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5 Tips To Help You Squeeze The Most Value Out Of Free (or Paid) Business Bundles

Thinking of accessing a (free or paid) business bundle - read this first

This blog post is about helping business owners make the most out of opting into (or buying) a Business Bundle.

If you want to learn about being a Bundle Contributor, take a look at Lizzy’s Summits and Bundles Success course* (affiliate link).

For the purposes of this blog post:

Bundle = Collection of products offered by different businesses. Sometimes these are premium, where you pay for a pass. Sometimes these are free, and you just need to give the Bundle Host your email address. In either case, you then also hand over your email address to the Contributors to access the free product they are offering.

Host = Person who have brought together all the Contributors, organised the bundle, promoted the bundle, and hosts the Bundle sales/opt-in page on their website.

Contributor = Anyone who has included one of their products in the Bundle

Consumer = Anyone who access the products inside the Bundle

OK, that’s the glossary complete.

Onwards with the 5 things I want you to know before you get knee-deep in Bundle goodies.

#1 There is so much more to be had than just the free products

When I first came across Business Bundles, I was definitely approaching them from a more transactional mindset. I wanted to download as many of the products as I possibly could, whether I wanted/needed them or not (because they were freeeeeeeeee). And I felt like I was using my email address to pay for them, and then I unsubscribed from the Bundle Contributor’s emails asap, and I felt really sneaky and smart all at the same time.

Now, I’m definitely more open to a Business Bundle being an opportunity to forge some new relationships. Yes, I do like free products. But I am also inviting the Bundle Contributors into my life to explore the possibility that I will buy from them in the future, they might buy from me, we could collaborate, I could learn from them or I could sell their products to my audience as an affiliate….or some other brilliant outcome I haven’t even thought of yet.

I’m less ‘do I want to gain access to this free thing just because I can right now’ and more ‘is this the start of a beautiful relationship’.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn so much from how other people do things. What are they selling? What did they price that as? What else do they promote at the same time? How often do they email their list? What do they put in the emails? What’s on the social accounts vs email accounts?

I don’t spend hours and hours sticking my nose into other people’s business, but I am always inquisitive and curious and noticing how I feel about, and respond to, other people’s way of doing things.

#2 Tripwires, upsells, order bumps are coming at you, and they’re coming fast

Many Bundle Contributors will take this opportunity to offer you a paid product. They aren’t tricking you. This isn’t a bait and switch. You’re still getting the free thing you came for, and in addition they’re offering you the opportunity to buy a thing that you might also like. They are helping you.

I just went to the supermarket to buy milk. Next to the milk was a brand of butter at half-price. The supermarket were being helpful by offering me the chance to buy something else I might need at a reduced price.

You don’t have to buy the paid offers. But you will probably want to.

This makes it tricky because after the 3rd or 4th round of accessing a Bundle Contribution and being presented with a paid offer, you might start feeling a bit stressed about the decision-making or how much you’ve spent.

I’d love to say I have a solution for this, but I don’t, because it happens to me too. There is no way of knowing what other wonderfully attractive paid offers are going to be revealed to me as I move through the Bundle Contributions.

What does help me is:

1 - Knowing this is going to happen

2 - Having a budget in mind that I’m prepared to spend in total on paid offers from Bundle Contributors

3 - Being OK with missing out (more on that next).

ℹ️ Blog Post: Order bumps, bonuses and upsells explained.

#3 You will miss out and you need to be OK with this

It won’t be possible to sign-up to every single Bundle Contribution.

And even if you did manage to achieve that, you won’t use them all (I guess unless you went on a year-long mission to complete them all….oooh that’s an idea. I’m so tempted to do that now).

And you won’t be able to buy every single paid offer that’s presented to you either on the Thank You page, or in the follow-up emails.

So that means you will miss out on some things.

I get it. That feels uncomfortable for me too.

I’m always a little bit sad that I can’t cram that last slice of pizza into my belly. I don’t want to miss out on the pizza. And yet, at the same time, I am deeply grateful that there is more than enough pizza to enjoy.

None of the Bundle Contributions are pizza, but hopefully you can see where I am going with this. There are more than enough Contributions, which means they’ll be more than you can consume.

#4 You need a strategy for registering for the Bundle Contributions

The list of Bundle Contributions will be long.

And each one will take a minute or two to register for.

Are you going to skim-read the list, choose the winners and register for them all in one sitting?

Are you going to work your way through the list, registering for whichever ones catch your eye as you go?

Are you going to register for one, go away, consume/use/complete the free product, then come back for the next one? I actually did this with a bundle recently. Instead of downloading tons of stuff and creating lots of work for Future Laura, I decided to let Now Laura binge on as much of the content as she wanted to during that one week, and then move on with my/her life.

Business Bundles usually have a deadline by which Consumers must have registered for the Contributions, otherwise the opportunity to get it for free goes away, so you need to decide when and how you’ll tackle the registration process.

#5 Emails are coming, so many emails

Let me start by saying nobody should ever take email management advice from me.

I have dozens of folders and sub-folders I never look at, hundreds of emails in my primary inbox that are a collection of vital client messages, and vouchers offering 10% off at my favourite jumper retailer. At the time of writing this it is November 2022, and I am still filing emails away under a folder called ‘Dealt with 2021’.

And I have tried and failed many times to get this under control.

So no, I am not someone who can teach you about email management.

All I can do is hold up a small sign that says ‘Warning: Heavy shower of emails expected in 3-5 days’.

I am organised enough to create a folder for all the emails that contain the access details for the Bundle Contributions - so I do feel quite smug about that.

And in the immediate aftermath of a Bundle, I just allow extra time to look through my emails. Getting to know the Contributors is part of the relationship-building experience for me. If I read an email or two and decide I no longer want them in my inbox, I’ll unsubscribe. I usually follow on social first though so I can still be in their world a little.

That’s a Wrap

Hopefully, that was helpful.


For help being a Bundle Contributor:

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