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The Worditude Question:

10 words to make every piece of copy more effective

There’s a ten-word question that can improve the effectiveness of every piece of marketing content or sales copy you write.


Marketing emails.

Sales pages.

Blog posts.

Social media updates.




Not just for text.




This works for videos, infographics, carousel graphics for Instagram.




Just ask yourself this simple question BEFORE you start creating the content.


And then again before you hit publish.


Are you ready for The Worditude Question?



What do I want them to know, feel and do?



You counted didn’t you?

It’s definitely 10 words.

I checked a bajillion times.



Copy is any text you write that intends to get the reader to do something.


Download your free thing.

Buy your paid thing.

Follow your Instagram account.

Comment on your post.


The key is that you’re creating it with an intention.


You’re NOT just creating it because it’s listed on your to-do list and you’re eager to get that ticked off.


The question will help you shift out of ‘creating something to get the job done’, and into ‘creating something that will lead to more sales’.



Which is kinda the point, isn’t it?



You’re welcome.




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