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Copywriting coach for people selling their expertise and services online

Would you like my help selling your expertise, services and online products to other small businesses?

Usually people want me for one of two things:

1 - They want help upgrading their website copy so it better reflects them and their business

2 - They want help selling one particular offer - which might mean writing just a single sales page, or writing an entire sales funnel full of copy.

I can help you by interviewing you then writing the copy myself, or working alongside you to help you as you write the copy.

I’ve got a couple of lovely brochures to share with you which includes examples of projects I’ve worked on with clients, how much they cost (so you can get a feel for price) and what the outcomes were.

You can get in touch by clicking on the video above, then replying with your name and email address. You’ll then be invited to leave me a video, audio or text message telling me a little bit about your business and what you’d like my help with.

I’ll get back to you the next working day. It really will be me replying, not an automation, so please bear with me, and take into account any time difference there may be.