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It’s Time To Ditch Your Power Hour

And the money-making alternative you should offer instead

I 100% understand the appeal.

You have a brain full of wisdom.

People will pay you £100+ to turn up on a call, for 60-minutes and answer their questions.

What’s not to love?

Stay with me - I’ve got good reasons for encouraging you to ditch your Power Hour and a more profitable alternative for you to replace it with.


The problem with Power Hours…

#1 They aren’t an easy sell

…because you are asking the client to decide what to use you for.

When someone is deciding whether or not to buy from you they are assessing whether the value they will receive from the exchange is at least equal to, or greater than the investment (time, energy and financial) you are asking for.

The job of your sales page is to help prospects make that assessment.

But with a Power Hour, all you can do is guess at what the potential outcomes will be (rather than promise a specific transformation) making that ‘Value received’ side of the equation hard for the client to estimate.

And if it’s hard work for them to make the decision, they’ll err on the side of caution and leave without buying.


#2 You aren’t leaving your client on a high

Every time you deliver something in exchange for an investment, you want to leave that client on a high - even if there is still more work to do.

That’s why your email opt-ins and lead magnets need to deliver something that is of genuine value on its own.

Ditto your Power Hour.

At the end of the 60-minutes session, your client needs to feel differently from how they did at the start.

If they feel overwhelmed at the start, they need to feel clear at the end.

Confused to enlightened.

Fed up to excited.

This means your Power Hour needs to deliver a transformation… and it’s the transformation you should be selling not the time you spend delivering it (more on that later).

But what happens often is that your client shows up with elephant-sized issues, and you plow through it for 60-minutes, trying to chomp through as much of that beast as you can in the time available.

By the end of the Power Hour, you may have impressed the client with your knowledge and expertise…but there’s probably still some elephant hanging around.

Which doesn’t feel very satisfying to either of you.

#3 Do you really want to fill your working week with itty-bitty chunks of work?

Each of my clients occupies a little space in my head. It takes work for me to get to know them and what they need, and devise a strategy for delivering that.

Is it the same for you? Imagine a workweek filled with Power Hours? Financially it may be a joy. But by Friday night, with more than a dozen different faces, businesses, and problems swimming around your mind, you’ll feel like someone set off a blender in your brain (hmmmmm vivid).

So if you don’t want a diary full of Power Hours, what’s the point of them?

To generate interest for your bigger, longer-term offers.

Are you going to best achieve that by:

a) Offering yourself up for an hour to work on anything and everything you’re qualified, or experienced to deliver?


b) Offering bite-sized packages that solve specific problems, that then put you in a strong position to pitch the next logical step for the client (examples on how to do this are coming later in the post)


The First Date Offer: Your Power Hour Alternative


I’m ditching the idea that this offer has to be a 60-minute Zoom call.

Instead, I’m going to help you craft a First Date Offer that:

✔ Takes less than 2 hours total for you to deliver

✔ Solves a specific problem or delivers specific transformation

✔ Prepares the client to hear about your bigger packages

6 Steps To Identify Your Power Hour Alternatives


1) List all the most common problems your Power Hour clients usually need help with, or people try to ‘pick your brains’ about for free.

2) Highlight any problems that CAN be satisfactorily resolved with less than a two-hour investment from you.

3) Of the remaining problems, are there smaller resolutions that you can offer within a sub-two-hour investment? Write them down and highlight those too.

4) Cross out anything you don’t want to do (it’s your business, you’re the boss, you get to choose).

5) Cross out anything that tends to attract less-than-ideal clients.

6) Cross out anything that doesn’t have a logical connection to any of your other offers/services.


What you’re left with is a list of problems that could form the basis of your First Date Offer.

Real-Life Example: Would You A Hire A Gardener For A Single Hour?


Imagine a gardener knocks on your door and offers to work on your garden for 60-minutes in exchange for £97?

Would you hire them?

How much could they possibly achieve in an hour?

And if you’ve lived without this help for so long, what difference would a single hour’s help make to you?

And £97 seems a bit steep for a single hour of gardening…so even if you did decide to carry on working with this gardener long term, it seems like it’s going to be an expensive arrangement.

The help you really need is to feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your own garden.

What if a gardener turned up and offered a Bespoke 12-Month Garden Prescription - a calendar for your garden telling you what needs to be done when, taking into account your garden as it is now, and anything you want to change about it. They’d need about 10 minutes chatting with you, 15 minutes surveying the garden, and then they could go home and use a template to put together a plan to email over to you. The plan would be clear enough for you to implement yourself. But it would also include suggestions of times when you might want to hire a gardener to support you, and how much that would cost.

Now that’s a First Date Offer!


Multiple First Date Offers


You’ve probably got multiple ideas.


You can use them all.

Give them each their own sales page.

Take down the ones you don’t enjoy doing, or who attract the wrong people, or that don’t lead to more sales.

Take them all down if you get to the point where you don’t need to be generating leads.

Or if you’re strapped for cash and need to be generating money quickly, pick your favourite one and make a set number of spots available by a set deadline.

You don’t need to make all the offers available all the time.

It’s not your duty to provide these. It’s your CHOICE.


When To Keep Your Power Hour


I feel a little tricksy planting this right down at the bottom of the blog post, but I needed to explain the First Date Offer before this would make sense.

If you are often asked to gift your wisdom for free through a ‘quick call’ or ‘just a few questions’, then a Power Hour will save you from giving yourself away for free.

Set up a checkout link or a template invoice.

When you get these requests and one of the offers you WANT to sell (including your First Date Offers) aren’t a good match to the person, but you don’t want to work for free, and you don’t want to outright refuse to help them, then (and only then) will a Power Hour work in your favour.

This Power Hour differs from the First Date Offers we’ve just talked about in two key ways:

1) They are a secret. You don’t promote them. They are not visible to the public on the website. You only let someone know they exist when it suits you.

2) Set a high price that reflects that this person is going to occupy your headspace and isn’t likely to lead to further sales.

Need help crafting your First Date Offer?

I created one myself, loved it, talked about the experience in a presentation and the audience loved it - so now it’s a course, with a workbook, to help you create your own First Date Offer.

In this short course I’ll show you how I created a bite-sized 1-1 experience that led to long-term relationships.

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