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Come back from an awkward blog silence with these easy tips.

I’m writing this blog post on the 9th January 2017. The last time I was child-free was over 3 weeks ago, and so, naturally, my business has taken a bit of a back seat while I sustained myself on mince pies and toffee vodka.

Sensing that I might not be the only one who’d abandoned her audience over the festive season, I thought a short guide on how to reconnect with your crew might be useful.

Whether you’ve been distracted by another project, off on your jolly holidays, or filling yourself with festive spirit - whatever your reason for going AWOL, this tips will help ease you back in.

#1 Deliver Something Valuable

If you’ve been absent due to personal or professional reasons, you’re probably hankering to tell your readers all about it. Don’t. Not yet anyway. You can’t go AWOL and then expect them to be your listening ear/unpaid therapist. Make your come-back post a value-adding genius-fest that reminds your followers exactly why they follow you.

When you share your blog post on social media/via email/both make a brief mention of the reason you’ve been away, to provide a little tease for a future blog post/email. Then make your next communication your personal update.

This preserves the balance between expert authority vs friendly approachable human. Always demonstrate expertise first by giving value, then reveal your human-side with something more personal.

#2 Link Back To Other Blog Posts

This is good practice to do anyway, to encourage new readers to explore your old content, but after a long absence, this is especially important. By directing the reader to your other posts, you are giving them even more value, without taking the time or effort to produce more content.

#3 Don’t Draw Attention To Your Absence

This won’t work for everyone, but in some cases you can just get on with your next blog without drawing attention to your absence. This can work if:
♦ You were a sporadic poster anyway;
♦ You don’t have dates on your blog post so the gap isn’t obvious;
♦ Your audience was AWOL too, especially over Christmas or school holidays.

#4 Show Your Face

Video is the quickest way to reconnect with your audience. Write your value-adding blog post (as per point #1) then record and intro and embed it into the top of the post. Or you could record a Facebook live video to introduce the post to your audience. You don’t need any fancy pants equipment - just your mobile phone or webcam will do.

#5 Keep The Momentum Going

Do you know what’s more awkward than coming back from an awkward blog silence? Immediately following your come-back post with another long awkward silence. So before you hit publish, get your follow-up plan in place. Generate some new ideas for your next blog posts. And you can supplement your new content by updating some of your most popular older posts. If you show dates make sure you update that too, to reflect how up-to-date your newly updated blog post is.

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