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I dragged this quote out and stamped it onto a piece of virtual paper so I could read, re-read and re-read it some more, whenever I lack inspiration.

While I’m fairly confident Mr Fitzgerald was not referring to the realm of business blogging when expressed this viewpoint, I’m using it anyway.

Some of your best blog posts will come from the darkest corners of your being.

Here’s my reasoning:

pencilbuttonTo help your audience fall in love with you, your blog needs to be a healthy mixture of valuable, informative posts that position you as an authoritative expert AND insightful, personal posts that invite your readers to connect with you as a human.

pencilbuttonThose personal posts are not an opportunity for you to embark on a wild, rambling rant (I know you wouldn’t, but we’ve all seen it done). Your personal posts should cover a topic you and your reader have in common, so they will be mouthing ‘me too’ and nodding in agreement so frequently, by the end of the page they’ll have whiplash.

pencilbuttonTo find those deeply engaging personal stories you will need to reach into the darkest corners of yourself. It doesn’t have to be an anecdote that induces knee-trembling shame. But the recollection of it should stir up some emotion because it is the emotion your audience will connect with.

The closest I’ve got to baring my soul was last month’s post about my earnings. The endless marketing chatter about six-figure incomes was making me feel a bit punchy, so writing that post was very cathartic.

Last week I listened to Nadia Finer’s genius podcast about boundaries. She used a cringe-worthy personal story to deliver a sermon without preaching. By presenting the advice within the context of a personal experience she positioned herself as friendly, approachable, trustworthy + knowledgeable - all the golden good stuff online content should be doing. If you haven’t listed to it already you should.

But before you go….

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