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September 2021 Working Time And Income Report

For a little background on why I’m sharing my income and working hours publicly head over to Part 1 - Income & Hours Report for January 2021.

The short version is…..I started muttering to myself ‘if I could work more hours, I could make more money’ and that mantra was unhelpful because I don’t want to work more hours, and I don’t have any more spare hours floating around that I could use for work anyway.

So instead I am asking myself ‘what’s possible with a working time budget of 20 hours per week’.

Worditude Ltd Income For September 2021

What that income was made up of:

  • £4589 in courses
  • £886 in 1-1 work - yes I have got those two numbers round the right way
  • £136.94 in speaker fees - I am officially a PAID speaker, thanks to Lizzy for the $200 fee for speaking at her Online Business Playground Summit.

Laura’s Working Hours In September 2021

Let’s call that 121 hours.

4.3 weeks in September.

So that’s around 28 hours per week…..which is waaaaaaaaaay past my target 20 hours.

But rather than focussing on 1-1 clients (which only pays me once) that time was invested in creating a new course (which will pay me over and over again) - more on that later.

Important Things About September

#1 Copywriting Power-Ups Launch

I mentioned this in the August update. The course was conceived in August, but the work in recording the videos and uploading the material onto MemberVault all happened in September.

I decided to go for a fast launch with a big price cut, rather than a well-considered thought-out big launch.

I didn’t ask anyone if that was a good idea, but that didn’t stop some people from telling me what they thought of my actions 🙄😣😮

I am getting used to this downside of visibility. Because I’m sharing my income people want to help me to do better, but I’m pretty happy doing things my way and seeing how it turns out.

#2 Online Business Playground Summit

This was an absolute joy to be a part of. All the speakers pre-recorded their segment, so all I had to do was promote the summit, and enjoy some affiliate sales (commission takes 30 days so that’ll be in the next report).

I shared my experience choosing to home-educate The Sons and the knock-on effect that had on my business. The feedback from the people who watched it was so encouraging and has inspired me to continue sharing more about that part of my life.

I loved the theme of the event, all about doing business your own way.

It inspired me to make some changes to the way I structure my week (more on that below) and also to how office hours will be run for Write Your Website (more on that next month).

#3 1-1 Copywriting Clients on my own terms

I’ve had an on-off love affair with copywriting for clients for years.

I genuinely love interviewing the client, and writing their copy.

But the little dance of arranging calls, putting together a quote, back and forth agreeing scope and timelines, and wrapping up the project the other side……urghhhhhhh.

And I don’t have the headspace or energy to manage multiple clients at a time.

So at the start of 2020 I moved to a Day Rate model. Hire me for £895, I’m yours for the day. I’ll do a discovery call beforehand, and confirm with the client what they can expect for £895, and then there’s nothing to do - no research, no further conversations, until the day. Then we get started at 9am with an hour-long interview, where I gather all the info I need. After the call I have a cup of tea and snuggle up to the cat for 20 minutes. And then I write….and write…and write. Then I have lunch. And then I edit and polish, and then I’m done.

I LOVE it.

Now Son#1 is settled at college, and Son#2 is settled with his farm placement, there is just one day each week when it is possible for me to work in this way - Wednesdays.

So now I’m for hire on Wednesdays only, which makes my life sooooooo much easier. I CAN’T break myself by over-committing to clients. Projects don’t drag on. No time putting together quotes. And the natural scarcity and urgency is built-in.

In the last week of September, I did my first client sales page for a few months, and this was the email I got back after I sent the first draft.

#4 Professional Development: Voxer Office Hours for Group Programmes Course from Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard

Yes, I know Lizzy already got a mention earlier on in the post, but Voxer Office Hours for Group Programmes was also fabulous and very much worthy of mention.

After watching this course, I decided to change the way I offered Office Hours for Write Your Website.

In previous rounds I had offered two calls each week- one on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday.

This time around I’m dedicating the whole of Tuesday to Office Hours, with drop-in call at 10am and 4pm (covers most time zones) and I’m also available on Voxer (a voice-messaging app) all day.

#5 Personal Development: Start-up Boost Workshop from School for Social Entrepreneurs

I have a vision for a well-being centric venue, that provides meaningful employment for people who might otherwise struggle to find it, and a beautiful space for therapists, carers, educators and others to do their work. I have no idea when, or if, this will come to be, but I am very much enjoying gently going along with it, following the breadcrumbs and seeing where it leads me.

In this two-part workshop, I met other wannabe social entrepreneurs and started thinking about the feasibility of my idea, how it would make money to be self-sustaining, and what needs to happen next.

My #1 takeaway from the two days was that every time one of the delegates described their idea, everyone agreed it sounded totally reasonable and do-able, even if they felt unsure themselves. Even my idea felt more possible once I’d said it out loud.

Ok - that’s enough of a bumper addition.

See you next month.

Wanna see how this pans out?

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