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by Laura from Worditude
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The Comfy Business Newsletter is for folks who (like me) want a business that makes the money they need, working in a way that feels good, that leaves time, energy and flexibility for whatever Life Stuff they’ve got going on.

So many of us are building a business while dealing with a shit ton of Life Stuff…… living with physical/mental health challenges, or juggling caring responsibilities, or re-building after life-changing events……and we’re doing so bloody well but we can feel really crappy about our progress because we’re not ‘all-in’ or ‘hustling-hard’ or scaling, or aiming for a huge income (that we don’t need).

This newsletter is here to celebrate and encourage us.

In my regularish emails I share:

Stuff I’ve made (not actual crafted things, I’m useless with making things in real-life) - blog posts, courses, free things, paid things, things that will help you connect with, communicate with and sell to your online audience so that you can make the money you want in a way that feels comfy to you.
Stuff from other people that might be helpful to you as you run and nurture your Comfy Business.
Anything I think you might find useful or amusing, including the occasional self-deprecating story, stuff I’ve learned the hard way, or genius strokes of insight my brain delivered to me at 3am.

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