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10 minute Marketing Review Process

This is not a guide to conducting a comprehensive audit of your marketing efforts.

It’s a few quick questions to help you figure out what to focus on first because a speedy relatively superficial check-in you successfully complete in 10 minutes is more powerful than the 3-hour data-driven deep-dive you don’t do.

If you’ve got the time, energy and inclination to do a deep dive - definitely do it.

But many of us (that very much includes me) we’re just not going to get around to that ever.

We intend to.

We want to.

But we’re just not going to get around to it, so this is a speedy alternative.

Step One:

The things that you sell

Write a list of all the things that you sell - digital products, 1-1 offers, courses, anything that you have sold, or tried to sell over the last 12 months and ideas for things you have to sell in the near future. Doors open, closed, evergreen, doesn’t matter, stick it on the list.

For each thing you sell answer these three questions:

1. Do you love to sell and deliver it?

2. Do the people who want/need the thing have the ability to pay for it?

3. Does your sales page/brochure make it easy for people to buy from you?

    • They can see how their life/business will be different after buying the thing
    • They can see what’s included for their money
    • It’s easy for them to take whatever the next step action is to get started (book a call, apply, buy now)

Step Two:

Your regular marketing activity

1. Are you getting in front of enough new people to generate the sales you need?

This will depend on what you’re selling.

For 1-1 services word-of-mouth referrals may be enough, for a low cost do-it-yourself course you’re gonna need a lot of eyeballs

2. After people discover you, do you make it clear why you?

How are you helping them get to know you, develop a connection with you, and trust in your capability?

3. Do you tell your existing audience about the things you sell

    • when they first get to know you
    • and over and over again

Step Three:

Your business

1. What’s the least comfortable thing about your business right now?

2. How can you change that?

This might not be marketing-related, but chances are whatever it is will be having some kind of knock-on impact on your marketing and selling activities.

Step Four:

Taking Action

Pick three things that feel urgent or impactful - and do them.

Not exactly the most detailed prioritization and planning process.

But I often find myself spending far too long creating plans, and not enough time taking action - and this is a helpful antidote to that.

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