can probably see how those three messages line-up with three of my new courses.

To explain this spectacularly simple way of selling I created a mini-course called ‘The Strangers To Superfans Method’ and put it on sale for the launch price of £7, and hoped that 100s of people would buy it, then decide to buy all the bigger courses.

And the first person to buy it did not love it. They didn’t hate it. But they didn’t love it either.

At the same time, I had a small epiphany (is a small epiphany possible).

I already had 100 people who’d bought the Irresistible Offers course as a beta version back in December. They will be gifted the new version within the next few days. Why didn’t I just concentrate on making sure those people engaged with me and the course, then offer them the chance to upgrade to have the full programme (all four courses).

So I quietly let the Strangers To Superfans Method £7 launch thingy fizzle out, and doubled-down my efforts on getting Irresistible Offers ready for launch.

Are you still even conscious right now?

I feel like a drunk friend who’s been talking at you in a slurred, monotoned, monologue - how are you still even reading this - it’s been massive.

Congratulations on making it to the end.

I could’ve just given the highlights, but that feels like cheating. When I do make it to £100k in 20 hours per week, I want all the evidence to be here that there was effort, and thought and planning that went into it, and there were mistakes and setbacks too.

P.S. Did you see how we celebrated the slight easing of lockdown restrictions?

We had a reptile handling party for Son#2’s birthday (just us and my parents) - which included this beautiful 8ft Boa.

Wanna see how this pans out?

If you’re wondering how big a business can get on part-time hours, leave your best email address below…..then go fetch the confirmation email and click on the link so the Email Gods know you really, really want me in your inbox.

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