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Own the Internet with these headline & copywriting tips for online marketing

Do your traffic stats leave you feeling flatter than a freshly steam-rolled pancake?

Do you spend hours carefully creating online marketing content only to find it’s largely ignored by the rest of humankind?

So how do you get more people to devote their eyeballs to your lovingly crafted work for a few value-packed minutes?

With just a small tweak in wording and you can effortlessly transform your turgid text into a riveting read, attracting more visitors, who stay for longer.

Would you like me to show you how?

Best Headline And Copywriting Examples

Here’s a selection of online content that caught my eye today (these were all trending articles, so I’m not the only one hooked by the headlines).

They know something you don’t know

Reveals the secret’ generates curiosity, and a sense of vanity because you’re about to discover something most people don’t know - that makes you special.

His weight loss’ generates desire because it’s something that most of us want.

Sob backstory

If you’ve ever watched any kind of talent-based TV show, you’ll be very familiar with the technique.

The contestant’s sad backstory is told over an even sadder background song.

The goal isn’t just to make you cry.

The producer is getting you engaged and invested in that contestant so that you’ll keep watching the show.

They don’t need you to care about everyone. They just need you to develop a connection with at least one contestant per show - that’ll be enough to keep you coming back each week.


Bullied teen’ - generates anger, empathy or both.
Which judge’ - now don’t you feel curious?
Crying with joy’ - happiness, joy, excitement - by now you should be having all the feels.

Rage - The newsreaders’ fave

Scroll through today’s trending news stories and you’ll find a sea of rage, fear and scarcity. That’s why too much news is bad for your health.

It’s a technique that works, but use it sparingly. Do you really want your target market to associate you with these feelings?


The BBC are going for anger and disgust all the way with these words.

Great Headlines And Strong Copywriting - Give your online marketing all the feels

So can you see what they did there?

They got all touchy-feely with our emotions.

Emotive words will capture and keep your reader’s attention.

Don’t go overboard or you’ll end up sounding like Piers Morgan.

But a sprinkling of emotion in your headline, intro and call-to-action at the end will do wonders for the stickiness of your content.

This works for everything - from super-long sales pages to short and sweet Facebook page posts.

Get started by reviewing some of your existing blog posts, and adding at least one emotion to each of them.

Free Marketing Tuition From The Pros

Want to do it like the pros?

The simplest way to learn how to effectively use emotive language is to notice and analyse how mass media influences your own emotions.

Facebook ads, online magazines and news sites, and even TV ads offer a never-ending supply of content designed to attract and engage an audience.

Notice what gets and keeps your attention.

Keep an online folder, or notebook with the best examples.

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