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September is over, invoices have been settled, and I’ve totalled up my income for the month.

And I’m proud, excited and delighted to announce:

I did not make five-figures this month.

Unless you count the 26 pence after the decimal point.

£732.26 after Paypal fees. I used to make that in a week at my old corporate job (wistful sigh).

{But Laura - you said you were booked up for September? Yes, I was fully booked. That was as much client work as I wanted to handle. If you want me for October, I’m at about 50% capacity}

This month, as with most months, I didn’t even make four figures.

And yet I still have the audacity to celebrate.

Why’s that?

I made more than I need to keep our bank balance in credit after bills.

I got to be home for the last week of the Summer Holidays, which included a fantastic family trip Legoland.

I ran errands during the week, so weekends were free for fun (and homework).

I took my boys to school and picked them up every day.

I made time for cycling, EFT sessions with the lovely Tania Angelis, walks along the beach, and educational binging (Copyblogger Authority and Content Nation by Dan Norris) - all during normal office hours.

I volunteered on Tuesday morning, supporting the most amazing parents of children with special and additional needs.

I got to hug my Dad right after he got home from his operation and celebrate with my best friend when she dropped by with an ultrasound pic of her 12-week baby-in-the-making (both on the same day).

I have worked with six fabulous ladies on their blogs and websites. I have taken the time to get to know them, their business and their audience. No rush, no pressure. I love the work that I do.

I’ve worked on building valuable content for this website (check out those links in the sidebar) and written some guest posts (Arianna said ‘yes,’ it’s not published yet).

I am working hard building a rock solid foundation for my business, educating myself, gaining experience, and nurturing relationships.

But I am not rushing that process. I am not counting the months until I reach five-figure awesomeness.

Life is already awesome.

So if you did not earn five-figures this month, if you have no plans to earn five-figures any month, let me hear you roar.

What are you celebrating?

How have you triumphed?

What do you value beyond a five-figure income?

{If you did make five-figures this month, all power to you. If you make five-figures, teaching other people how to make five-figures, this is also great. But this post is the voice of the self-employed, who seek neither fame nor financial glory, who are happy to make enough money to live on, doing work they love, while living their life.}

Big thanks to Anna Wilk, Louise Clark, Jim Beam and Kettle Chips for giving me the courage I needed to write this post. I love you all.



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