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I’ve often seen the advice that using bullet points will make a page easier to read, and attract the attention of skim readers.

And it’s true. The change in formatting catches the eye, so even if the reader doesn’t take in anything else, they will at least give your list a passing glance.

But all too often I see dull, boring bullet points.

In this tutorial, I show you the two worst types of list mistakes and the changes you need to make your bullets simply irresistible.

As the lists are a bit tricky to read in the video, I’ve included the before and after versions below.

Lame List Type #1 - Underselling what you’re offering


Included in your subscription:
♦ A Facebook group
♦ Library of training courses
♦ Monthly Q&A calls

Transform by answering ‘so what’ for every item listed….

Included in your subscription:
The XYZ private Facebook community – a moderated safe space for you to share your latest bakes, ask how-to questions, and connect other baking enthusiasts (nobody outside of the group can see what you post).
Growing library of video tutorials and recipes – the collection is added to every month, plus you get immediate access to the existing library as soon as you join (see below for full list of included materials).
Monthly live video calls – Join me and the rest of the community via video chat to discuss this month’s tutorial, plus get your questions answered by our guest expert.

Lame List Type #2 - Giving the game away when listing topics


In this week’s podcast we talk about:
♦ Why Mary adds chilli to her chocolate cake
♦ How she avoids waste by donating bakes to a local homeless shelter
♦ The grandchild that inspired her latest recipe book

Transform these by writing curiosity laden, attention-getting headlines for each bullet point.

In this week’s podcast we talk about:
♦ The surprising ingredient Mary adds to her chocolate cakes
♦ How, despite trying over 20 versions of each recipe, she never wastes a bake
♦ The cheeky conversation that inspired her latest book release

(Wondering how to generate curiosity in your headlines? Find out and get 100 curisosity-generating words here >> )

I’d love to see your lame lists transformed into brilliant bullets. If you put this little tutorial into practise, reply below.

And for more tips and tutorials on improving your web copy, here are the best of my sales and conversion focussed blog posts.

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