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The Strangers To Superfans Method™

The simple sales system for little businesses selling their expertise to other businesses (coaches, copywriters, ads managers, social media managers, OBMs, VAs, website designers and friends)

If you use your expertise to help other people create, grow or manage their business


selling to new clients feels frantic, erratic and inefficient

…then this short course about a lazy more efficient way of marketing will probably be quite interesting to you.

I’d love to promise you a revolutionary new approach that you’ve never heard of before but that would be cobblers…

What I’m actually offering is a new take on the trusty sales funnel - that multicoloured, open-top, pointing down triangle that encourages you to leap around attracting the attention of many humans in the hope that some trickle down to the final stage and eventually give you some money.

This way of selling seemed painfully inefficient to me.

And I found it hard to apply to my clients’ businesses.

I needed a framework that helped me quickly understand a sales process from the point of view of an individual prospect, so I could write copy that presented the right messages, at the right time to make the sale.

Laura from Worditude
Digital copywriter and marketing nerd

So my brain came up with a different way of envisioning the marketing process, based on the trifecta of sales and marketing wisdom housed inside my head:

1) An extreme volume of business, marketing and copywriting training consumed over the course of my adult life, including a Business Management degree, two diplomas in copywriting, an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, and eleventy billion pages of business books.

2) Ten years self-employment, selling my own expertise (copywriting) to strangers over the Internet.

3) Six years experience from poking my nose into hundreds of online businesses, helping the owners figure out how they could convert more website/sales page visitors into paying clients.

Once I sketched out (very poorly, by hand) how this sales framework could work I realised it was obvious. Painfully obvious. So obvious that when you see it you may emit a gale force sigh.

And yet, because we are so surrounded by marketing noise, we overlook the easiest, most obvious thing to do (‘we’ because I still make this mistake).

We spend our working time immersed in our clients’ businesses, and elbows deep learning everything we can about marketing and running an online business. Add to that the incessant social media shoutiness of adverts promising to double our income, triple our leads, and quadruple our free time…… well it’s understandable that we’re so distracted by All The Things, that we’ve overlooked this rather marvellously simple way of selling.

Through a series of short videos, very terrible hand-drawn illustrations, and text tutorials (in case you can’t be arsed to watch the videos), I’ll share with you:

  • Why the classic ‘pour lots of people in the top’ sales funnel isn’t working for you
  • How to imagine your prospect’s sales journey instead AND what that prospect is thinking and looking for at each stage of their buying process
  • The 5 most common conversion-crushing mistakes I find when clients ask me to investigate unsuccessful website copy or sales funnels (they pay me £££s to do this, and it feels like cheating because the problem is almost always one of these 5 things).
  • How to apply this method to your own business, including what you should focus on first (because I know you’re short on time and eager to see more sales).

Ready for a simpler way to sell your services, courses, memberships and programmes?


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Step-by-step explanation of The Strangers to Superfans Method™
5 common conversion-crushing mistakes you need to avoid
Essential questions to answer when applying The Strangers To Superfans Method™ to your business

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