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Christmas - Twixtmas - New Year Edutainment

Learning thingies I’m planning on enjoying during my winter hibernation

I’m crawling towards my 4-week winter hibernation (other folks call it Christmas) and part of my prep is making sure I have enough snacks in the cupboard, films on my Netflix watchlist and books on shelves (j/k - I’ve always got squillions of unread books on my shelves).

I also love to use this time to listen to podcasts, read blog posts and binge on online courses that’ll set me up for the next year.

Here’s what’s on the list so far:

#1 Rebecca Anuwen - Podcast - Create a more magickal season

I’ve already got Rebecca’s new book, Magickal Knickers on the go, and this podcast looks like the perfect thing to listen to while doing the last of the wrapping.

#2 Life-Friendly Business - Podcast - Time To Reflect

This episode is from the end of 2021, but the 5 questions Erin asks are just as relevant and helpful now.

#3 Anti-Planning Workshop from Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard, $97

I love planning, physical planners, and online planning tools.

But none of those things love me back.

As a former project manager, it has been h-a-r-d for me to admit that a good plan and plenty of determination are not going to be enough for me to achieve what I’d like to.

My life is just too unpredictable and slightly chaotic.

Which is why I was drawn to joining Lizzy’s Profitable Playground earlier this year - because she 100% gets this.

As part of the Playground I have access to the Anti-Planning Workshop which I gobbled up earlier this week, and I loved it.

If previous attempts at detailed planning have left you feeling disappointed, disillusioned and disappearing into the biscuit tin, go and read the sales page (affiliate link).

Even if you don’t buy the course, the sales page will make you feel better about your past planning-despair cycles.

#4 Visioning Quest from Joanna Hennon, €147

I often find it hard to get playful with my imagination and think about what’s possible.

Wishful thinking and daydreaming was strictly forbidden definitely not encouraged (you can’t buy a loaf of bread with a pocket full of dreams).

I love anything created by Joanna, because she asks the best questions and opens my mind up to new possibilities.

I own most of her courses (maybe all?) but this is my must-do for the end of the year.

#5 Petra van der Wal’s 5 Secrets for Stunning Christmas photos

Son#1 is a photography student which means:

👍 We get some seriously lovely photos for free (well kinda free, besides paying for the equipment, printing, and endless driving around for photo shoots, God bless him)

👎 I am seriously self-conscious about taking any photos myself as I’m told quite often how very wrong I am getting it.

So this blog post has been a gift - letting me secretly upskill so I can take better quality photos with my phone.

#6 Row in the Right Direction from Mike Cole, £27

What do you get if you cross a Chartered Accountant with a certified coach? Mike Cole!

Stepping into the New Year is a great opportunity to check / set your direction, and unpick the small achievable steps needed to get there. It’s an excellent way to end this year and start next. And if you need some help with “the how”, Mike’s got a short course to help.

#7 Pippa and Lucy Parfait’s Create Your Disobedient Business Manifesto, £59

I used this short course a couple of nights ago to get down on paper the thoughts that had been swirling around in my head for a while.

This course awakened a sleeping beast inside of me that I didn’t even know was there.
Once I’d focussed all those swirly whirly ideas into one document, I had a manifesto that leaves me feeling more hyped than a World Cup goalie who’s just saved a crucial last-minute penalty.

Where would you like to go next?

Aligned Persuasion™️:

Can you encourage people to buy/click/read/subscribe without being a pushy, sleazy, fear-mongering varmint?


How to come back from a blog/email/social silence?

Thought you might need this after Christmas.



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