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3 Changes To Make Your Services or Work With Me Page More Effective

Is your ‘Services’ page working hard for your business?

Does your ‘Work With Me’ page convert website visitors into super-hot leads?

I’ve reviewed hundreds of websites, and these are the top three features I’m looking for on the sales pages of a service-based business.

If you’re missing any one of these, get making changes right now!

(Video at the bottom if you’d rather watch than read - it’s a couple of years old now)

3 Changes To Make Your Services Page Convert

When people ask me to review the effectiveness of their website copy, these are the three things I’m looking for on their Services page.


#1 Make it easy for them to understand HOW you can help them 

You could:

a) Have one offer - a custom or bespoke service - if you go for this, then at least put a ball-park figure or starting price, and give two or three examples of the ways you can help people, because giving your prospect a completely blank canvas makes it hard for them to imagine how you are going to help them.

b) Make it super-easy for a prospect to imagine working with you (and predict what that’ll cost them) by creating 3-5 packages.

c) List everything you could do <<<< This one - don’t do this one. I used to be terrified if I didn’t list every single type of copywriting gig I could take on, I would miss out on paying customers. Then I realised that I didn’t want to do all those different types of copywriting gigs, and that by listing them all I was confusing my prospects and making myself look like a general content creation dogsbody rather than positioning myself as a talented specialist. 

Whichever pathway you choose, remember to communicate your options from the prospect’s perspective - HOW it will help them, not just the detail of WHAT you will do. 

If you want to create a range of services at different price points….

A good entry-level product is a one-off First Date Offer (not a Power Hour). Or you could have an initial hour video chat, a program of work for them to follow with email support, and a 30-minute follow-up video-chat.

Then you’d have a mid-range package - based around your most popular service/work.

And then create a deluxe/VIP option so your audience can see what’s possible with the right level of investment.

There’s more about how to create packages that people want to buy inside my Irresistible Offers course.


#2 Make Your Natural Scarcity Obvious

If you run a service-based business, you are naturally limited as to how many people you can work with at a time and/or how long it takes you to finish their project. Natural scarcity or urgency is built into your business.

But rarely does that natural scarcity get mentioned on Services pages. Instead, eager to get those warm leads rolling in, service-based entrepreneurs write content that gives the impression they’re on 24/7 call-out, with no lead time. As if they’re sitting there, with nothing to do, waiting for the prospect to contact you.

Your Services page needs to convey some sense of scarcity or urgency. Be open about what your lead time typically is. How long do you tend to be booked in advance. How soon does a prospect need o be thinking about getting in touch, especially if they’ve got a deadline?

You can make it clear that getting in touch with you isn’t a commitment to hire you. It’s not legally binding or anything, but they need to make that first step as soon as possible so that you can start building them into your production schedule and they can make you aware of any deadlines that are coming up


#3 Make It Easy For Them To Get Started

You have sooooo many options - and each of them has its own merits and drawbacks, I’ve written a whole Epic (Free Guide To Creating The Right Call-To-Action On Your Sales Page (works for Services pages too).

Two things I want to say in addition to what’s in that guide:

  • On Work With Me pages, I encourage my clients to have a Safety Net at the bottom of the page - a short contact form that says something like ‘Not sure which service you need? Complete the SOS form below and I’ll get to know you better before gently guiding you through your options’.
  • If NOBODY is taking the call-to-action you have in front of them the FIRST thing you should try changing is what you are asking them to do. Don’t change your offers if you already love them. Don’t revamp the sales copy if you already love that. Maybe people don’t want to book a call, or dial your number, or fill out an application form. Start by making the call-to-action an easier to take, lower commitment action, and see what happens.


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Same content via video (quite an old one)

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Sales Page Copywriting Tips For Entrepreneurs
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