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Copywriting Example

Sales Page for Subscription from Whirli

I’ve chosen this sales page because it does a great job of explaining a new concept that the prospect isn’t likely to have tried, or even seen before.

My kids are 16 and 14 now, so we’re a bit past this stage of life, but it certainly would’ve saved a huge amount of plastic waste, and a whole lot of living space if this had been around for me 10 years ago.

You can see the sales page in full here.

I walk you through each Persuasion Trigger one screenshot at a time, or skip to the video at the end if you prefer to watch rather than read.

The Opening Banner

1 - Communicate Concept Clearly

The opening banner clearly explains a new product using familiar concepts, without trying to be clever. This early understanding is essential to keep you reading, and to give you an overview of the product, which helps the rest of the sales page make sense. Notice that they haven’t used this premium space to repeat the product name, or to showcase a snazzy sentence. Clarity over cleverness every time. Successfully communicate the concept of the product first, then add flare and style.


2 - Tap Into Existing Desires

The tagline taps into two desires many parents already have:

a) - To save money

b) - To be kind to the environment

There are many more benefits to the product like greater developmental opportunities for your kids by regularly switching up the toys they’re playing with and helping you avoid great swathes of your home from being occupied by unloved toys - but they haven’t created a huge bulleted list of reasons to buy, they’ve simply stated the simplest, strongest two desires.


3 - Minimize Perception of Price

The phrase ‘alternative to buying toys’ emphasizes the money you are already spending, which will help minimize your perception of the cost of this offer. You’re already spending money on toys, so this doesn’t represent an additional expense from your household budget.


4 - Social Proof

There’s a little dash of Social Proof to convince the prospect the rest of the page is worth reading. More on Social Proof later.

The Product Explained

5 - Future Vision

The next section is focused on explaining the concept of the toy subscription service and how this works in your life.

Notice how this is done with very few words. Numbered steps and visual clues help communicate the process more quickly and clearly than words alone could do. Each step has plenty of blank space around it. This means there’s no superfluous visual clutter for the prospect to process, making it easier for them to quickly understand the intended message.

There are so many potential details they could explain here. How many toys are you allowed at once? How do they clean them? How do you package them up? Who pays for postage? But instead of getting pulled into explaining in any depth, the sales page uses three boxes to give a brief overview of how the product works. The goal of this section is just to get the prospect to imagine the product in their life. The goal of the page is just to get the prospect to click on the Get Started box. The form that pops-up has the goal of getting your details. More information will come further down the sales funnel, but this page is all about keeping the momentum going and slickly guiding the prospect to click ‘Get Started’.

Building Trust - Double-Pronged Attack

6 - Inferred Credibility

This ‘Proof’ section of the sales page includes praise in the press, awards and ‘featured in’ media logos. This develops trust because these are brands the prospect already trusts and looks up to.

But proof from credible brands isn’t enough.

The prospect is also wondering if the product is a hit with ‘people like me’. The reviews from Trust Pilot add a layer of Social Proof.

Video Tour

If you prefer to watch than read, here’s my video tour of the page.

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