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I’m still working on my website.

It’s not finished yet.

I’m not really happy with it.

Here’s a link to my Facebook page instead.

I’m getting my website fixed soon.

I don’t like what the designer did with it.

I’m getting new photos soon.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these shame-filled phrases precede a URL.

If you’ve got website shame, you are massively holding yourself and your business back.

And if you find yourself typing or muttering any of those phrases, or variations of them, then you’ve got a problem.

You’ve trapped yourself in a vicious circle.

You don’t encourage people to visit your website because you don’t feel confident it represents you and your business.

Because your website isn’t marketing your business for you, it doesn’t feel important, so you don’t invest your time or money in it….

…so your website never gets any better, and you don’t encourage people to visit it.

It’s time to make a change - maybe an actual change on your website, or perhaps just a change in your perspective.

Here’s four scenarios I want you to consider:

# The website design is horrible, but the words are OK.
This is easily cured. Strip back the design to be as simple as possible. A logo, a menu bar and a simple page of text is far better than sliders that zoom past too fast, partially-visible text over textured backgrounds, or anything at all that flashes, moves or auto-plays.

#2 The website design is actually OK, but the words on your website aren’t working for you.
Maybe you wrote them yourself, or maybe you hired someone to do it for you. Whatever happened, you’ve ended up with stilted, lame, bland, confusing, boring web copy. Good news - I have a Copywriting Toolkit to help with that right here.

#3 Both your website design and content are terrible.
Long-term you’re going to want to totally scrap it and start again. But as this is time-consuming, expensive and a little heartbreaking, you can quickly reduce your website shame with some emergency measures:
♦ Simplify the design as much as possible.
♦ Reduce the content just down to the core webpages.
♦ Rewrite your content to be clear and consistent - did I mention I have a Toolkit that can help with that?

#4 Your website design and content are great. You are using it as an excuse to hide.
I’ve learned from difficult personal experience that the obstacle that most often trips me up is my own foot. If it wasn’t for me, my business would be doing brilliantly. At the helm of the miniature Worditude Ltd empire is a slightly insecure, occasionally terrified woman in her mid-30s, constantly questioning herself and wondering if she maybe ought to just get a job in the local supermarket. If this sounds like you, there’s the ever-so-slight possibility that you are using your website as an excuse not to promote and grow your business. I’m not judging you (stones, glass house), I’m merely suggesting this may be a possibility (as it’s something I’ve done in the past).

If you keep your website hidden, or endlessly tinker with it without launching, it will never work for your business.

If you bravely promote your website, warts and all, at the very least you will start gathering feedback about what’s good, bad and ugly on your site, so you’ll know what changes you need to make.

So which one of those four categories does your website fall into?

Take this quiz to discover - is your website helping or hurting your business?

Let me know by commenting on the Facebook post cleverly embedded below (yeah I’m proud of my tech skills) and tell me if there’s anything I can do to help.

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