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Read this if you’re really good at creating new offers,

but a bit rubbish at selling the stuff you’ve already got.

During our Friday night film a group of characters started singing the opening bars of Eye of the Tiger.
I started to think about how much joy that song had brought to the world.

The many millions of people who had enjoyed that music multiple times over.

Then I started to think about other popular songs, and that moment in the studio when the band just knew they’d made magic happen.

How wonderful it must feel to be able to positively impact so many lives because you know what dots and dashes (notes) to write down on those horizontal stripe things (manuscript paper).

Sometimes, when I create a new course, or 1-1 offer, I feel excited by the potential for the thing to have a big impact on many people.

I am excited to release it into the world because I am quite sure that the thing I have created is magnificent (much like those musicians who just knew they had made something wonderful).

But then when I first put it out into the world, it doesn’t get the response I had expected or hoped for.

This happens to clients too.

And to many, many other business owners.

I’m pretty sure it happens to all business owners, whether they talk openly about it or not.

The impact the offer has on the world, just isn’t as spectacular as you thought it was going to be.

And the temptation is to quietly hide that offer away and pretend you never made it, and move onto the next creation.

And just keep creating new things until you find the magic formula and create a winner.

But that’s not how Creating Something Epic works.

Musicians don’t just write a song, play it to one person and then wonder a few weeks later why it isn’t a #1 hit, thow it in the bin, and start work on the next song.

Authors don’t just write a book, send it to one publishing house, then burn the manuscript if it gets rejected.

Creating the Thing is just the first (baby) step towards unleashing the full potential of the Thing.

Your biggest task is to advocate for it.

To believe in it, and its potential to positively impact the people who experience it.

To put it in front of as many people as you can, and clearly and effectively communicate that value that it offers.

There are so so so so many different things that could need tweaking to turn your newly created Thing into a smash hit.

Does it have a sales page that does it justice?

Do people know that it exists?

Does the price, and the promise line up with the people who would most be attracted to buying this thing?

What offers have you hidden away? Could you dig them back out? What would it take for you to feel like you’d given them all a fair shot?

If you think about the next 3 months, what would be the best use of your time? Creating something new? Or shoring up the promotion and marketing of something you already have?

I don’t know the answer to that.

Sometimes for me the answer is to create something new, because:

1 – It’ll break my brain if I don’t let the ideas out and put them into some sort of form that other people can see.

2 – This new things will also help me sell more of my existing things.

3 – People are asking for the thing and it seems rude not to create it.

But also, sometimes I know I retreat into Creation Mode because it is easier and more comfortable and more exciting for me than selling the the offers I already have.

So what do you need to be doing most right now? Creating or promoting your offers?

Where would you like to go next?

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